Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – FAQ

FAQ v0.7

Last updated: December 27, 2015

Table of Contents:
Player Ships
Earning & Spending Experience
Imperial AI & Pilot Cards
Mission Deck
Specific Missions

If you have a question that isn’t addressed in the v0.7 campaign materials or the FAQ below, ask it in the comments.



Q: Can I play this solo? What about with 2 players? Do we need 6 players for this?
A: It can be played solo, although missions generally have the best balance for 3-4 Rebel ships. If you’re going to play Heroes of the Aturi Cluster solo, I’d recommend playing a squadron of 2-3 ships. With 2 players, I recommend playing 2 ships each, provided you own enough TIE Fighters to run the AI at this scale.

Q: How many ships do I need? Can I run this with my collection?
A: In general you will need the following for each Rebel ship:

  • 1 X-wing or Y-wing (model, base, dial, tokens); campaign adds a player scoresheet
  • 2 TIE Fighters*
  • 1 of each other TIE for every 2 players*
  • 1-2 shuttles total*
  • 1 Decimator*
  • some missions also include the YT-1300, HWK-290 and Rebel Transport.

*You only need the model & base; the campaign replaces the dials and cards with an AI statcard/Imperial Pilot card

Q: How does the game experience change with the number of Rebel ships / players?
A: Missions scale in enemy ships and objectives with the number of Rebel ships.

  • 1 Rebel ship: It’s possible but the balance of some missions is probably not great. You’re almost always outgunned.
  • 2 Rebel ships: Works pretty well, especially if you have a small collection. Dice luck can really swing the game though.
  • 3-4 Rebel ships: Closest in scale to the standard 100-point game so a 60-75 minute playtime for each scenario is pretty reasonable. Maybe even 45-60 minutes if you’re running the whole squad solo. This might be the sweet spot for game balance.
  • 5-6 Rebel ships: Playtime is usually 90 minutes, maybe more if you have a lot of table talk. Enemy squads are larger which increases the amount of focus fire on a single Rebel ship each time those squads attack. Individual players tend to die faster as a result. In 3-4p games, having a 100% player survival rate isn’t that uncommon but It’s pretty rare in low-ps 6p games – somebody has to draw all the TIE Fighter fire. Until your 6p squad gets a couple A-wings with PTL/Stealth to do that, your poor X and Y wings will take a bit of a beating in larger games. Most missions also add objectives based on the number of players. In larger games you tend to have 1-2 players that need to focus entirely on objectives (if they can) while the rest attempt to engage the fighters, but in 3-4p each ship’s role tends to be a little more fluid.

Q: Can the AI be used outside the campaign for regular skirmish games?
A: It was developed and tested this way, so it should be OK. You should be able to build a 100pt Imperial list and play against it using the AI statcards, but you’ll have to make some assumptions about how AI ships will use their upgrades.

Q: Can this campaign be played with a human player as an Imperial GM/Overlord?
A: Probably, though it’s not something that was tested. A human player will make better use of the Imperial ships, so if this is something your group wants to try, you may need to adjust the difficulty to be a bit easier following the instructions on p33.

Q: I want to run a weekly game at my FLGS. What do I do about missing players that will fall behind in XP/levels?
A: This is how most of the campaign was playtested, so the rules are designed to handle this case. Each mission scales with the number of players, so being short a player won’t prevent you from playing.

Generally you don’t need to worry much about compensating absent players when their their squadmates level up. This is because high-PS players tend to accumulate strong support Rebel Pilot Abilities, and also attack first, softening up targets for low-PS players to kill, and quickly rack up more XP. It’s not uncommon for an player to rejoin a campaign in progress and accumulate 14XP or more in a single mission if they’re getting kills.

Q: Where are the corresponding Scum and Imperial campaigns?
A: Maybe eventually they will exist, but they’re a long way off if I ever do them.

Q: Is there anything we can do to help speed up development of MORE missions or content?
A: If you and your group enjoyed this campaign, consider donating as a thank you, and encourage me to continue working on new content or expansions for the campaign.



Q: Where can I get this printed professionally, and what paper choices, etc should I make?
A: This is beyond the scope of an FAQ answer here. Instead, I have created two new resources to help players produce the best quality components they can:

  • v0.7 includes “Manifest.xls”, an excel file listing all the campaign files, their specs, and recommended paper stock. Show this to your local print shop and see what they can do for you.
  • New large format 12×18″ PDF for components. Most print shops can do pages this size and it should be more cost-effective than a set of letter-sized pages. It also allows for more generous bleed areas around graphics, making the components easier to cut out without leaving unsightly white edges.

Q: My print shop says I need a print release form to print these files?
A: This is now available and included in the v0.7 download.

Q: How come the campaign rules and missions are in the same book? Wouldn’t it be easier to split them into two books, so that rules can be referenced while playing a mission?
A: At this time, I don’t feel there is enough mission content to justify this. However, I will consider it in the future when the project grows in scope.

Q: The station tile connections don’t seem quite the right size?
A: You may need to trim them a bit to get the tiles to interlock nicely.


Player Ships:

Q: If I fly a HWK-290, can I equip the Moldy Crow title? The scoresheet doesn’t have a title slot.
A: Yes, this is an oversight and is now mentioned on p11. The HWK scoresheet has a title slot in v0.7

Q: What’s up with the “E2” label on the B-wing scoresheet crew slot?
A: This was intended as a reminder that the B-wing can gain a crew slot by using one of its modifications for B-wing/E2. However, I’ve decided it’s clearer if one of the B-wing’s modification slots is Mod/Crew, so that E2 is essentially free and already factored in. This is changed in v0.7

Q: How come I can’t fly a Z-95, E-wing, K-wing, T-70, or either of the YT freighters?
A: Each of these ships were excluded for a different reason.

Z-95: Basically an inferior choice to an X or Y-wing, and not an iconic Star Wars ship in the same way. It needs some help to be a viable starting choice, though I can see it being desirable for pilots looking to upgrade directly to an A-wing. I may add it in the future.

E-wing: Surprisingly, playtesting revealed this ship to be too good once you start to fully equip it. The 3/3/2/3 staline, plus a system and 4 modifications outclasses just about every other Rebel ship choice, and creates a monster that is very difficult for AI TIE Fighters to deal with, making the campaign too easy. However, I do have some plans for it in future content. In the meantime, if you insist on playing with it in the current campaign despite the fact that it doesn’t exist in the Rebellion era, I’d recommend requiring players to have a PS of 7 or 8 before being able to switch to it for 10XP.

K-wing: A combination of not being released yet during campaign development, and some of the same reasons as the E-wing above. You could integrate it the same way if desired.

T-70: When I was developing the campaign, I didn’t know it existed in the game! If you’d like to use it, and don’t mind that it doesn’t fit into the campaign’s timeline, treat it like the A/B/HWK – Unlocked at PS4 and requires 5XP to switch.

