Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #2: The Dragon

The 2015 Store Wars circuit continued yesterday with an event at The Dragon in Guelph. Without a doubt, the current meta heavily features two-ship lists. Until the rules change to how the Cloak action works, I did really enjoy flying various builds with Whisper (TIE Phantom) and the various Decimators. In the last Store Wars event I switched out Whisper for Soontir Fel which allowed for a more kitted out Rear Admiral Chiraneau than I was accustomed to flying with Whisper but I didn’t fly it to very impressive results. Continue reading Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #2: The Dragon


2015 Winnipeg X-Wing Regional Report

I recently had a chat with Steve Smith, the new Winnipeg Regional Champion in X-Wing. He answered some questions about what the scene is like out in Winnipeg and then was nice enough to write up a battle report. Let’s get to it!

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Always With The Magnets

Now that I’ve owned some of my X-Wing ships for over two years, signs of wear and tear are occurring. One component of my ships that is particularly starting to deteriorate is the small tube of plastic connected to the ship into which the flight pegs are inserted are cracking and/or loosening to the point that they don’t rest snug on the flight pegs anymore. With a modest investment in some magnets, however, this can be easily fixed. Continue reading Always With The Magnets


Debris fields: Who benefits?

Something that has been in the rules for a while now is that players each get to choose three obstacles, and that both asteroids and debris fields are legal. Although not seen by many, your choice of pilots and obstacles do effect each other, at least if you’re playing to win.

For those uninitiated, when you go through a debris field, instead of taking damage on a hit or critical, you only take damage from a critical. In addition to rolling the dice, you also take a stress. Also note that you may fire from a debris field.

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Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #1: The Hobby Kingdom

Yesterday was the first event in the 2015 Store Wars tournament series for X-Wing. For those reading this that may not know what that is, six stores in Ontario between St. Catharines and Mississauga are working together to hold a twelve-tournament series (two at each store) where players earn points cumulatively based on how they place in each tournament. The top 16 players by point standings will take place in an invitational “finale” tournament in the fall (disclaimer: I haven’t seen this officially announced by the Store Wars organizing body yet but I’m told by those more informed than myself that this is the plan). Continue reading Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #1: The Hobby Kingdom