401 Games X-Wing Original Trilogy Tournament – Semifinal

Last month, 401 Games in Toronto was host to a special format X-Wing tournament where the only ships allowed to hit the table had to have appeared in any of the (non-Special Edition) Original Trilogy films – episodes IV, V, and VI.  Players were still allowed to run any pilot that came with these ships despite not appearing in any of the films, so Rey piloting the Millenium Falcon was legal.  All upgrades were also allowed with the exception of the Twin Laser Turret upgrade.

Here’s the semifinal match – we have four rounds of Swiss on our channel as well, and we will be posting the final match soon.  Enjoy!


Shuttle Tydirium’s Narrative Event – GenCon

The Shuttle Tydirium Arrives

GenCon 2017

I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve been going to GenCon for a fairly long time now. It’s a long road trip almost annually, where I devote most of the weekend to a single game giving up on nearly everything, including food and sleep, to play. The past two years I’ve devoted much of that time to X-Wing. This year I decided I would reduce my time spent on X-Wing there so I could try out a few new things. I failed.

There are many podcasts detailing the art of list building and strategies in X-Wing, but there is one that has set a different course. The Shuttle Tydirium, for those unaware of it, spends a great deal of time on the mission packs that come with the larger ships, or epic, or entirely new created scenarios for players to experiment with. The crew of the shuttle had been planning something special for GenCon.

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Padme a Stronger Woman in the Original Revenge of the Sith

Iain McCaig, a concept artist who worked on the Prequels, reveals that the original art he made for the Revenge of the Sith has an alternate storyline where Padme was going to kill Anakin.

In that original concept, Padme had a stronger roll in the film. She was an active member in forming the Rebel Alliance and betrayed Anakin, even going so far as bringing a knife to kill him on Mustafar. In that scene, Padme holds a knife to Anakin’s throat, but cannot kill him because she loves him too much. Continue reading Padme a Stronger Woman in the Original Revenge of the Sith


Battle Report – 401 Games Original Trilogy Tournament – July 23 2017

Special Rules: Players build two lists, one Imperial and one Rebel. Only ships that appeared in the original three movies (not special edition) can be used. All pilots and upgrades are free to use, however TLT is banned. Every match will be played Imperials vs Rebels… The player with the most plays of one faction will play the opposite faction. If players are tied for factional plays the Rebel player will be determined by die roll. Every match is classic ships, Rebellion against the Empire. Sounds pretty cool, right? A return to Star Wars?

This wonderful format provided by dockingbay416 was being played at 401 Games with some new tweaks to the rules. It had a steep entry fee for me but the participation prize was acrylic ship placement markers, there was to be a draw for custom painted ships and it’s just over an hour from home. I mentioned it to my wife and she pushed me into calling that night to see if tickets were available. It sounded like a fun day, so I made the call to go! Continue reading Battle Report – 401 Games Original Trilogy Tournament – July 23 2017