What Happened In George Lucas’ STAR WARS EPISODE VII

It seems that George Lucas had some ideas for episodes 7-9 and the video below discusses them.

I was not a fan of Episode 7. Rogue One I found more enjoyable to watch, but it was more of a modern action movie than a Star Wars story.

The prequels were, I thought, very bad, but at least they kindled my imagination with “what might have been.” They had some basic ideas which were good, like Jedi vs robots, and many bad ones, like Jar Jar and midichlorians, but the direction was new and moved forward. Episode 7 was nothing but a re-hash or old ideas done worse, sprinkled with political correctness and cgi.

Would George have made a better Episode 7? I doubt it, but he had new ideas about what happened to Luke Skywalker, a secret Skywalker sister, plus new younger characters that Disney/Lucasfilm ditched. Would Episode 7 have been better if Disney took Lucas’ ideas and ran with them? Who knows, but this video has some interesting info!



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