Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Our Printed Components

After months of playing with prototype components both before and after the campaign was released, we finally got around to printing out our own high-quality copy of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.

Lucas Keys generously offered to help set up and photograph all of bits so that we could show them off. Continue reading Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Our Printed Components



For some reason I was looking into Tauntauns and came across some things interesting, and some things funny.

Let’s start with the interesting. Most of you know about the deleted “Wampa Attack” scenes that were cut from Empire Strikes back. If you haven’t seen them, they were released to the public with an edition of the film, either a Blu Ray or DVD release. You can also find them on Youtube. Continue reading Tauntauns


Thanksgiving Tournament Report

So today, I partook in a small X-Wing tournament at Black Knight Games, which was my first tournament in a few months. Due to the casual 100 point games on Tuesday being almost entirely replaced by the Hamilton group’s version of the x-wing co-op campaign, I had very little practice with any of the wave 7 ships. As fun as the campaign is (I recommend it), I knew that I’d either have to cook something up on the spot, or fall back on stuff I was familiar with.

When I find a list I really like, I tend to keep it in mind, specifically for situations like this. The ones that most quickly came to mind were a  Krassis list that I had always loved, but hadn’t pulled out in a few waves, a solid Jan list with Biggs and two generics, and a brots list featuring autoblaster and accuracy corrector to guarantee two hits that can’t be evaded and didn’t need modifiers.

Decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions…

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Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma

Hey all, long time Imperial Loyalist and Interceptor jockey Drew “Darklight” Edgar here.  I’ve been coming up with non-standard lists for fun and noticed a few interesting points about the Empire’s list building dynamic and decided to share them here with you guys. Continue reading Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma