Silicone Base Your Armada Fighters

I’ve done a similar hack for my X-Wing miniatures, and decided to port the system over to Armada. Putting silicone on the base of all your snub fighters gives them a bit of weight and better grip on table surfaces.

Admittedly it’s not as essential to do when playing Armada, as fighter placement isn’t as precise as it is in X-Wing, but it does help that little extra bit.

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Farlander: A lesson in versatility

Many pilots in X-Wing have various ways of coping with stress. Tycho can almost completely ignore it, Soontir and Ibtisam get some power from it, Hobbie and Porkins have situations where they can more easily remove theirs.  However, someone who loves getting stress tokens is Keyan Farlander, as it not only makes him more powerful, but when it does, he removes the token allowing him full range of his dial afterwards.  This has created a divide in the X-Wing community, as many claim he’s overpowered, while others state that  B-Wing named pilots are so expensive that he’s not even worth taking. I personally still remember how excited I was when he was first announced in rebel aces.

For those uninitiated.

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