Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Co-operative Rebel Campaign

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Cover

A New Way to Play.

Dockingbay416 is proud to present Heroes of the Aturi Cluster; a fully co-operative, 15-mission campaign for X-wing by Josh Derksen.

Up to 6 Rebel Players, each with their own ship, act as a squadron and battle against an AI-controlled Empire.  Download the updated v0.7 components below:Download Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - v0.7

v0.7 FAQ

The FAQ is now available at dockingbay416.com/campaign/faq.
If you have more questions about the campaign, ask them in the comments there.

What’s Inside?

It’s more than a fanmade campaign PDF- It’s practically a boxed-boardgame full conversion for X-wing!

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Components

  • • 80-page Campaign Book
  • • Player Scoresheets
  • • Mission Deck
  • • Imperial AI Statcards
  • • Imperial Pilot Deck
  • • New terrain: Minefields, Nebula, and a Modular Space Station

All ready to print, cut and play.


The Campaign Book

Campaign Book Spreads
This PDF book contains all of the rules for player setup, how the AI works and new campaign special rules. All of the campaign missions have integrated story arcs and also scale with the number of players.
Two versions of this file are available: a print version with bleed areas and crop marks, and a screen version for use on your laptop/tablet while you play.

Player Scoresheets

Player Scoresheet
Players use these to keep track of their abilities, upgrades, missions, kills, and experience earned. As they level up, they can switch to other Rebel ships.


Mission Deck

Mission Cards
Missions in the campaign are organized into Story Arcs. The deck of cards is used to track which missions have been played. When a Mission is complete, the next part of its story arc is added to the deck.


Imperial AI Statcards

Imperial AI Statcard
These statcards are used to operate the AI. Each round, enemy ships select a target, then use their statcard’s maneuver chart to determine a maneuver. They also have logic to determine which action they perform.


Imperial Pilot Deck

Imperial Pilot Cards
Used in conjunction with the AI Statcards, this deck is used to assign upgrades to specific Imperial ships, including abilities for high-level Imperial aces that players will need to defeat as a team.


New Terrain

Minefield, Ion Cloud, and Modular Space Station Terrain
Some missions in the campaign use new terrain for a more varied gameplay experience. Minefields add an explosive hazard for players to avoid while Nebula Ion Clouds limit attack range and cause the occasional ion damage. The Modular Space Station tiles are used to create a wide variety of bases and space stations, covered with shield generators, docking bays and turbolaser towers.

Download Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - v0.7

52 thoughts on “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Co-operative Rebel Campaign”

  1. Just play tested this as part of Don (R5-Don4)’s game at BK on Tuesday (we played the opening mission, and there were so many of us we needed to divide into 2 groups, each with a campaign going). I can’t wait to see how this continues.

  2. I hit the bandwidth limit on my Dropbox account today (300+ downloads so far), so I have upgraded to Pro. Download links should work again.

  3. I have a question, it says in the guide book that you can combine many of the different Elite Pilot Skills and Pilot Skills, can you have them all active at once or just 1 per mission?

    1. KelrisBartell – Your ship has a number of Elite upgrade slots depending on its pilot skill. Each Elite slot can have either an Elite ability or a Rebel Pilot ability, so if you’re PS9 you can have four total (in any combination), all active at the same time.

      This leads to some rediculous combinations that aren’t possible in the standard game. For example, Jake and Tycho (A-wing pilots) are both awesome abilities for an X-wing or Y-wing once you’re high level.

  4. This is incredible. The campaign book, art, and cards are so good I seriously just love sitting here and reading it all. Anyway I just finished up the starting mission with some friends, and we’ve got a question: Rolling a crit on ejection loses your most expensive EPT/Title. Does that mean you could lose BTL-A4 or A-wing Test Pilot? If so, how would you buy them back? Also, can you buy the Moldy Crow for the HWK-290?

    Again thanks for making this… turns out it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Thanks for all the hard work!

    1. Mellow Journalism – It looks like the Eject Table needs to be clarified; The crit result will remove your most expensive Elite Pilot Talent, or Rebel Pilot Ability.

      BTL-A4 & A-Wing Test Pilot are not really considered titles in the campaign; they’re incorporated into the player scoresheets and as such can’t be lost. Both of them cost 0XP anyway, so it’s kind of irrelevant.

      The Moldy Crow title can absolutely be purchased. You’re not the first person to ask and I think I will clarify this in the v0.7 release.

  5. First of all: this is amazing. We’ve printed and tried this a little bit and it’s just badass. The amount of detail and love put in this campaign is obvious, congratulations for your great work.

