Green Crack goes up in Smoke

As I continue to receive such overwhelmingly positive feedback from my report last week I’m back with a follow up.

Part Deux: The Revenge of the Dice

I ran the exact same Crack Shot carrying A-wing list again for the final Store Championship of the season at Dueling Grounds in Toronto.

My Squad of Crack Aces:

Green Squad A-wing w/Crack Shot, Adaptability, A-wing Test Pilot, Chadaran Refit and Autothrusters x 5
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List Nostalgia Consistent Brobots

One of the most fun parts of X-Wing for me is building a list. I can sit at a list builder for a half hour, play around with combos, come up with one list I deem usable, and regret nothing. I’ve even caught some of the most successful players around me totally off-guard. Two memorable combos come to mind for me. One of which, a cover for Dash’s donut hole, will be covered in a later blog discussing simply that ship. This one however will be dedicated to a brobots build that has proven to be almost perfect for my playstyle.

Love these guys

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Riding Triple Toilet Seats to Victory

*a few of the photos below were taken from The Dragon Guelph’s Twitter page @dragonguelph


I’ll preface this report by saying that I’m a total newbie at competitive X-Wing.  My fiancée and I picked up 2 core sets, the Millennium Falcon and the Slave 1 in mid-2015.  We played a few rounds, then moved on to other things.  As a total Star Wars geek, I had quietly picked up some other ships here and there, mainly because they looked cool (Decimator), but for the most part, never had any intention of taking the game off of the kitchen table.  Then in early January, my buddy Patrick texts me a photo of an X-Wing collection he’d recently acquired and asked if I wanted to play.  Game on. Continue reading Riding Triple Toilet Seats to Victory




Fair warning this is a very long Store Championship report, that begins quite a bit earlier then last weekend.  If you are just looking for lists and stats, here is the tournament on  List Juggler.

Over the past 6 months or so I have been making ample use of the Wave 7 EPT Crack Shot. I love how it pushes through damage to get results even out of a puny 2 Red Dice ship.

When it was originally released last August it was greeted with a universal “Meh.” Mid September however, it received an FAQ entry that triggered after the compare results step, which was a real game changer, forcing your opponent to overspend their defensive tokens or else you might just ‘Crack’ on through a hit if they just have enough canceling dice to stop your attack.  More ramblings of a crack addict after the jump. Continue reading CHASING A PLAQUE, FUELED BY CRACK


Raiders vs Rieekan

Hot off the heels of the Phoenix Games store championship, the Hobby Kingdom store championship was this past weekend.

Our local Armada playgroup seems to have taken the success of the SMASH list to heart. The Raider seems to have affected the meta significantly, either:
a. try to beat it – utilizing Rieekan or heavy squadrons
b. join it – take Raiders (+OE, Expanded Launchers) and/or Demolisher (+Intel Office, OE, Expanded Launchers, Engine Techs)

Based on the 8 person attendance at this tournament, 2 had taken Rieekan, 2 had modified their Imperial lists to include the SMASH-Raider. I myself decided to try some Rogue squadrons and modified my list to include one solitary Firespray.
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Battle Report: X-Planet Games X-Wing Store Championship

I’ve been playing x-wing in the local competitive scene for just over two years and I’ve had a few pretty good tournament wins, including a store championship last year. After attending the 2015 regionals I ended up pretty burnt out on playing and packed my stuff away for a while. The release of “The Force Awakens” brought in a bunch of new players, including a co-worker of mine who asked me to show him the ropes for competitive play. Always happy to teach people to play, I jumped back in and decided to attend a couple of tournaments as well.

Having been out of the game for over half a year I was pretty out of date on the meta, and honestly wasn’t all too familiar with the new releases. I jumped in head first and decided to bring my former winning list, BBBBZ, to a store champs. I proceeded to have my absolute worst tournament record ever, helped along quite noticeably by TLT carriers. I’ve attended a lot of casual game nights since then, trying out a variety of lists and trying to learn about the current state of the game. Continue reading Battle Report: X-Planet Games X-Wing Store Championship


Armada Store Championship at A Muse N Games Batrep

I didn’t know what to expect coming into this tournament since I’ve been away working for a number of weeks and I was out of practice. Still,  I managed to get a few days off and decided to attend last minute (with 10 minutes left to register) flying a build close to something I had tried before. Continue reading Armada Store Championship at A Muse N Games Batrep


Star Wars Armada: Raider SMASH!!!

I’ve been playing Armada for a couple of months (not getting as many games as I would like) and I’ve been bouncing between different list archetypes in order to best determine what fits my style.   From other miniatures games, I would best describe my style as “mobile, aggressive, and asymmetric”.  Tough order to fill in a relatively new game like Armada.

I’ve tried Ackbar gunlines, Rebel corvette swarms, and squadron heavy builds.  Then I heard rumblings of a potent Imperial build based on Demolisher and some Raiders and on first glance, it looked like a list that fit my style.   So I cobbled together the necessary components and created my own version listed below (thanks to Yik for the Raiders and Jordan for the Expanded Launchers). Continue reading Star Wars Armada: Raider SMASH!!!