X-Wing Miniatures: Canadian Nationals Report

I got into X-Wing about a year ago and have really enjoyed the tournament scene. I have had some good luck playing competitively, managing to win a store championship and making top 4 at Regionals. I was definitely stoked to participate in Canadian Nationals, especially since they were just a 20 minute bike ride away.

I set to work crafting a list for nationals about 3 weeks in advance. Wave 7 had just been released 1 week earlier which made things tricky. I had taken a Chirpy-Fel list to Regionals, but the thought of multiple TLT lists scared me away from bringing a Decimator to nationals. I knew I needed something that countered TLT’s without leaving me vulnerable to some of the other archetypes in the game. After some messing around I decided that a combo of high agility and Autothrusters worked well enough to at least slow down the onslaught of TLT attacks. I decided to bring: Continue reading X-Wing Miniatures: Canadian Nationals Report


Thoughts on the MC-30 in Star Wars: Armada

With the coming of Massing at Sullust, I’ve gotten excited about Armada again and will try to make one of the local tourneys. In Toronto and Hamilton, we will be having a total of 5 events, which is  a good indicator that Armada is gaining traction!

I’m hopeful all the Armada players will be coming out of the woodwork to play. Hey, an Imperial Star Destroyer is up for grabs! If that isn’t a good enough reason to get a group of Star Wars geeks together in order to push plastic around I don’t know what is. So try to make it out next weekend if you can.

Continue reading Thoughts on the MC-30 in Star Wars: Armada


Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7 Released


Our Co-operative Rebel Campaign for X-wing has been out for a little under a month, and the response from pilots all over the world has. been. staggering. I’m completely blown away. Thanks to all of the players who have tried it out and provided valuable beta-testing feedback on the campaign book and materials. You guys are helping make Heroes of the Aturi Cluster the best it can be! Continue reading Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7 Released


Star Wars Armada: Canadian Nationals 2015

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to play in the 2015 Canadian Nationals for Star Wars: Armada taking place at Fan Expo in Toronto.  My main event was the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest LCG nationals that took place on Friday, where I made top 8 but was bounced in the first elimination round.  I haven’t played as much Armada, so I had more modest ambitions for that event. Continue reading Star Wars Armada: Canadian Nationals 2015


Artoo & Threepio Make Their Debut @ Kaiju Games

Kaiju Games in Etobicoke held an Imperial Assault tournament today so I came down from the mountain into the outskirts of the Big Smoke to see how I’d fare. While X-Wing has been my main game since it came out in 2012 I have to say that Imperial Assault is garnering more of my interest these days, despite the embarrassment of riches we have with new X-Wing ships. Imperial Assault is still in its relative infancy but we’re just starting to get to the point where the amount of options available are facilitating variety in the lists that people are fielding. Continue reading Artoo & Threepio Make Their Debut @ Kaiju Games