My review of Solo

So today I finally went to go see Solo a Star Wars story. A lot of people have come out to say that its great, while others are bashing it pretty hard, with yet others not seeing it at all, either to support a boycott, or out of simple dis interest. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m warning now, there are spoilers in this review, so I’ll just say before hand that I think its…decent. Not as good as the fan boys are saying, but not as bad as the haters are saying.

If you haven’t seen it yet because you’re still on the fence, a brief summary would be that the pros of the movie are the action, banter between characters, nods to the greater universe, and the Western style sci-fi feel similar to what you’d see in Firefly. The cons are the cliche plot points, over abundance of minor characters leading to a lack of investment or development in many of them, and that it seemed to put all of Han’s backstory into a period of 2-3 days.  So now that we’ve got that  out of the way, if you’ve already seen the movie, or just don’t care, feel free to continue reading.

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