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Living in Toronto, Spencer is a happy father, games designer and Canada's National X-Wing Champion in 2015.

401 Games Regional Report

Getting ready

Preparing for a big regional championship is a lot of fun.  In the current meta it was a bit stressful trying to find a list that could adequately handle triple U-boats, Palp Aces and crack swarms; talk about the full spectrum of lists there.  I have had good success with Soontir Fel in the past, flying him to a Canadian national championship last year, and winning a small store tourney with him last month.  I had decided to go with a standard Palp aces build, of the ‘Howard’ version to be specific. 

The night before the tournament, I was afraid that I would just be terribly bored flying this list . So I panicked.  I’d played around on Vassal with some Dengar/Manaroo lists and the morning of the tournament I quickly play tested a couple more games against myself on Vassal, packed up my stuff and headed out.  I brought both lists with me, but ultimately decided that I’d have way more fun flying the Dengar/Manaroo list than boring old Palp aces, and so I dove into the largest tournament I’ve ever played in with a list I’ve never played on the table before.  I flew: Continue reading 401 Games Regional Report


X-Wing Miniatures: Canadian Nationals Report

I got into X-Wing about a year ago and have really enjoyed the tournament scene. I have had some good luck playing competitively, managing to win a store championship and making top 4 at Regionals. I was definitely stoked to participate in Canadian Nationals, especially since they were just a 20 minute bike ride away.

I set to work crafting a list for nationals about 3 weeks in advance. Wave 7 had just been released 1 week earlier which made things tricky. I had taken a Chirpy-Fel list to Regionals, but the thought of multiple TLT lists scared me away from bringing a Decimator to nationals. I knew I needed something that countered TLT’s without leaving me vulnerable to some of the other archetypes in the game. After some messing around I decided that a combo of high agility and Autothrusters worked well enough to at least slow down the onslaught of TLT attacks. I decided to bring: Continue reading X-Wing Miniatures: Canadian Nationals Report