    We played 4 missions or so. It feels balanced so far, but a question arose:

    The rules for the AI state: “Check each condition of its
    action priority in order, top to bottom and perform the first action that meets the criteria”. The AI TIE Fighter card states: 1)Remove Stress token. 2)Barrel Roll to get a shot. 3)Barrel roll to avoid target’s arc. 4)Focus if you have a shot. 5) Evade.

    In many occasions, the TIE had a clear shot, but could also move out of the target’s arc by barrel rolling. If we follow the rules, he should actually do that and miss his shot this turn to avoid the target’s arc (since criteria nº 3 is met prior to criteria nº4) but this didn’t make much sense to us, especially when after barrel rolling out of the target’s arc he was still in the arc of other non-target rebel players…Is this behaviour intentional? do the TIEs prefer to fly around evading some arcs rather than taking focus to shot when they have the chance? Same question for the interceptor: he prefers to barrel roll/boost out of target’s arc (loosing his shot) rather than just staying and performing an evade?

    Thank you for your time and congrats again for the great game!

  6. awac – Perhaps the text for the barrel roll action selection should read “barrel roll to avoid target’s arc (and still have target in arc)”.

    This is how it is intended to be used, even though TIEs will almost always move before players and make some sub-optimal decisions as a result.

  7. hi from french user.
    Very nice coop campaign Amazing work !!!
    Thanks a lot.

    Do you think to adapt campaign with using scums or empire ship ? instead of rebel.


  8. Just a thought, have you considered using an Ordnance Pool for the campaign rather than using missiles/bombs as buyable upgrades?
    Maybe for example the squadron has 25pointsXamount of players to play with for the campaign, maybe certain objectives can give them more, maybe the lack of ammo after a while is reason to plan a certain mission.

    I tend to do this with a lot of my campaign plans at the moment, as otherwise things get 99% laser 1% anything else quickly.

  9. zesteph – eventually, maybe. Any expansion content will be Rebel first.

    Andrew – An early draft of the campaign actually worked this way; all upgrades (except elite and pilot abilities) were a shared pool that was affected by mission results. It never really worked right, and it prevented one of the key features of the campaign from working: the ability to add/drop players every session as needed. Ultimately I just decided to scrap it and keep everything tied to individual players. This way, anybody can play in any campaign at any power level and the system will handle it.

  10. What is your recommanded paper size (Legal, Letter, A4, …) for printing the Campaign book and the different card/terrain?

  11. AlreadyPicked – all of the files are set up for letter size printing, no scaling. Any home printer or print shop should be able to handle it.

    The Campaign Book pages are 8.5×5.5″ (half letter), so a print shop should be able to “impose” the document for you and do a double-sided print, making a coil-bound book with the pages in the correct sequence.

    1. I tried the “double sided” print and it works great. Thanks!

      Probably gonna try the first mission tomorrow if I have time to read the AI section. Seems really good!

      1. I did the intro mission and liked the système very much.

        We had a couple of question about swerving:

        (1) In what direction will the Tie take in case the movement is straight forward. Left or right?
        (2) If the movement rolled is a 90° turn at speed 2 and the 45° turn at speed 2 still makes the Tie collide, does it try to make a 45° turn at speed 1 or at speed 3?


        1. Nevermind, I just saw that it has to be “that brings it closest to it’s target”. That answers both my questions at the same time.

  12. I have a couple of requests for the printable material:

    Could you throw something together as card backs for the reference and AI cards? I’m following a guide I found on boardgamegeeks for making production quality cards, and I would really like to include those in what I’m churning out. I would be perfectly happy with the cover of the manual being used.

    Also, could you put the terrain that are in the AI Stat Cards onto their own sheet? I’m printing the terrain on sticker paper to affix to chip board, and printing out the AI Stat Cards twice is going to waste a lot of expensive sticker paper and chip board.

    I would do this myself rather than ask you guys to do it, but I know nothing about editing PDFs.

  13. Trey Dismukes – all of these changes are coming in v0.7, actually, along with a number of other minor improvements and clarifications.

    I expect to put up those files within the next week or so.

  14. I tried to get the booklet printed at my local FEDexKinkos. And the said I needed a print release statement from the author to be able to print the booklet out.

  15. On page 12 you mentioned “Unlimited Uniques (Optional Rule): If all players agree, all cards that are unique, including pilot abilities and crew, are not considered unique for the campaign. All players may purchase and equip them.”
    What’s your personal take on this, and how did it play out during playtesting?
    In the game we’re playing right now, we’ve started off with that rule in place, and it’s just caused bickering over who gets which upgrades. Playing with unlimited uniques would definitely ease up on tension at the board, but I’m worried that it’s going to break the game something fierce.

