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Wap was reared on all things Star Wars and hasn't lost his love for it despite being an insufferable curmudgeon. He lives in Ancaster with his wife, two rabbits, two birds, and a basement full of games, not the least of which being his X-Wing fleet. When he's not screaming at people on the Internet he can often be found playing X-Wing at Black Knight Games in Hamilton (usually losing to R5-Don4). Check out Wapcaplets Player Profile here.

Imperial Assault Regional Championship 2016

Imperial Assault is a game I got into more-or-less on a whim. I keep an active online “Wishlist” for my family (who are not gamers) and my wife picked up the core set for me for Christmas when it first came out. Not even two years later, Imperial Assault now completely occupies my “main game” slot.

Like all expandable games, Imperial Assault has gone through its initial period with limited options but now the game is really starting to hit its stride in terms of diverse options for tournament squads. The local scene for Imperial Assault is small but dedicated and we had nine people show up at Black Knight Games (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) this past Saturday for the second regional championship event of 2016 in the greater Toronto area. Here is a quick summary of who attended and the themes of their lists: Continue reading Imperial Assault Regional Championship 2016


Artoo & Threepio Make Their Debut @ Kaiju Games

Kaiju Games in Etobicoke held an Imperial Assault tournament today so I came down from the mountain into the outskirts of the Big Smoke to see how I’d fare. While X-Wing has been my main game since it came out in 2012 I have to say that Imperial Assault is garnering more of my interest these days, despite the embarrassment of riches we have with new X-Wing ships. Imperial Assault is still in its relative infancy but we’re just starting to get to the point where the amount of options available are facilitating variety in the lists that people are fielding. Continue reading Artoo & Threepio Make Their Debut @ Kaiju Games


Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #3: X Planet

While most of the gaming world is talking about Gen Con 2015 and all the excitement that entails, 18 of us who did not make the trip to Indianapolis showed up at X Planet Games in Mississauga for the third event of the 2015 Store Wars tournament series for X-Wing. It was a beautiful day outside and X Planet’s new location has a bright and spacious in-store play area perfect for a tournament of this size. Continue reading Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #3: X Planet


Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #2: The Dragon

The 2015 Store Wars circuit continued yesterday with an event at The Dragon in Guelph. Without a doubt, the current meta heavily features two-ship lists. Until the rules change to how the Cloak action works, I did really enjoy flying various builds with Whisper (TIE Phantom) and the various Decimators. In the last Store Wars event I switched out Whisper for Soontir Fel which allowed for a more kitted out Rear Admiral Chiraneau than I was accustomed to flying with Whisper but I didn’t fly it to very impressive results. Continue reading Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #2: The Dragon


Always With The Magnets

Now that I’ve owned some of my X-Wing ships for over two years, signs of wear and tear are occurring. One component of my ships that is particularly starting to deteriorate is the small tube of plastic connected to the ship into which the flight pegs are inserted are cracking and/or loosening to the point that they don’t rest snug on the flight pegs anymore. With a modest investment in some magnets, however, this can be easily fixed. Continue reading Always With The Magnets


Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #1: The Hobby Kingdom

Yesterday was the first event in the 2015 Store Wars tournament series for X-Wing. For those reading this that may not know what that is, six stores in Ontario between St. Catharines and Mississauga are working together to hold a twelve-tournament series (two at each store) where players earn points cumulatively based on how they place in each tournament. The top 16 players by point standings will take place in an invitational “finale” tournament in the fall (disclaimer: I haven’t seen this officially announced by the Store Wars organizing body yet but I’m told by those more informed than myself that this is the plan). Continue reading Store Wars, 2015 X-Wing Event #1: The Hobby Kingdom


Custom Fel Pilot/PTL card & token stack

If you’re reading this article it’s a certainty that you’ve played in a game either with or against Soontir Fel. He is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile and cost-effective ships in the game and has not lost any effectiveness as more waves have come out. Personally, I’ve never seen a game with Soontir Fel where he wasn’t upgraded with Push the Limit. In reality, he should pretty much just cost 30 points with PTL built in and drop his elite pilot slot because there’s nothing that makes him more effective. Part and parcel to using Fel with PTL is the Soontir token stack of two focus, an evade, and a stress. I thought I’d put together an article to show some of the customization I’ve done to make a custom Fel card with Push the Limit built in alongside a single consolidated token stack. To start, here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading Custom Fel Pilot/PTL card & token stack


The Big Bruiser & Little Weasel

I have to admit that the release of Wave 5 for X-Wing was not one that had me overly excited. Of course, trying out new ships is always a fun experience but I didn’t have any particular nostalgia for the Outrider or Decimator like I did for the TIE Interceptor or TIE Defender. It doesn’t help that the upcoming Scum and Villainy are among the most highly-anticipated ships and their being announced before Wave 5 was even released stole their thunder.

Once I got them in my hands, however, the possibilities that existed for the Decimator really intrigued me. Having a large-base ship for my beloved Imperials with a 360-degree primary firing arc was definitely attractive but the maneuver dial was particularly compelling:

The VT-49 Decimator’s red-free maneuver dial

Continue reading The Big Bruiser & Little Weasel


Attacking the Fortress

A phenomenon within the X-Wing community that has caused some minor rumblings lately has to do with so-called “fortress” squad builds. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, a Fortress squad is one designed to be deployed in a way that ships indefinitely overlap giving a player, for all intents and purposes, a stationary gun platform. Continue reading Attacking the Fortress