Calgary Regional Winner Batrep

Paul La Rue is the winner of the recent Regionals in Calgary held at the Sentry Box. He was nice enough to write a batrep for Dockingbay416. It’s published below, along with some pictures of the tournament.

This is a quick recap of my first regionals experience of 2016. My son and I travelled down to Calgary for another great Sentry Box event. We arrived a bit before 9:00am and were finished around 12:30am (the next day!) which made for one very long day. I started to have flashbacks of a 2015 Worlds brutally long day. Had I known I’d play all the way to the final table I might have chosen a different list; luckily I brought my Imperial Crackswarm which proved a good choice. I was running

Omega Squad x2
Black Squad x3 all with Crackshot.

46 players total. Here were my games.

Game 1

Luckily I used my store championship bye so I got to sit this one out and walk around seeing what everyone was flying. I brought my Crackswarm because in all my practice games it pulled apart the dreaded triple jumpmaster list.

Walking around I was surprised to see only a single triple jump master list, although there were many lists with two jumpers and something else. I was also surprised to see so many Dash/Ghost lists, as the Ghost and Dash aren’t very popular in the Edmonton area. Though I was pleased to see only two IG-88 lists as that was the match-up I was least interested in facing.


Game 2

I faced another player with a bye who of course had dual IG-88’s… Push the Limit/Advanced Sensors aggressors at that – the worst combo I want to see while flying a swarm. I set up in one corner with mostly open space. He setup the aggressors in the opposite corner behind all the rocks, one facing down the board and the other across the back.

He choose to split the aggressors and perform a reverse pincer move in-between the rocks. I couldn’t have been happier to be able to focus on one Aggressor with the other navigating the rocks. The first two rounds of fire saw IB-88C go down in flames with the remainder of the game having the ties chasing down IG-88B until it finally went off-line. Final count two dead ties, two dead aggressors – fair trade I think. 🙂


Game 3

Imperial Aces. Darth Vader, Soontir Fel and a skill 9 Inquisitor with a great player behind the controls. We’ve played off pretty much every time I’ve travelled to Calgary and it’s always a tough game. This was no exception but he had crushed my son in his first game, so it was time to get some family revenge. 🙂

The first real pass of fire saw Vader down to one hull and a small splatter of damage on my ties. We spent the next 100 rounds jockeying for position trying to trap Vader or the Inquisitor as my opponent kept bringing them in and out. With time running out, the second last turn saw the Inquisitor fall to some bad green dice and the last round of fire saw the dark lords final hull point evaporate. One dead tie for an inquisitor and Vader was more than I had hoped for.


Game 4

Hera, Ezra shuttle and Biggs. The rocks mostly covered the left and centre, so I setup on the far right. The rebel scum set up in the opposite corner behind the rocks (seemed to be a theme all day). I moved straight up waiting for the rebels to leave the safety of the rocks. He didn’t take the bait and moved up slowly through the rocks instead. After he reached my board edge, he turned in and I turned the swarm around to engage. The rebels decide to move up through a corridor in the rocks.

The first round of fire saw Biggs behind the ghost and the ghost at range 3 of some of my ties, shots fired and shields stripped. The next round I shot in hard with a tie and blocked up the area between the rocks blocking the ghost and thus Biggs behind it. While the rest of the swarm remained at Range three, Biggs even with the bonus dice of range 3 and tactical jammer on the ghost went down in one round of fire, with little damage to the ties. The ghost was able to down Howlrunner right before Ezra made a break for it in the Phantom.

His efforts were in vain as he watched the ghost fade away and then he was run down by the five remaining ties. End of game, rebels eliminated and a memorial for Howlrunner.



Game 5

Super Dash and a Lothal Rebel.  Another great Calgarian opponent who is always a pleasure to play with. The rocks were much more spread out throughout the middle of the board giving Dash lots of cover. I set up on the far right with the ghost down the mat in the corner and Dash in the middle of the board. As expected the ghost ran and Dash came in hard. Dash stripped one shield on an FO and lost three shields in return.

Deciding Dash may have bit off more than he could chew alone, he pulled out at the expense of his remaining shields. The Ghost came in hard with a 5-K turn (which was very unexpected), and left about a 2mm gap from my closest ties. Expecting the ghost to come in all the ties turned in to face it (I just wasn’t expecting it to that be in my face though). The ghost took a massive pounding but removed a tie with it’s auto blaster turret. Shortly after, the ghost exploded. The unavoidable chase ended after many turns with several damaged ties but only one falling to Dash’s HLC fire. End of the round, two decommissioned ties and two liberated rebels.