YT-1300 and YT-2400: Early on in the campaign’s development, I made a deliberate decision to exclude these to maintain the “starfighter squadron” feel of the campaign. We also found them to be similarly too powerful if each player can fly one – their statlines are far better than your average fighter. If you’d like to try the campaign with one, treat any large ship as 2 players when you scale the AI’s deployment and let me know how it goes – I’d be interested in that playtest data.


Earning & Spending Experience:

Q: Do players still earn XP if they fail a mission?
A: Yes, aside from the results of any Eject Rolls or penalties listed in a mission’s objectives or Imperial victory text. clarified in v0.7 on p23.

Q: Are munitions purchased with XP used once per mission, or like standard X-Wing play once and discard?
A: All upgrades and abilities (such as Lightning Reflexes) that have a “discard this card” effect are once per mission. You do not need to re-purchase them after each use. This is now explicitly mentioned in v0.7 on p12.

Q: Can I have more upgrades than I have available slots on my player scoresheet?
A: You can own more upgrades/abilities than the slots on your player scoresheet and choose which to equip for each mission. For example, a Y-wing pilot might have several types of torpedoes and bombs, and choose which ones to fill its two slots with depending on the mission.

Q: Can I purchase the pilot abilities of the K-wing pilots?
A: Yes, Miranda Doni & Esege Tuketu have been added to the table in v0.7.

Q: What about the Rebel Pilots from the new core set or previewed future releases, etc?
A: At first glance, I don’t think any of the Rebel Pilot abilities in the new EP7 content pose any game-breaking problems and can probably also be used. I may explicitly add them in the future.

Q: Can I purchase/use (Upgrade Name) in the campaign?
A: Pretty much, yes. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster was designed to be open-ended enough to allow players to use any of the components Fantasy Flight has produced or will eventually release. Anything that operates differently in the campaign is explicitly mentioned in the book. Also, limitations like “Imperial Only” and “Scum Only” still apply, and only the Pilot Abilities of Rebel pilots from the skirmish game are allowed (Sorry, no Ruthlessness EPT for you!).

Q: Eject table – why is there a (title) icon? Does this mean I can lose BTL-A4/A-wing Test Pilot?
A: This is legacy text from an earlier version of the campaign, when Rebel Pilot abilities were noted with the title icon. in v0.7, the Eject table on p41 and the Eject reference card have been rewritten to clarify that a critical hit result causes you to lose your most expensive Elite or Pilot Ability. Abilities like BTL-A4 and A-wing test pilot are factored into the player scoresheets and can’t be lost (because they cost 0 points and you’d just buy them back for free).

Q: The Eject table in the campaign book and Eject table on the reference card don’t match. Which one is correct?
A: The v0.6 reference card version should be used (These tables match in v0.7).

Q: Do I get XP for damaging, but not destroying, an Emplacement (or minefield)?
A: No. These targets are too much of a points farm otherwise.

Q: Do players gain XP for kills or mission objectives accomplished by non-player allies? (such as the YT-1300 or Defector’s TIE Defender)
A: No.

Q: If an AI ship leaves the board, or is destroyed by an Asteroid collision, who gets the credit and XP for the kill?
A: In v0.7, this is clarified in a new paragraph on p42: “the last player to damage the ship scores points for the kill. If no one ever damaged it, no one scores XP.”

Q: Am I calculating the amount of XP I gain correctly?
A: Some sample calculations:

  • 1 XP total for dealing at least 1 damage to a ship, or destroying an emplacement.
  • 2 XP total for killing a TIE Fighter (damage + kill)
  • 3 XP total for killing a Shuttle (large) or other TIE type (damage + kill + special type)
  • 4 XP total and your allies each get 1 XP, for killing an Elite enemy. (damage + kill + special type + everybody gets 1 for Elite).

Q: Do I gain XP for a Guardian Assist if I use something like Draw Their Fire?
A: This is the intent of the Guardian Assist rule, yes.

Q: Can I score a kill-assist XP for using Intimidation on the target? How would I keep track?
A: Intimidation is a weird case; I think you’d have to roll the AI ship’s lost Defense die off to the side and see if its result would have affected the attack’s outcome.

Q: Is Predator overpowered considering the majority of enemies are PS1 or 2?
A: Possibly. I’m not convinced yet that this needs to be addressed, as Predator’s performance is usually surpassed by better combinations of more powerful Elite and Pilot Abilities as players level up (having a Target Lock is usually better than Predator). However I might make some tweaks to address this in the future.


Imperial AI & Pilot Cards:

Q: Most AI ships have “nearest enemy in arc” then “nearest enemy” as their priorities. Do AI ships really ignore range when determining a target?
A: This is an omission from the v0.6 statcards; “nearest enemy in arc” is intended to be “nearest enemy in arc and range 1-3”. This is changed on all AI cards in v0.7

Q: Does the “Free (Target Lock) Action vs. Target” only apply if the AI ship selects “Nearest Enemy”?
No, It is a bonus step in addition to selecting 1) or 2). This line has been changed to “*)” instead of “+” in v0.7

Q: Sometimes the target for an AI ship is between two of the 8 directions on its statcard. How do you decide which table to use?
A: BGG user stickyasylum had an excellent suggestion, which has been incorporated into the v0.7 rules on page 20: “…use the table that the target ship is facing towards. If the target ship is pointing directly toward or away from the AI ship, randomly choose which table to use.”

Q: Do AI ships Swerve to avoid Proximity Mines/Cluster Mines/Connor Nets dropped by players?
A: Yes, they should Swerve once to avoid the taking damage, or in the case of Cluster Mines, limit the amount of damage they take.

Q:What are AI ships supposed to do when they get “stuck” touching a large or huge ship? For example, I had a game where a TIE bomber bumped into a stationary transport. Every turn after that, the nearest target was the Transport, but five of the six possible maneuver options for that target caused it to bump again. It just sat there uselessly for five or six turns while my squad dealt with the other threats before the bomber finally rolled a 6 on its movement selection and did a 5K turn.
A: Two things: AI ships are intended to swerve to avoid ship collisions with Huge ships, because you take an attack die if your ship base overlaps them. AI ships also ignore ships they are touching for target priority (even Strike AI targets), unless those ships are the only ones in range. Either of these rules should cause the AI ship to move off and come around for another pass.

Q: During Action Selection, will ships barrel roll to avoid arcs even if it means they can’t attack the target?
A: AI ships are intended to be as aggressive as possible, so the action choice of “barrel roll to avoid target’s arc” should only be performed if the target will still be in the AI’s arc after barrel rolling. v0.7 AI Statcards have this entry reworded for clarity.

Q: When the players have high PS levels, Which abilities do Elite Enemies have?
A: The abilities listed on Imperial Pilot cards stack, so when the players are PS6+, an Elite Enemy will have every ability except the very bottom one (PS8+) on the card, including multiple Elite or Pilot Abilities. This is further clarified in v0.7, p35.

