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Selling my Soul between US and Canadian Nationals

Before I recap my day and explain how and why I ran Ugnaughts, I want to thank 401 Games for running some great tournaments and taking care of the players all weekend. We did not have a lunch break for X-Wing so they coordinated ordering pizza and the Imperial Assault lead was actually bringing water to the players in the later matches. I also want to thank all my new Canadian friends for being so welcoming to those who traveled from far away. The last thing I will do before I get started is apologize for the names I forgot or if I spell them wrong, I am not a tournament note taker and hardly even check my phone the day of a tournament.

I do not consider myself a meta player, I usually try to figure out a list to beat whatever is currently considered the top meta list and run the counter. However, I have been lucky enough in life that I get to travel to some of the big tournaments and if I am going to spend time away from loved ones and spend money to get somewhere the competitor in me demands I run something with at least a decent chance of winning. I also travel for work and it just happens I split my time between two areas with lots of great players so I am constantly practicing against the top players in the world and they deserve great credit for any of my success. Continue reading Selling my Soul between US and Canadian Nationals