Game 6

 Last game of swiss and the most interesting list I’d face all day. 4 Pirates G-1 with title and Zuckuss and Torkil Mux with TLT.
This game didn’t really matter as I was guaranteed to make the cut. On other tables, two ID’s were offered and both properly rejected. My opponent jokingly said something about fighting this out to the bitter end or something like that.  He had a very elaborate setup and brought his ships in through the rocks. I came in hard and two Z’s popped before they ever had a chance to return fire.
The next turn saw the other headhunters turn to dust and a tie pop. With Zuckuss carrying a boatload of stress and the HWK on the run with a tie in it’s blind spot the outcome was obvious and my opponent decided to fly both his remaining ships off the board. Imperial control of the sector re-established.

Cut to top 8 and time to grab some quick pizza.



Game 7

This was my most interesting game of the day by far. A nice gentleman from Saskatoon was flying Poe, Horn and a prototype.

cal regional 2He set up his A-wing in open space and I set up for the joust. Poe took up the flank with Horn in the middle. This was a game were I couldn’t predict any of the moves my opponent executed and it all started when the A-wing K-turned in front of my entire Swarm.

Unfortunately he didn’t get the messy block he wanted and Horn had come in too hard without support from Poe. Even with a shield upgrade and R2-D2, 3 green dice aren’t enough to survive a head-on crack swarm and Horn became a footnote in the Galactic Civil War quickly followed by the A-wing. Poe put up a bit of a fight taking out a Tie, but it was too little too late.

Game 8

This game was against the Scum swarm from Game 6.

cal regional 1I hate rematches in the finals, especially if I won the first time. This time he flew through the rocks and pulled back to draw me in. I split one tie off and engaged hard. First blood went to the scum player as he crushed a tie, though fortunately for me the rest of the blood was drawn by the Empire. A couple rounds of scum ships being removed from the board was enough for my opponent to graciously concede.

I didn’t get to see the game, but the other table had a scum list facing off against a good swarm player with a similar crackswarm list to mine. From what I heard the scum player smashed the swarm. Thus, going into the last game with fresh swarm blood on scum teeth I was a little concerned.

Game 9

My opponent fielded

Contracted Scout + Intel Agent, APL, Adaptability, Hired Gun + TLT, BTL-A4, Unhinged Astro

Palob + TLT, Adaptability, Cloaking Device

Kaato + Adaptability, Thread Tracers, Guidance Chips.

He had the initiative bid and choose to deploy first using adaptability to adjust all his ships to skill 4. I made sure all my rocks were as close to his on the right side of the table as possible which left basically the entire top left of the mat completely open space. He deployed in the top right behind the rocks, obviously hoping I’d take the bait and joust with him in the rocks.

I deployed in the bottom left and took my time moving up the board. He slowly moved into the open space with his jump master and rag tag squad in tow. With a forgotten de-cloak and his jumpmaster slightly too far ahead of the rest of his ships I shot in and barrel-rolled into position.

13178569_10154123856308428_1673061485812220555_nA few range three shots with the jumpmaster saw one hit on a tie and all the shields stripped from the jumper. Next turn saw the inevitable move to block with the jumper. Predicting this, half the swarm moved to go past the jumper and strike at the other ships while three ties moved slowly to engage the jumper at range one.

One tie was blocked but dogged the anti-pursuit lasers, another bumped the HWK and Howl bumped a tie. Two ties had focus tokens and an FO had a target lock. Once the dice settled the jumper was gone, an FO was dust and Palob was burning.

The next turn with a single K-Turn and some hard 1’s the Ties removed Palob and crippled the Y-wing. The next two turns were strictly clean up duty. End of the game, one dead tie and a clear run to the 2016 Alberta Regional Championship.

Overall a great day and a very well run event by Sentry Box, looking forward to the Saskatoon Regionals!

Runner-up Ian MacDonald
Runner-up Ian MacDonald with Greg Jackson from the Sentry Box
Paul La Rue is a graphic artist and illustrator with a range of Alternate Art X-wing cards. You can follow his art and cards on his Facebook page, Also check out his website at
Photos in the article from Paul La Rue and from Liam Matti Photography ( courtesy the Sentry Box.

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