Q: In the Sample AI Dogfight on p26 during Turn 4, It looks like the TIE Fighter should barrel roll instead of Focus. Is this a mistake?
A: Eagle eyes! Yes, the Sample Dogfight is wrong – the TIE Fighter should have barrel rolled. It doesn’t have a huge impact on the example though.

Q: The TIE Advanced AI statcard has a hard 1 turn in it’s range 1 / 45º table, but the ship doesn’t have this maneuver on its dial. Is this is a mistake?
A: Yes. This has been corrected in v0.7, but should be treated as a 1 bank.

Q: The TIE Interceptor’s Action Selection is confusing; It seems like there are cases where it won’t match any of the criteria and perform an action in this step.
A: Remove step 5, and treat step 4 as “Evade”. This may make Interceptors a little nastier to deal with, too. This is changed in v0.7

Q: There’s no TIE Punisher AI?
A: Seems like an ideal addition to an expansion.

Q: Why does the Lambda Shuttle AI statcard mention “fire cannon at range 2-3”, when none of the shuttles in the campaign seem to be equipped with a cannon?
A: This is intentional; the AI Statcard for the Lambda Shuttle mentions cannons so that I can leave the design space open:

  • If I have a scenario in the future that features a Lambda equipped with a cannon, the AI statcard works.
  • If I change or add Imperial Pilot cards in the future that include an equipped cannon, the AI statcard works.
  • If people want to use the AI outside the campaign and play with cannon-equipped shuttles, the AI statcard works.


New Terrain:

Q: Are Minefields emplacements? How do they interact with critical hits?
A: The v0.6 rules for minefields cause some awkward interactions with critical hits. Minefields are not emplacements but should treat all critical hits as double damage.

Q: How do critical hits and face-up damage cards dealt by Proton Bombs interact with Minefields and Emplacements?
A: Minefield rules in v0.6 are unclear. Treat each critical damage dealt to Minefields and Emplacements as 2 hits instead.

Q: How does Predator interact with Minefields and Emplacements?
A: These terrain pieces do not have a Pilot Skill rating, so you will only be able to reroll one die with attacking them with Predator.

Q: If I barrel roll or boost into/over an Ion Storm cloud, do I need to roll a die (again) to check for ion damage?
A: Barrel roll and Boost are not maneuvers, and clouds are not obstacles (as defined by the core X-wing rulebook), so this does not trigger a die roll. Only check once per turn, and only for maneuvers.


The Mission Deck:

Q: How does modifying the mission deck work? It’s not explicitly stated anywhere.
A: This is clarified in v0.7 on p28 with a new phase to the campaign round:

  • A plus (“+”) replaces the current mission with the one listed.
  • “Discard” or “+Victory Point” remove the mission from the deck, ending that mission arc.
  • “Reshuffle” returns the card to the deck to replay later.


Missions and Mission Special Rules:

Disable Sensor Net p50

Q: If players roll a critical hit when “Activating Sensor Beacons”, and a patrol squad arrives, do they continue to check of the Sensor Beacons activate on future turns?
A: Yes, they keep making this roll. This means there is no limit to the number of patrol squads that can be deployed, though each should be limited to 4 TIE Interceptors. This is now explicitly mentioned in v0.7.

Q: Theres a missing reference (## under “Disabling Sensor Beacons”). What should it be?
A: It’s a reference to the Emplacement statcard. v0.7 text has been rewritten: “Sensor beacons are considered Emplacements, and not obstructed by the asteroid they are placed on. (see the Emplacements statcard for details). When attacking, measure range to the asteroid token, not the beacon.”

Capture the Refuelling Station p52

Q: The mission rules for “Capturing the Station” say that “if the commandos destroy the Command Centre emplacement, they have captured the station.”

1) Does that mean that once the commando team has successfully captured the docking bay and moved to the main section of the station, if they choose to destroy the Command Centre emplacement after a failed capture roll, then the station has been captured?
2) What happens if the player’s ships destroy the Command Centre? Does that also count as a win?
3) Also, if the commandos destroy a fuel tank emplacement, does it explode and damage nearby emplacements? If so, that would make the bonus objective one of the most luck-dependent in the campaign.
4) Do the commandos roll to move the turn they are unloaded?
5) If the station is captured, what is the mission’s territory type now?
6) If all players are shot down, but the Outer Rim Smuggler YT-1300 survives the full 12 turns, do you win?

A: This section of the book has been rewritten in v0.7 and a couple rules were changed significantly:
1) The Commando Team must succeed at a movement roll on the center station tile to enter (and capture) the command centre.
2) If the Command Centre emplacement is destroyed, Rebels lose.
3) Causing explosions by removing fuel tanks is now optional if they are destroyed by the commando team. Removed fuel tanks will still reduce XP for the bonus objective though.
4) Yes, Commandos may roll to move the turn they are unloaded; both effects happen at “end of turn”.
5) Capturing the station changes the territory type to Friendly Territory (this is missing from v0.7)
6) If all of your ships are shot down, you lose the whole campaign. NPC ships don’t count for determining this. If all of your ships jump to hyperspace and leave the ‘YT to look after the station, you will also lose. At least one player must remain and survive the full 12 turns.

Imperial Entanglements p56

Q: Who owns the mines in this scenario? Will AI ships swerve to avoid them?
A: These mines should be Imperial-owned, so they only affect Rebels. All missions that currently include mines are Imperial Minefields, and have been clarified as such in their v0.7 setup diagrams.

Capture Officer p68

Q: The mission setup diagram lists 6 asteroids and 6 debris, but the image shows only asteroids (and the mission card only lists 6 asteroids). Which is correct?
A: The scenario should use 6 asteroids; no debris.

Nobody Home p70

Q: The bonus objective mentions TIE Interceptors in Beta and Epsilon squads, but Epsilon squad might not have any TIE Interceptors. Is this intentional?
A: This is a mistake. The Bonus objective should apply to squads Alpha & Beta, which are guaranteed to each contain TIE Interceptors.

Miners’ Strike p72

Q: How many XP does a player earn for destroying a fuel tank emplacement?
A: Players should earn 1 additional XP for destroying a Fuel Tank (2 total).

Secure Holonet Receiver p74

Q: If players destroy a relay/emplacement, it’s possible that the number 12 token may never be drawn and assigned, because there aren’t enough remaining relays to disable, making the mission unwinnable.
A: This mission’s special rules are a bit lacking in v0.6 and have been rewritten to make the original intent clearer and fix some of the above issues.

Q: Can I continue to disable channels after the 12 is drawn (and the channel is identified)?
A: Yes, after you identify the channel, you can continue to disable other relays to shrink the size of the draw bag. If you draw the 12 when disabling a different relay, draw another number and assign it, then return the 12 to the bag.