  16. Andrew – We used this rule during playtesting, mostly because I had a pool of 12 players from which 4-5 would play each week. Making everything unique in that situation would have been too difficult and added too much bookkeeping to be worthwhile.

    The only situation where you might not want to use the rule, is for when you have <6 regular players (no drop-ins) and you want to force each ship to be different. As you've pointed out, some players don't like/can't handle this distribution of upgrades and that's OK - go ahead and let them equip whatever they like.

    Anyway, the only Rebel Abilities we found extremely powerful were Jake Farrell and Keyan Farlander - almost every ship can make excellent use of them once they hit PS7. I'm sure there are other abilities that are powerful when used by all squad members but most players tend to like to build different ships in my experience.

  17. This campaign saves the game! Lining up 100 pt teams and fighting to the death is eventually dull (and unrealistic from a military/historical point of view). Flying a mission with my boys is a meaningful family event. I have been a gamer for over 40 years, and I have rarely had such a delightful time. Sincere thanks!

  18. 0.7 is great, again thanks for the amazing campaign. Couple more questions for you– 1) For Capture Officer Part I, the card says only 6 asteroids are needed, and the setup diagram only shows 6, but the mission description says there are also 6 debris clouds. What should we use?

    2) Will the AI still attempt to arc-dodge its target even if that means rolling into(or staying in) another hostile arc?

    3) Would a TIE Fighter be allowed to swerve from a 2-turn to a 1-turn, even though the text technically states the bearing must be adjusted 45 degrees?

    4) Will a shuttle swerve into a stall? Can a shuttle can end up parked indefinitely facing the edge?

    1. 1) Capture officer should be 6 asteroids only.

      2) Yes, it only cares about the target’s arc.

      3) Unless they’re swerving to avoid the board edge, no, but if what you just described makes them work better in a particular situation, it’s up to you if they should do that move. Swerving is really only intended to provide a framework for resolving awkward situations with the AI.

      4) Rules as written, a shuttle can’t choose the 0 when swerving to avoid an obstacle, because this would involve changing speeds and the shuttle definitely has other maneuvers it can try.

      If the board edge is involved and the 0 is the only maneuver that keeps the shuttle in play then rules as written it will be chosen. I may rewrite the swerve rules to remove 0-speed maneuvers as an option – clearly that shuttle pilot decided to flee the board 🙂

  19. First of all, I LOVE what you have done with this co-op campaign. Absolutely top notch!

    That said, my FLGS has been running this for a month+ and some people that are playing are “not supportive” of the level of difficulty in most of the missions. We have 5-6 players and no “tanks” at PS 6 average so people are getting one rounded. With that many players and no dedicated green dice master, the AI concentrating firepower is making the game less enjoyable for many casual players.

    I have shown some of the players ship builds that are very efficient at a specific job (3 guys building damage or support), but most of the casual guys (3 in our group) are just trying to spend all the points as they get them. This pulls down the ability of the whole group and makes it less enjoyable. Since this is more like DnD than X-wing in it’s team building dynamic, could you potentially give some example squadrons and how they interact to “get the juices flowing”? Making specific comment about building for the team instead of just buying many upgrades that don’t synergize at all.

    These issues I am facing are more specific to group dynamics, I totally love the mechanics of what you have done and very much look forward to watch this grow!

    1. Aside from tuning the campaign missions to be easier, or building yourself a super support-ship to be Squad Leader, I don’t have too many suggestions for you.

      This topic has been discussed a bit on the FFG forums though.

  20. Will AI ships still attempt to (primary) arc-dodge ships equipped with secondary turrets (to say, engage autothrusters)? How intelligent are they about this (e.g. if a y-wing with blaster turret does not have a focus, will a TIE no longer consider the turret a threat)?

    1. Rules as written, they will still attempt to arc dodge. They have no understanding of turrets.

      However, if you want the AI to be a bit less dumb (particularly the Elite enemies that likely move after the players), then feel free to make more optimal action selections for them.

  21. This is fantastic! I’m printing this out to play with my 9 year old son (and to play X-Wing solo after he’s in bed!) Right now we play against each other right now, but I far prefer doing a co-op game with him.

    I’m thinking we’ll do 3 ships, with me controlling 2 and him 1. Anyone have suggestions for starting ships? I was thinking 2 X-Wings and a Y wing. Probably take R2-D2 on one X-Wing and Proton Torpedoes (maybe Munitions Failsafe) on the other, then load up the Y with Blaster Turret and maybe Prox mines.

