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From Toronto, Victor is a big local tournament organizer for Armada and strong strategic gamer.

PTL Open: Quarterfinal Match

At the end of April, Toronto hosted the PTL Open, a 2-day fan-run X-Wing convention that featured a special format main event and many casual side events.  For the main event, players were required to build 3 separate lists and at the start of each match, secretly choose which of the 3 lists they would play that round.  You can find all of the Swiss round matches at our youtube channel ‘vttvlive’, but we’ve begun to upload the playoff matches!  This format has encouraged some very offbeat lists and while the skill level of players at this event is high, the matches you’ll see are those you wouldn’t normally expect from a ‘regular’ x-wing competition.


PTL Open: Furball Side Event

So recently there was an X-Wing convention in Toronto called the PTL Open.  It was attended by 80+ players and it featured a 2-day main event tournament as well as many side events, including the Furball free-for-all alternate dogfight format.  It was such a fun time, we recorded the match and this may be the first such recorded game on the internet! The main event will be going up soon as well but we thought we would start with something fun!


Toronto, Ontario X-Wing Regional Livestream June 25th on Twitch

401 Games is holding its X-Wing Regional on June 25th and will have a livestream of the entire tournament starting at 10AM EST, at and they will be featuring commentary from the first match to the final table. These streams are very popular and it’s a chance to join in on the chat and discussion of the matchups of some of the best players in Canada.