Defector p76

Q: When the Defector is identified and becomes an ally, should it still move at PS1 before the other Imperial PS1 ships?
A: The Empire always has initiative, but once the Defector changes sides it is no longer an Imperial ship. It should move at PS1 after all other PS1 Imperial ships.

Pride of the Empire p78

Q: What does the paragraph about “ignoring stats on the pilot card” mean?
A: This is legacy text and has been cut in v0.7. In an earlier version of the campaign, Elite enemies gained additional stats based on the number of players.


Do you have a question about Heroes of the Aturi Cluster that isn’t addressed above, or in the v0.7 campaign materials? Ask in the comments below!

400 thoughts on “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – FAQ”

  1. TIE’s that end their movement directly facing an obstacle with no way to avoid on their next movement, while comical and often useful, it seems a bit farfetched that they would still fire, granting bonus defense dice instead of barrel rolling to A) avoid collision next turn, and B) maximize damage potential. This is how we’ve been playing it and it seems pretty much in line with their usual tactics and swerving.

  2. In Friendly territory, even if you have been destroyed, your pilot cannot be killed…? (As per the eject roll)

    1. Yes, this is true. The only Friendly Territory missions right now are some of the starter ones, to give players a chance to start kitting out their ship and have more of a fighting chance before they can be permanently killed.

      1. OK Josh, thanks for the confirmation and justification. Makes sense this way. Thanks so for making this campaign!! This is amazing. Now I can even play solo to my favorite game because of you. I have everything printed so I am ready to do so. Based on your recommendation I will start it (solo) with 3 ships (I thought about two but I guess three is better?) Cheers.

  3. Hi Josh! A group of us have been playing through the campaign and just finished the “Bait” Mission with the rebel transport. I thought it might be worth revisiting the Attack AI section of the rulebook to be more clear when the AI choose to shoot at the transport or not.

    It currently reads as if the AI will never shoot at a section of the transport with a reinforce token, although we eventually figured out that the wording was in reference to the AI selecting priority targets. Thanks for making this awesome addition to X-Wing!

  4. Hey Josh, I’m trying to get a friend into X-wing using this, but he is mostly interested in S&V. Could he switch to the Kihraxz the same way as the A/B/HWK?

  5. We have been utilizing a lot of Ion in our group to great affect (originally one turret and 2 ships with torpedoes). A new guy to the campaign picked a Y-wing with Ion turret and was wondering if ionizing an enemy to set up a “kill shot” by another ally counted as an assist. The rules talk about “providing an action or bonus” to an ally, he thought the movement knowledge may count as a “bonus” for the team mate that later destroyed the ship. We ruled at the table that this wasn’t the case, but I thought I would bring it up here.

    Does ionizing an enemy count as an assist if the extra die they get from correctly predicting Range 1 is the damage that destroys the ship?

    1. As of v0.7, the Assist mechanic does not cover handing out Stress or Ion Tokens, but if you feel assigning one of those resulted in the death of an enemy ship, by all means award an XP for it.

      Expect this to be streamlined/fixed in v0.8

  6. Hi Josh, first let me say: incredible work you did here! Thank you!
    I have a question regarding bombs.
    1. How do AI ships that activate later treat a already deployed bomb token? Do they swerve and try to avoid coming in range (like with asteroids) or do they igonore it when coosing their maneuver?

    and 2. Is XP granted to the player who dropped the bomb token when it hits and/or destroyes an AI ship? Because technically this does not happen during combat phase. And also is it possible to get an additional XP point for doing damage (1 for bomb & and 1 for a hit during combat)?

    1. The “Combat Phase” limitation in the rulebook/reference cards is an oversight on my part. I forgot about bombs that detonate outside that window.

      The intent is to award 1XP if you deal at least 1 damage at any time during the round. The only way to get >1XP/turn is via kills/bonuses/objectives.

  7. What happens if a rebel pilot has no choice but to fly off the board edge in neutral or enemy territory(the edge is not a designated escape)?

  8. My group of 3 played a game last night using a y-wing, t-70 x-wing (recently upgraded from x-wing @PS4 for 5xp) and a yt-1300 (upgraded from an x-wing @PS4 for 12 points)

    The T-70 played just like what it is, a more maneuverable x-wing.

    The YT-1300 was interesting. Offense wise it had the turret going for it but that was about it. The thing i noticed was how quickly the large base could bog things down. On turn 3 we had a traffic jam that lasted through the next round as well. Tankwise it was a bad mission to test on. We played defector and the small ships ended up behind the Strike Tie Defenders trying to stop them from blowing up the defender, while the YT1300 tried to hold off the remaining 2 squads. As such us small ships didn’t take to much damage while the yt1300 about blew up.

    The general consensus of the group was that one large ship wasn’t too bad, but needs further testing. The debate came when someone brought up two large ships. It will need playtesting for sure. One of us thought it would cause too much damage to get soaked up making it too easy. I countered and suggested that we would have to change our flying tactics or else the traffic jam would have lasted 3-4 turns in stead of 2. A large ship would almost have to lone wolf it, which would have him out gunned fast.

    Our other two players were going to offer up their view of how it went, but we need to play test some more missions. I’ll post more play test notes after we get a chance to play another round.

    When you get some free time, could you slap together a Ship Stat Card for the E-Wing, K-Wing, YT-1300, and YT-2400? Or maybe provide some templates where we could make our own? I am planning on testing out a K-Wing using your suggestion in the FAQ. I slapped together a crude state card for now, but my photoshop skills are abysmal 🙂

  9. Sorry if this has been adressed somewhere else, but i have looked in the campaign book, reddit and so forth and didn’t find an answer to this.

    The statcards states on 3.1 to “remove stress”. does this remove 1 stress token or all stress tokens (in case of multiply stressed enemies like with multiple r3-a2 or flechette shots)?
    I know it’s a minor issue but still thanks for the clarification.

  10. About Barrel roll for the AI…When doing so should we always (of course when we can – so no obstacles/ships in the way) by default bring the ship closest as possible to the target? Thank you!

    1. Answered over on FFG:
      “This part of the AI is intentionally left vague, because there are too many situations to accurately cover. If you have the choice between sliding forward or backward when barrel rolling, do whatever makes the most sense for that ship. Since most TIEs move before the players, I usually barrel roll front-to-back to give them a wider firing arc.”

  11. Kill Assist Definition: When you provide an action or BONUS to an ally that then uses that bonus to destroy an enemy.

    Action is simple, if you pass an action token or give an ally a free action.

    I am confused about BONUS. Is putting an ion or stress token a bonus? If you ion a enemy that allows an ally to know its movement resulting in an enemy termination. Does the player that ioned the enemy get an assist kill? He did provide a bonus to an ally(imho).

