Armada Canadian Nationals – Final Table

On September 24th we held the Canadian Nationals for Star Wars Armada.  almost 30 of the best players Canada had to offer as well as some visitors from the US set their fleets against each other to see who was the best.

Here’s the final match between 2017 Worlds champ Norm and his opponent from the US, Nick.  No Rieekan lists here – it’s Ackbar vs. Sloane in a classic Imperial vs. Rebel slugfest!


401 Games X-Wing Original Trilogy Tournament – Semifinal

Last month, 401 Games in Toronto was host to a special format X-Wing tournament where the only ships allowed to hit the table had to have appeared in any of the (non-Special Edition) Original Trilogy films – episodes IV, V, and VI.  Players were still allowed to run any pilot that came with these ships despite not appearing in any of the films, so Rey piloting the Millenium Falcon was legal.  All upgrades were also allowed with the exception of the Twin Laser Turret upgrade.

Here’s the semifinal match – we have four rounds of Swiss on our channel as well, and we will be posting the final match soon.  Enjoy!