The Emperor is Darth Vader’s Father, According to Lucas

Oh boy, where to begin.

It has come to light that George Lucas, in his original script for Episode III, had another  “I am your father scene.” This time it was the Emperor telling Anakin that he’s his dad.

Here is what Palpatine said in the original script,

“I have waited all these years for you to fulfill your destiny. I arranged for your conception. I used the power of the Force to will the midichlorians to start cell divisions that created you.”

Imagine if we had to sit through that on top of everything? More midichlorian garbage?

I’m glad he decided to drop the scene, but it does show that a lot of the prequels were a re-hash of old ideas mixed with bad ones (like the midichlorians). Below is a great video on the subject.

For those of you needing to blow off some steam. Go to the website below and scream “Nooooooooo!” alongside Vader.

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2 thoughts on “The Emperor is Darth Vader’s Father, According to Lucas”

  1. Midichlorians explain why some beings are more force sensitive than others. It had to be written in otherwise it begs the question why isn’t everyone in the galaxy a Jedi or Sith. It doesn’t contradict anything from the original trilogy, the force is still the force, but people with more midichlorians can tap into it better.

    1. If it’s a scientifically measurable phenomenon, then why isn’t everyone in the galaxy a Jedi or a Sith? Simply grow some Midichlorians in a petri dish and inject yourself.

      People have a problem with Midichlorians because it demystifies the force. By defining the force and making it pedestrian, Lucas took away the ability for the force to be used as a story telling metaphor.

      In the original trilogy, you could look at the force as a physical manifestation of spiritual enlightenment, or spiritual debasement.

      Not everyone in the Star Wars universe could become a Jedi just like not everyone can achieve Sainthood on Earth. Not everyone could become a Sith just like not everyone can become an evil dictator here.

      Yoda was destitute yet all powerful in the use of the force and a spiritually enlightened being. The Emperor was all powerful over all things material yet it appeared the dark side had aged him and made him a monster. These were metaphors that could be drawn from the story and applied to our own lives.

      That is part of what made the original trilogy so lovable, as not everything in life can be boiled down to science. There is a spiritual aspect to our existence, and mysteries to the universe that science cannot explain. The force was once a metaphor for such mysteries, but not anymore.

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