    Now placing a stress token an enemy could go two ways. By refusing an action to get into arc or a focus action. You could save an ally damage. Will this award a assist xp? Also by denying an enemy ship a focus or an evade token, which in turn allows a ally to damage an enemy ship. Does this grant an assist xp?

    If this has already been ruled on, I apologize. I could not find it anywhere that made it definitive. I do understand how this could be ruled either way and have already experienced a discussion of an opposing view. I was just curious what the game designers intent was, and am also curious of other experienced campaign players thoughts on this subject. How did you handle this?

    Thank you, a79firefly

    1. As of v0.7, assigning Ion and Stress tokens do not interact with Assists, though you could always house rule that you “helped get the kill” by ionizing the target, it’s just hard to track.

      The Assist mechanic is currently being overhauled and streamlined; expect that in the next update.

  12. For the question “Q: Am I calculating the amount of XP I gain correctly?” it would be helpful if you could indicate that (as per page 42) these samples are per-turn rewards and not per-mission rewards. Some of my friends are reading this and thinking these are per-mission totals.

    P.S. Awesome work!

    1. Actually, some more issues with the XP “samples” in the FAQ… listing a TIE as 2XP further muddies the issue. We’re trying to explain how causing damage in a combat phase gives you 1XP regardless of how much damage you cause or how many ships you hit. Saying it’s “2XP for a TIE” makes it sound like it would be 2XP per TIE, when in reality, it’s 1XP for causing damage, +1 XP for the kill, +1XP for the second kill for a total of three – but the FAQ suggests it would be 4 XP.

  13. I’m thinking about the possibility of promoting this in other countries. Do you already have someone, who can translate this to German ?
    I’m a native and if I’d have to translate it for my wife anyway, I might just do something for a larger crowd as well ^_^



    1. A few people have approached me about translating (German, Spanish, Polish). There are a couple things I want to tweak before I tackle translations, just to cut down on the number of times it has to be done/updated.

  14. When is a mission complete? When the primary objective is complete do you just stop playing or should all ships have to Hyperspace out?

    1. Unless a mission says it ends immediately when (trigger) happens, your squadron must either escape or wait out the turn clock. This is discussed on page 41, and it’s based on the mission’s Territory Type.

      One of the things I still want to change in the book is to make each mission’s end conditions/objectives clearer, so that you don’t have to reference back and forth so much while you’re learning the system.

  15. Hey Josh, apologies if this is answered in a place deeper than I’ve dug, but I could only dig so far. A couple days ago at Black Knight, our group was playing the final mission of the TIE Defender arc (the mission that eliminates Defender cards from the deck), and we ran into a slight snag. It said that each “squad” was made up of 1 Defender and 2 TIE fighters. Since these squads have varying ships does the Defender roll separately from the rest of the squad? Does it follow the same maneuver?

  16. Hi Josh. Two questions arrised during battle today?
    1. Do minefields count as pilotskill 0 (i.e. when using Predator)?
    2. Is it possible to change Eilte Skills/Pilot Abbilites on ones Player (like one can change upgrades?

    1. Minefields (like emplacements) do not have a PS rating, so Predator will only give you one reroll.

      You can have more EPTs/Pilot Abilities than slots and choose which to use before each mission, just like upgrades & mods.

      1. @josh, please clarify on this. I just want to make sure I’m understanding properly. If I have a PS9 A-Wing with 5 Pilot abilities or EPTs and switch to an X-Wing where I would only have 4 slots, I have to pick which 4 of the 5 I’m going to use? Or does this mean that no matter what, I’m picking 1 of my EPTs or Pilot abilities to use each mission?

        1. @rebels4thewin – you’d have to pick a total of 4 EPTs/abilities in an X-wing (a total of 5 in an A-wing).

          There’s no limit on how many EPTs/abilities you can own; just a limit on how many you can choose to equip each mission, which depends on your ship and your PS.

  17. @StarWorf, extrapolating from similar questions regarding official missions, a ship (or thing) without pilot skill does not count as PS 0. You may reroll only one die, the condition for the second die cannot be met. Josh may rule differently, of course :-).

    @Josh: We are just playing through the campaign and having a blast. My friend works in the print industry and whenever I put some of the new terrain on the table or pull out the rules booklet, he comments on how well produced everything is. That is quite a compliment, because when I have other printed stuff like magazines lying around, he can’t help pointing out all layout and color mistakes he can find.

    Two things we have encountered so far that might need a clarification or a change of the AI:

    – The fuel station: Once you have captured the station, the area is no longer hostile. What is it then? We assumed neutral, but were not sure. It was important to know because one rebel ship was destroyed and we needed the proper eject table.

    – The shuttle you have to disable: The shuttle can easily be tricked into following you to the board edge where it gets stuck, face to the edge, performing red stops. This seems to be a bit too easy. Maybe AI ships should start turning away from the edge sooner or approach it slower. For example, if it is not possible to perform a maneuver of the same speed again without exiting the table, select the maneuver of the same bearing and 1 speed slower, and if even this cannot be repeated, begin swerving?? Maybe a bit impractical for fast and agile Tie Fighters, though.

    – The transporter in the minefield: We were not sure whether it had to perform hyperpace rolls like small ships would have to. We did, because otherwise the Decimator would not even have had a chance to touch it. Not sure how this works with higher player counts (thus more plasma missiles), but we did not see how the mission could fail if the transporter did not have to stay for another one or two turns.

    1. 1) Capture Refueling Station should become Friendly Territory, I think.

      2) Capture Officer – the shuttle (and large ships in general) have issues with swerving in time, and this mechanic needs to be defined in further detail. For now, I would say that 0-speed maneuvers are exempt from swerving and the shuttle should just leave the board causing players to fail the mission. In future, I might just add a line to large ship AI cards instructing them to turn away from the board edge if they’re heading toward it at Range 2.

      3) This mission could probably benefit from a difficulty tweak, but it’s not really broken. If the Bombers are dealt with, the Transport probably gets away without much difficulty, leaving the players to flee from the Decimator. I may revise this mission to remove the transport’s energy-gain, reposition it on the table, or spawn the Decimator a turn sooner. Any of these changes would tighten it up a bit. We’ll see for v0.8.

      1. Belated comment here, but I have put some thought into it and I don’t think it would break anything if you simply ruled that any imperial ship that would fly off the board (unless it has the Flee AI assigned to it by the mission or etc) simply does a 0-speed K turn (so it stays in place and rotates 180 degrees). If you want to penalize the ship you can count it as a red maneuver AND assign it a stress token, causing it to take an extra turn to recover from the blunder.

        Clean and simple and doesn’t create weird corner-case situations with the AI.

        1. This seems like the simplest solution, because you often don’t know that the edge is unavoidable until the ship is there and can’t turn enough to get off.

