Calgary Regional Winner Batrep

Paul La Rue is the winner of the recent Regionals in Calgary held at the Sentry Box. He was nice enough to write a batrep for Dockingbay416. It’s published below, along with some pictures of the tournament.

This is a quick recap of my first regionals experience of 2016. My son and I travelled down to Calgary for another great Sentry Box event. We arrived a bit before 9:00am and were finished around 12:30am (the next day!) which made for one very long day. I started to have flashbacks of a 2015 Worlds brutally long day. Had I known I’d play all the way to the final table I might have chosen a different list; luckily I brought my Imperial Crackswarm which proved a good choice. I was running

Omega Squad x2
Black Squad x3 all with Crackshot.

46 players total. Here were my games.

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An open letter to the X-Wing community

Okay, so as everybody here likely knows by now, FFG announced a new release on May 4th, “Heroes of the Resistance”, which included a YT-1300, a T-70 X-Wing, both re-painted as well as new pilots, updated pilots and new titles for both and a fresh batch of upgrades. The community, which is usually excited for such releases, immediately went up in arms, with almost everyone simultaneously getting a focus token, two stress tokens, and being able to re-roll attack dice.

pictured: the joke
pictured: the joke

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