The Great Admiral Motti in Star Wars: Armada

Every Star Wars fan knows Ackbar’s famous exclamation, “Our cruisers can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!” Well guess what, Motti can –  and he’ll do it all by himself.

In Star Wars Armada, Admiral Motti must have the strangest game effect to date as he boosts the hull value of all ships in his force. What’s so strange about that you ask? Well, when Motti’s ship is destroyed his card is flipped over and his commander effect no longer applies. That means if there were Imperial ships down to the one or two extra hull that Motti gave them, they would immediately blow up as those “magical Motti” hull points disappear. In essence, all ships have extra health only while he lives.

How can we explain this? Well, I think I have an answer.

Who’s this guy on the card? Doesn’t look like Motti to me.

At first I thought, he must be using the force. I had an image in my head of Motti standing on the bridge of his Star Destroyer, arms outstretched, brow covered in sweat, using his will power to keep the ships of his fleet together as they tried to blow up.

But then I realized how silly that idea was. Even if Motti tried to keep his force powers a secret, the Empire would probably find something like that out. The Emperor was pretty clear about his “two Sith policy” in the prequels. If I were him, I’d be doing blood screenings for midichlorians of everyone in the service. Even without blood screenings, I doubt Motti would be able to hide a super power like that for long.

So what’s actually going on in a Motti run fleet? Let’s start with what we know about this guy.  He appeared in one scene of Star Wars. Remember the cocky officer who was going to get force choked by Vader if it wasn’t for Grand Moff Tarkin saying, “release him?” That was Motti.

By the way did you know that there are multiple figures of Motti holding his collar?

POTF2ctmottiloose-m Gentle Giant Star Wars Admiral Motti Mini bust SDCc 2012 exclusive 3

Wow, what a waste of money those are. Some guy running around holding his neck is not much of an action figure in my books. I guess you’d have to be one of those figure collectors who fills up a whole room in his house to get excited about Motti figs.

Anyway, he stood up to Vader and that’s no small feat. So it got me thinking. In that Star Wars scene, this was a guy sitting around a table with the movers and shakers of the Empire. He must have been someone special. His game effect definitely implies something special going on, if not magical hull plates then something that would have a similar effect, yet only while he lived.

What do people generate while they live? A personal energy, a charisma. Maybe Motti was one of those dynamic individuals who inspired his men. Perhaps his game effect is a metaphor for his soldiers giving more? Instead of magical hull points, Motti’s ability represents ships and crews fighting just a little bit longer and being slightly tougher because of their fanatical zeal.

But wait, if people fight harder for Motti, wouldn’t that mean he was a good guy? Could he have been good? No, he was pretty evil. Being an elite member of the Empire is bad enough but this guy was calling for the Death Star to blow up an entire planet! That’s just maniacal.

Being an evil guy, how would he motivate his men to fight harder? How do war mongering, maniacal leaders motivate those below them? Through excessive amounts of propaganda, that’s how.

Perhaps Motti knew how to manipulate his position of power to do likewise. Maybe he went one step further and bred a fanatical following by starting a cult of personality?

I mean, we see examples of this stuff all the time right?

Motti has it covered

Now that I think about it, it’s the only thing that makes sense. That’s got to be what his game effect is – Motti has successfully cultivated a cult of personality! His men believe in him and the Empire’s cause so much that they will fight harder for him when he’s around.

Motti We Follow YouThey’ll push through their wounds and strike back one last time before dying.

hillary-rising-sun-vs Motti-229x300Motti’s a beacon of hope.

Motti HopeWhen he dies, the light goes out of everyone’s eyes. Those under his command wail in despair as the world is not the same with Motti gone. Soldiers close to death can’t keep it together and bleed out, ships barely hanging on for “good ol’ Motti”  blow up as their grief overtakes them.

Mass hysteria. Motti’s dead….

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