  18. Some questions arose when we played Capture Officer.

    1. How is the Alpha squad deployed? In the picture there are TIEs at both sides, but where does additional TIEs go? And are they in formation?

    2. The disabling damage was caused by an asteroid. Does the player who shot it last get the 3XP, or no-one?

    3. Turn 11 reinforcements arrived and we knew we would lose. So one of the players killed the shuttle off for 4XP. Feels cheesy to me…

    4. Is there really not any penalty whatsoever for losing the mission? Feels like it was just free XP for everyone and we’ll get to try it again another time?

    (5). In the post above you are thinking about swerving in time. It’s not just the shuttle. One of the escorting TIE’s turned to face the edge so close that we knew next turn no amount of swerving would save it. Should we have swerved preemptively?

    1. 1. The diagram is unclear for 4-6p setups. Deploy the first two fighters one on either side of the Shuttle and alternate the third and fourth TIEs left/right. I am going to revise this setup table/diagram.

      2. Whoever damaged the ship last should score the XP for it, per “Earning XP for non-kills” p42.

      3. The mission may need a clause that the shuttle isn’t worth any XP if destroyed, only disabled.

      4. In the current (v0.7) version of the campaign, many of the part one missions have no penalties for failure (aside from eject penalties for being shot down). This formula came from playtesting where we found early campaign missions would be too hostile for new/casual players. I may add a mild penalty to this mission if failed though.

      5. There’s a pretty big grey area in the AI when it comes to swerving: it’s up to your group how strictly to play it. Personally, I would probably pre-emptively swerve the TIE to keep it in play.

  19. Biggs Darklighter’s pilot ability doesn’t seem to count for an assist. It seems that the ability would make sense for a Guardian Assist – can you explain why it doesn’t count for one? Did it trigger too often and constitute XP farming?

    1. As of v0.7, per the definition of Guardian on p43, Biggs should grant you an assist if you suffer 1 damage.

      However, I’m not happy with the complexity of the current assist rules, and am working on streamlining them to be more consistent and easier to resolve intuitively.

  20. Hello Josh and guys. First, Josh, thak you very much for this very nice campaign. We will begin it during january (if you want to test something, just ask, we are players more than willing to help).

    I have found that all rules are pretty clear and correct with V0,7. Folks here too.

    My only question would be on the how-to construct the mission deck.

    We want a long campaign. So we take the 5 starting mission cards.

    Do we play them all five before every “normal” mission ?

    Rules just say : “Shuffle the chosen starting missions to form a mission deck. Keep this deck and the remaining missions with your squad’s scoresheets”.

    It’s not explicitly said when we shuffle everything together : starting and normal missions.

    My interpretation is we play at first the 5 starting mission, modify the deck if those cards ask us to… And then we shuffle the rest and play them randomly as explained on the rules.

    (And please excuse me if it’s obvious, english is not my language) 🙂

    Happy new year, fellow rebels 😉

    1. Each starting mission tells you what to do specifically based on if it’s a rebel or imperial victory. For example on page 50 if rebels win it says “+ capture refueling station” which is the next mission you play.

    2. You never shuffle everything together.

      Basically the “deck” begins with all the “START” missions you selected (will be maximum 5 cards for a long campaign) which are used keep track which missions you can play each session, and how far along each story arc your group has played.

      Each time you complete a mission, you replace its card from the deck with the next part in the story, to be played in a future session. It might come up the next time you play, or it might come up much later.

      See p29, “Modify Mission Deck Phase”.

      Blakmage86’s reply is essentially correct but I thought I would add a bit more detail about the set up.

      1. Hmmm ok so you always play the starting missions first, as some sort of a first deck.

        And each card of it invite you to add missions card to a “secondary deck” you start playing when you have finished all the first one with only starting missions ?

        When first one is finished, you draw randomly from this secondary deck, right ? And you sometimes reshuffle it when mission card you just played says so.

        1. Not quite! There is only ever one mission deck, and the rest of the cards are unused until inserted into the deck.

          Your starting deck will be (where A,B,C is the mission arc and 1 is the starting mission or part one):
          A1, B1, C1, D1, E1

          Each session, draw 2 cards from that deck of 5 and pick which one you want to play.

          If you play mission A1 and win, the deck will now be:
          A2, B1, C1, D1, E1
          because Mission A1 will told you add the next part of that story to the deck. If you lost and were told to “reshuffle”, your deck will still be: A1, B1, C1, D1, E1.

  21. G’day, noticed what I suspect is a typo in both Campaign books (p27):

    They also draw an Imperial Pilot card (TIE Bomber type) and tuck it under the Interceptor’s AI statcard.

    Interceptor’s AI is meant to be Bomber’s AI?

    Also found out through this that North America uses non-ISO paper sizes! The free pdf convert websites didn’t extract the text properly, so I couldn’t just adjust the margins to A4. It was difficult trying to convey to my local print shop that if possible I didn’t want to pay for A3, and I didn’t want it shrunk to fit, but if the 8.5×11 could be centred the margins were wide enough that it would be fine. Pretty sure they shrunk it to fit 🙁

      1. The place I went to print it all told me the large print variant amounted to Super-A3. I did not know this existed, but I’m not an expert.
        (This was in The Netherlands, by the by)

  22. My local group has been playing this and we love it, but one question that came up today: Assuming you don’t make dumb decisions (i.e. anything other than moving 4 forward on turn one and 3 forward every turn after that) with the HWK in Rescue Rebel Operatives, the mission basically plays itself; our squadron could have not been there and the HWK would have gotten away on its own. I personally didn’t even have time to get any experience before it got away. I was tangling with the elite Interceptor (which had very hot evade dice) when the HWK escaped on turn 5; the TIE wave that came in that turn wasn’t even relevant despite coming in on vector 6 where they were closest to their target, and the turn 7 reinforcements were just wasted ink because it seems there is no conceivable way for the mission to go that long. Did we miss something?

    1. Even with average green dice on the HWK, it’s rare for it to escape without a beating for a round or two before the Rebels begin to soak fire for it at close range.

      This report makes me wonder if your AI TIEs were doing something weird.

      1. As one of the players in this game (we had 4) I can attest that the TIEs swerved toward the HWK’s starting position, both using 3 speed maneuvers, one bank and one hard. But at that point it barreled away, leaving a couple without a shot, so the AI might be to blame there, maybe making the HWK PS 0 might fix it. Having said that, we did just recently start, so this was literally our only playing of this mission. It did feel way too easy, however, but I will definitely try to give it another playthrough to see.

      2. They pursued the HWK and fired at it whenever they had a shot. Moving 4 forward saved it a lot of trouble in the first turn, since that put asteroids between it and the TIEs, but that doesn’t explain everything. They did roll a few low-speed maneuvers, though.

        I will say that if the Interceptor had been on Strike AI it would have been a lot rougher, but it engaged me instead and I kept it that way.

