YouTube Roundup

There have been a few videos posted this week that any Star Wars gamer should check out.

First up, Team Covenant does it’s usual good job with Gencon coverage and posted some interviews with Star Wars game developers.

Alex Davy, lead designer on X-Wing and Armada talks about the new X-Wing wave, his love for scum, and the trouble he had in designing the Ghost.

Armada talk starts at 28:30. Sounds like the MC-30 will hit harder than a Decimator! It’ll team well with Mon Mothma and fly differently to it’s Imperial counter part. Also, a Star Destroyer will come in at “over 1/4 of your list” so the ship will be 100+ points with upgrades or maybe even naked.

Paul Winchester, developer for Imperial Assault is interviewed as well. He talks about the new upcoming activation format and game releases. A short interview but worth watching if you’re an Imperial Assault fan.

Star Wars Battlefront got a new trailer showing off fighter combat.  The game footage for all the trailers are great action stories in their own right. Lets hope the release isn’t buggy but a complete and well tested game. EA, don’t pull your usual shenanigans this time – it’s the Star Wars game we’ve been waiting for since forever. Treat it with some respect!




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