    1. This is what we ended up doing. One X-Wing with Proton and Munitions (Warlock), one with R2-D2 (Ramparts) and the Y with Blaster Turret, Prox Mines, an R2 and the title (Hunter) (No, I don’t play Destiny, why? 😉 )

      We played Local Trouble. The Munitions Failsafe were a god send, as I missed my shot with the Torpedoes twice before finally blowing up an Interceptor the round that Warlock died (8). Rolled a blank, so all good there, and he earned 5 xp. Ramparts spent the majority of the game roaming around behind Warlock and getting in the way of TIEs, and dodging 3 die red attacks with 2 greens. He lost a total of 2 shields, both of which were immediately regen’ed. He took us to the end, but only got 4 xp.

      Hunter was very swinging – he’d spend 2 rounds just durdling around trying to get a shot, then line it up with a red so that he couldn’t get his Blaster off. But then he’d have 2-3 rounds in a row where he was behind 3-4 TIEs, and and he’d blow up one a turn. By the time he exploded on round 10, he had 9 xp and 4 kills. There were so many times we tried to use his turret shot, only to remember he had the title – I think he’ll ditch it next game around.

      It was a ton of fun, and pretty easy to play (mechanics wise). Alpha Squadron hit the board, both did a 5 boost, and tried to fly one of the TIEs straight in to an asteroid. So they broke formation immediately. Beta squad did better, making it in to shooting range before breaking out, and immediately flying in to an asteroid that couldn’t be swerved around. After that it was just a huge brawl. It was round 5 before any TIEs blew up, but we got all the way through!

  22. What happens if you fly off a non-escape edge in neutral territory? Do you perform an eject roll?

    1. Yes, leaving the board via a non-escape edge results in being destroyed as usual. In Neutral Territory missions, that means an eject roll with 2 dice.

  23. Josh and the rest of the team: you are awesome!!! Soo incredible cool stuff you made! The book is made professional!
    I will play this campaign with my group and hope it will blast us away! ,)

    Question: Is it possible to put the FAQ into a file (pdf). This would be great!

    Thank you all guys! You did an awesome job!!

    Best wishes

  24. This is absolutely fantastic. The quality, design, and balance are all top notch. I just pinged FFG and told them that they should officially support a product like this and they should hire you to do it. Is there a place I can donate?

  25. Has anyone found or created a printer friendly list of all the Upgrades & Modifications that would be available for this campaign? I liked that the pilot abilities were included in the rule book and would have loved to have seen the other information in a similar format.

    Oh and I should have said this first. Great job!!!

  26. Great Campaign! I died completely on my second mission though. (bad rolls weren’t stop coming)

    I have a question about Strike AI. It says all it’s targeting resolves around the mission target. Then for attack it says “Attack the mission target if possible, unless other target in range 1”
    Does tha mean if mission target is out of range 3 and I am in range 2, does it not attack anything? Or would it attack me anyways?

  27. Great work with your campaign. Thanks a lot!

    What do you think about the coming versions of the future? Will there be just some corrections with some numbers/words (so we can change just a few sites from our printed version and be fine) or will it be a mass of sites or chapters which will be changed (so we have to reprint the whole thing)?
    In the latter case, I would print it in black&white, otherwise I would print it with thicker paper and colour (something fancier style)…

    What would you recommend to us?

  28. I recently finished playing a short campaign and I was very impressed. You have done a very good job! My friends had also a lot of fun!

    Now, I want to create some scenarios myself (we would like to create a campaign to play as Imperials)… To create the maps it would be a great help to have the tokens and images used to create them. Is there a way you would share them with us?

    I’ll send you the scenarios once we have playtested them a bit.

  29. Seriously what you did is awesome.

    Thank you for creating that. My friend like x-wing miniature, but they simply love the campain.

    I wish that ffg hired you and help you concieve more mission for your campain game.

  30. Do you have plans to add the new Tie-Fighters introduced with the Force Awakens Core box? Stat Card and all…

    BTW, we are 5-6 missions in and we love the campaign. Great job!

  31. Really enjoying the campaign so far. Like others I wish FFG would pick this up and engage you to make an Inperial and Scum campaign.

    I do have to ask if there was much testing with the new Twin Laser Turret. Our Y Wing equipped with that is just a monster and racking up xp at a far greater rate so far.

  32. I wanted to say thanks for your team’s work on this. Just played the intro game solo after not playing for over a year due to lack of interest in competitive play, and had an absolute blast. The production value is outstanding by itself, but the AI is just great. Can’t wait to go co-op with the wife tomorrow! Thanks again to all involved.

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