        1. We played this mission as our second game only last week. We found the main objective was easily reached. As said, we made a move 4 at first, then constant move 3 and everything was secure for the transport at 3rd turn, when we saw the ties could not escape focusing on us instead of the transport.

          But we decided to stay a little ato make some xps and we saw quickly the game would not be easy. Be finaly hyperdrive quickly and one of us was destroyed.

          I think it could be interesting that the HWK use a IA manoeuvre to move. For example the standard Tie Fighter IA table, with a constant “long range forward” table. It would make the thing less predictable.

          The difficulty would be to force the transport to reach the correct border table, but it could be quiet easy just to say when he moves toward an other table side (after a 90° turn for example), he simply turn again and that is all.

          That would illustrate the desesperate attempt of the crew to escape the Tie lasers and would complicate player’s task.

          1. I played this mission the other day with the same result- it was way too easy, especially compared with all the other missions I’ve played so far. As it was I did actually almost lose the mission, but only because I completely ignored trying to escort the HWK and just flew around killing stuff for XP while 3 or 4 TIEs chased after the HWK and nearly killed it before it escaped. I only ever did the Escort action twice, and I don’t think that the HWK even used either of the evade tokens.

            I feel like the HWK needs some sort of extra limitation on it to make the mission a bit trickier.

            PS 0 might be a good solution as was suggested above. The HWK tends to avoid many shots by simply flying out of arcs, but if it moved before the TIEs…

            Assigning it a permanent shaken pilot (you cannot perform straight maneuvers) crit effect might make things more interesting, but probably wouldn’t change the mission that much.

            I’m toying with the idea of counting all of the HWK’s white maneuvers as red maneuvers. That might make things TOO hard though.

            Play testing needed, if anyone wants to try out any of these suggestions (or something that hasn’t been suggested), please share your results.

  23. Is there any chance we can get paper size formats for A3? It really just needs a paper size adjustment, there is enough whitespace in the 12×18 to fit when cropped to size.

    It’s easy enough to simply print the 12×18 on A3 paper, the problem is aligning the card backs is basically impossible. If you don’t have the time, could you make the source assets available?

  24. Thank you for all your hard work! My group is starting this campaign this week!
    Is there anyway to upgrade Astromech droids?
    One of our players asked about it but i didn’t see it. Thanks!

    1. Astromechs are a very potent upgrade slot, so there was a deliberate design decision when balancing the campaign not to allow you to take more than one.

      As examples, R2-D2 + R2 Astromech is pretty rediculous. R2-Astromech + BB-8 is similarly amazing.

      1. I was actually coming here to suggest something along these lines. My thought was that you could buy the “base” astromech of the series for normal cost but additional abilities (from the same series) would cost double, like elite talents, and take up a modification slot. Even with that, R2 + R2-D2, while expensive, would be pretty overpowered. Glad to see that you’d considered in in your playtesting!

    2. Modifying your ship and learning to be a better pilot (bonus modification and EPT slots, respectively) is a lot easier than physically jamming three or four astromech slots into the spaceframe without taking out something essential. 😛

  25. What if you don’t have 1-2 of each other TIE ship per player? Is all that would be affected the balance or would the entire game be broken?

    1. It should still work.

      If you’re determined to use the models you own as the exact ships they represent, you can substitute the various enemy ships and things should still be balanced, if lacking a bit of variety.

      However, the AI statcards and Imperial Pilot Cards give you everything you need to use any of your models as proxies for the ships the mission requires. So if you’re OK with using a TIE Interceptor model as a TIE Phantom, go for it.

  26. I’ve played the intro game and am about to play my first regular campaign. On page 28 #2 it says draw two mission cards.

    Ok. Is that really any two cards from the whole deck?
    or is it a sub set of the deck, just the “start” cards? … and therefore I’m really selecting which story arc to begin with.

  27. Would you by any chance have vector outlines of the terrain, so one could get them laser cut if they wanted to? Also thanks for an amazing X wing experience.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the campaign.

      I don’t have cut lines for stuff, but I guess theoretically you could print, mount and then have it all laser-cut, which would be cool.

      I’ll add it to my list of considerations for the next update.

  28. There’s been discussion of some revisions to the “assist” mechanic. Any progress on that front that you’d like playtesting on?
    Also, in missions with higher player counts, some of the AI formations come in with 3-4 ships and can really do a number on the unfortunate pilot who gets the brunt of it before breaking up the formation. Any consideration for something like +1 assist XP for any pilot that is attacked by 3-4 ships from the same formation (often for the poor A-Wings that are kinda left out to dry and seem to struggle to begin with)? It is something that we’d been discussing in our group.

    1. New Assist mechanic – the short version:

      You get an assist token every time you:
      -give another friendly ship an action
      -assign an Ion/Stress/Tractor token to an enemy ship – 1 Assist per Token
      -use a pilot ability that gives a bonus to a friendly ship
      (there are a number of specific cases that need to be outlined, but you get the idea).

      At the end of the mission, you gain 1XP for every 3 Assist tokens you have, rounded down (5 Assists = 1XP).

      We’ve been testing it and it’s been pretty good so far. It definitely makes building a support ship with an Ion Turret more desirable, and things like Ion Torpedoes and Ion Bombs get you some XP even without doing damage. Also provides additional incentive for the Squad Leader to give out actions every turn.

      Feel free to try this out and let me know how it goes.

      1. I’ve played a support ship since this was released. I’ve been flying a HWK with Moldy Crow, Recon Spec, and Esege Tuketu. I’m now PS9. It took me A LONG time to get here. I earned most of my EXP through Esege assists and mission bonuses. (With reasonably reliable 1 exp per turn from TLT), but I have all of 7 kills.

        I feel like limiting assist EXP to 1 EXP per 3 assists could be detrimental to people wanting to play support type builds.

          1. The assist token idea certainly simplifies tracking of assist actions. I agree 1:3 might not be the ideal ratio but I worry 1:2 might be a bit high.

            Why not make it 1:3 rounding up rather than down? Gaining too many XP is a limited problem in my eyes as the missions have self balance in built anyway.

            Tweaking it to round up encourages assist actions and team work without making it too OP? If I ionised enemy ships on 5 occasions (setting them up for serious damage) I think 2XP is a reasonable reward (given my allies, potentially have accrued 10+ XP as a result of my actions – of course I would probably have 5XP already in that example if I used an ion turret to do it)

          2. I’ve been testing doing a 1:3 ratio, rounding UP, and it seems pretty balanced to me. My dedicated support ship frequently earns a good chunk of XP- not too high and not too low, pretty much right in the middle of the road. I’ve played 6 games so far this way and haven’t encountered any problems with it.

            I will also note that I apply a liberal amount of common sense. If I pass a free focus action to my squad mate, and the nearest enemy is on the opposite side of the map and far out of range, then I don’t count it as an Assist since it’s a pointless action. Likewise, if I shoot an enemy with an ion cannon turret and destroy it, I don’t give an Assist for the ion token being assigned to the ship that I just blew up.

