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In an earlier post I briefly mentioned a Dash build that was seen by many as both effective and creative, and even completely blew the mind of Don, creator of the A-Wing crack shot list. While yes traditional Super Dash is a monster, I’m here to show yet another way to use everyone’s second favourite Corellian YT-frieghter pilot.

I'm still number 1.
I’m still number 1.


For those unfamiliar with Super Dash, its Dash Rendar with Push the Limit, Engine upgrade, Kyle Katarn (crew), Heavy Laser Cannon and the Outrider title. Its purpose is to fly around, preform 2 actions with PtL and blast things within range 2-3. Next turn, you make a green maneuver to clear the stress, giving you a focus with Kyle, and repeat. Dash’ ability lets you land on obstacles without incident, and with both engine upgrade and the ability to barrel roll naturally, the ship can both fly off the obstacle and shift around, at the solid Pilot Skill of 7. All of this ability to dodge with so much fire power is impressive.

Anyone who’s seen it played multiple times knows why its popular, but it does have one glaring weakness: it can’t fire at all within range 1. While you can compensate of this with all of the maneuverablity against ships with lower PS, ones with higher PS are often able to  get out of its way and widdle down poor Dash. This range 1 blind spot is called to Donut hole.

Homer Approves
Homer Approves

However, I am here to present a possible solution: Super Dash 2.0. Here, Dash keeps his signature Outrider, with the Heavy Laser Cannon.  However he loses engine upgrade and gains the help of counter measures and proton rockets. I made some other switches to (swapped out PtL and Kyle for Lonewolf and recon spec, but the combo works with either duo), and let it hit the field, along side Keyan.

Now, let me say: this is one trick that can catch your opponent off-guard. I was able to one-shot Soonter at Range 1 because an opponent forgot I wasn’t using “traditional” Super Dash. I had used counter measures to increase Dash’s agility to 3, and then blasted them straight into Soontir, hitting with all 5 dice (thank you Lone Wolf) and Soontir got a mediocre defence roll. Boom!!! Soontir was taken out when the thought he was safe.

Okay, I don’t know if this is able to stand up to traditional Super Dash for a long period of time, but I am willing to bust this out again soon, possibly with PtL and Kyle, to give the feeling of being between both versions of Dash.

I know this was the feature image. I just like showing it again.

I’d like to hear in the comments. What are your builds that have caught opponents not looking?

May the force be with you, pilot.


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  1. I am not that familiar with Rebel build, but can you explain how are you still using Outrider title and HLC to attack enemies in range 1? You say you used counter measures and blasted them into Soontir? What?! Counter measures increase your agility, it’s not an offensive ability. Am I being thick for not understanding the concept or is it bad choice of words on your part?

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