Star Wars: Destiny First Impressions

A few weeks ago at Black Knight Games, I noticed they would soon be having a launch event for Star Wars: Destiny, another FFG Star Wars game. This one combining both deck building and dice rolling. I figured I was in a unique position: finished college, employed reasonably well for a recent grad and with tons of free time: so I could easily pick up a fresh game. Being an avid X-Wing player, and having enjoyed a couple of Imperial Assault campaigns, I figured FFG had done a good job with their Star Wars licence, so it was worth a shot. I did some research, thought it looked fun, signed up, and on Saturday, I showed up to play.

There were two decks to choose from, one centred around Kylo Ren and a stormtrooper, the other around Rey and Finn.  Knowing the full extent of a stormtrooper’s power, I figured I was better off without one.

These guys suck
Poor guy

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Fan Film Hoshino is What Star Wars Could Be…

It’s an interesting time we live in. Affordable technology and the internet allows creative people that might have fallen through the cracks 40 years ago to express themselves and connect to kindred spirits across the world.

Following in the steps of the other recent, and also great, fan film Darth Maul: Apprentice, Hoshino is a film about a blind Jedi with lots of Star Wars heart in it. Continue reading Fan Film Hoshino is What Star Wars Could Be…