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My review of Solo

So today I finally went to go see Solo a Star Wars story. A lot of people have come out to say that its great, while others are bashing it pretty hard, with yet others not seeing it at all, either to support a boycott, or out of simple dis interest. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m warning now, there are spoilers in this review, so I’ll just say before hand that I think its…decent. Not as good as the fan boys are saying, but not as bad as the haters are saying.

If you haven’t seen it yet because you’re still on the fence, a brief summary would be that the pros of the movie are the action, banter between characters, nods to the greater universe, and the Western style sci-fi feel similar to what you’d see in Firefly. The cons are the cliche plot points, over abundance of minor characters leading to a lack of investment or development in many of them, and that it seemed to put all of Han’s backstory into a period of 2-3 days.  So now that we’ve got that  out of the way, if you’ve already seen the movie, or just don’t care, feel free to continue reading.

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Ranking the movies

Now that episode VIII has been released, many people on the internet have been placing their rankings of the Star Wars from worst to first. I’d like to end my absence from this site by making a quick article doing just that. I will be ranking 10 movies, those being episodes I-VIII as well as Rogue One and the 2008 Clone Wars movie. I know some of you will disagree with me, but let’s keep any comments and opinion sharing civilized, okay?

Before we begin, I would like to post a disclaimer that although I won’t be going too in depth, there may be SPOILERS. Also, this all all my opinion, so while you’re obviously free to disagree with me, please don’t go telling me that I’m “wrong”.

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Star Wars: Destiny First Impressions

A few weeks ago at Black Knight Games, I noticed they would soon be having a launch event for Star Wars: Destiny, another FFG Star Wars game. This one combining both deck building and dice rolling. I figured I was in a unique position: finished college, employed reasonably well for a recent grad and with tons of free time: so I could easily pick up a fresh game. Being an avid X-Wing player, and having enjoyed a couple of Imperial Assault campaigns, I figured FFG had done a good job with their Star Wars licence, so it was worth a shot. I did some research, thought it looked fun, signed up, and on Saturday, I showed up to play.

There were two decks to choose from, one centred around Kylo Ren and a stormtrooper, the other around Rey and Finn.  Knowing the full extent of a stormtrooper’s power, I figured I was better off without one.

These guys suck
Poor guy

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Will Manaroo Aces be a thing?

With Manaroo becoming more and more prominent in the meta, mostly with her part in the dangerous Dengaroo combo, and her similarities to the Palp shuttle, its seemed very possible that Manaroo with two Scum Aces would become a thing. As a fan both of Scum, and of Palp Aces, I’ve decided to do some theoretical work on this possibility.

Who we're talking about
Who we’re talking about

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An open letter to the X-Wing community

Okay, so as everybody here likely knows by now, FFG announced a new release on May 4th, “Heroes of the Resistance”, which included a YT-1300, a T-70 X-Wing, both re-painted as well as new pilots, updated pilots and new titles for both and a fresh batch of upgrades. The community, which is usually excited for such releases, immediately went up in arms, with almost everyone simultaneously getting a focus token, two stress tokens, and being able to re-roll attack dice.

pictured: the joke
pictured: the joke

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List Nostalgia Consistent Brobots

One of the most fun parts of X-Wing for me is building a list. I can sit at a list builder for a half hour, play around with combos, come up with one list I deem usable, and regret nothing. I’ve even caught some of the most successful players around me totally off-guard. Two memorable combos come to mind for me. One of which, a cover for Dash’s donut hole, will be covered in a later blog discussing simply that ship. This one however will be dedicated to a brobots build that has proven to be almost perfect for my playstyle.

Love these guys

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Choosing a side: A beginner’s guide to faction identity

One thing that separates X-Wing from many other games, is that even a player on a budget can viably play multiple, or even all three factions with some degree of competitiveness, as opposed to picking one and having to stick with it. Most people who play other table top games (I’m looking at you 40k) are forced to stick to one army due to the fact that having more than one will cost you thousands of dollars. This gives X-Wing players some choice: they could play one faction exclusively if they wish, or they can spread the love around and play all three factions easily. Most players fall somewhere in-between, having some time with all factions, but identifying primarily with one or two.

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Farlander: A lesson in versatility

Many pilots in X-Wing have various ways of coping with stress. Tycho can almost completely ignore it, Soontir and Ibtisam get some power from it, Hobbie and Porkins have situations where they can more easily remove theirs.  However, someone who loves getting stress tokens is Keyan Farlander, as it not only makes him more powerful, but when it does, he removes the token allowing him full range of his dial afterwards.  This has created a divide in the X-Wing community, as many claim he’s overpowered, while others state that  B-Wing named pilots are so expensive that he’s not even worth taking. I personally still remember how excited I was when he was first announced in rebel aces.

For those uninitiated.

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