      2. Does this mean in one round I could get:
        1(Assist Token)/ioned ship- ion bomb
        1at- Squad Leader action
        1xp+1at- Ion turret
        +xp if target destroyed
        Would I not recieve the extra assist token if I destroy the target? The ship is removed after the stress /ion is placed correct?

        +xp if assisted ship kills target?
        Or with the assist tokens are you going away from the kill assist?

        Thanks for making this game! It’s got me back to X-wing. I’m looking forward to any missions that might use the new huge base imperial ships please ?

        1. This new assist system would completely replace what is currently in the game.

          I am currently working on scenarios featuring the Imperial Epic ships. I am very interested in the Gozanti in particular.

          1. My group wants to build some home-brew scenarios that use Epic ships. In particular we’d like to re-model the Gozanti Campaign (Imperial Crackdown) into co-op.

            Do you have any quick suggestions on how you’ve been designing the AI for big Imperial Ships? Would they “chase” a targeted ship like normal? Follow a set flight path?
            We will probably give it a shot either way, and would be happy to post feedback if we find something that works.

  29. A couple of noob questions here that seem a little counterintuitive in the rulebook.

    First, for AI ships under Step 3: Select Action it states “…perform the first action that meets the criteria. If the ship can perform multiple actions, continue until it had performed as many actions as possible.”

    Under what situations will a ship be able to perform multiple actions? I take it that the multiple actions case is not the general case or the sample dogfight would have ties gaining both focus and evade tokens after barrel-rolling into firing position.

    Second, it says “The Empire always has initiative in the campaign, so the Pilot Skill 2 TIE Bomber will move and fire before Rebel ships of the same pilot skill”. Having initiative usually means moving last and firing first, is this different for the campaign? Does this change just affect Empire ships?

    1. The multiple actions wording is included because of Elite enemies. There are Imperial Pilot Cards that include things like Push the Limit or Darth Vader’s pilot ability, which allow those AI ships to do multiple actions – in which case they do as many as they meet the criteria for. I can make a note of this in the v0.8 book.

      Also, per the core game rules, having Initiative means you always move first/attack first. It doesn’t behave differently between activation and combat phases.

      1. That might explain why i’ve had some issues doing a ME vs the Ai, with 2 x-wings at times.. A few missions i’ve ran against myself, i always had the tie bomber (OR two of them, if the first wasn’t killed before the reinforcement showed up), go AFTER THE X-wings in move order, and shot first…

  30. Thanks Josh, that revision to the assist mechanic should really streamline things and it is nice to see stress and ion included. I’ll try it out for sure.

  31. Josh, you did a fantastic job.

    One small clarification could be used with the mission scaling. I had a devil of a time wrapping my head around how to set up a mission with regard to how many tie fighters and whether to add additional ships. Also, what’s the best way to generate the random ships? Sorry to be a dense noob, but thanks again.

  32. I’m assuming we’ll just have to wing it/use a modified version of the Decimators AI, but I thought I’d ask if anyone had an AI for the Gozanti. My cousin & I were wanting to try the Imperial Entanglements mission with the Gozanti, both from lack of Decimator and thematically.

    1. Writing an AI for the Gozanti is on my list of expansion content to develop – I haven’t seen fan versions of it out there yet either. I think it’s too new.

      You could use the Gozanti as a proxy for the Decimator, using the Decimator AI card. Less satisfying, but it would probably work in that mission.

  33. Hi Josh,

    Loving HOTAC so far with my playgroup. I just have one question regarding switching ships etc.

    I understand you need to hit PS4 and then pay 5 xp to move into (my ship choice) the A-Wing, but I feel as though this is almost like paying XP to ‘nerf’ yourself. Hear me out.

    The A-Wing is an awesome ship, but FFG clearly draw it’s value in at 15 points (we’ll say 16 if you were to start PS2 like other player ships). What is the logic behind locking it away until you reach a certain place?

    I have basically had to fly a stock X-Wing with 1 mod until I hit PS4 as Astromech and Torpedos won’t translate, which in turn makes me feel like I’m dragging the team down…

    Additionally, switching into an A-Wing without also saving XP to pick up Outmanoeuvre or PTL basically just drops you down to 2 die and cuts your chance at XP gaining.

    Sorry for the long-winded statement, I would just like the game balance clarification for your reasoning is all!

    Thanks again for all the hard work you’ve put into this, loving every mission.

    1. The A-wing is admittedly in a bit of an awkard place; it is an attack dice nerf and it has the most issues with bumping into Imperial ships and getting action-denied, considering it usually lives or dies by its actions.

      I think there are a couple of other campaign design factors that make the A-wing less desirable:

      • As you mentioned, you are taking a bit of an XP hit to switch to it, compared to B-wing (or T-70 Xwing if you’re playing with the variant suggested in the FAQ).

      • There is no good starting option for players that want to switch to an A-wing ASAP; Neither the X-wing or Y-wing has the same slots (particularly missile), so some XP spent on upgrades are wasted. Adding a Z-95 as a starting ship could help with this.

      • As a combat platform, one extra EPT and the ability to take Proton Rockets + Extra Munitions (as mod) isn’t quite enough to bring it to par with other ships in terms of XP gained. It doesn’t get shot down as often though, so there’s potentially some XP savings to be had there.

      • Right now there aren’t enough missions that favor flying an A-wing (fast, high AGI ship) over an X or Y with boost.

      1. Yeah I mean myself and friends just eventually allowed me to switch over to the A-Wing without a penalty xp, as it just seems okay. I’ve probably lost some in the long run but happy to just be flying my favourite ship!

        It’s also, in a funny way, one of the most expensive to kit out. Considering the bumping issue as you said, PS and EPTs are vital to improve it’s performance, which happen to be the 2 categories that require x2 xp per upgrade.

        Do you have any plans to adjust the A-Wing in the future? Anything you can share at this point in time?

        I’d considered seeing about going to an E-Wing, but I think your point about being too powerful is fair enough.

        Once again, thanks for all the hard work buddy!

          1. I was thinking of having the 5xp cost “unlock” the new ship as an option (“You’re now qualified to fly the A-wing! ” etc) and let the player decide which ship to load out after mission selection. This would sort of represent Alliance Command assigning a ship type for the mission as the X-Wing computer game did.

            Of course, this would complicate bookkeeping and I think you’d have to increase the cost for additional ships. Maybe just increase it by 5xp each time?

      2. My curret thinking with the A-wing and Z95 is to give them 2 Primery weapon attacks each round. This encorages players to get into range one and fly them a bit more recklessly (which is genrally how they are used in standard 100pt X-Wing). plus a Z95 with 2 attacks seems on par with the other two starters (I gave it 6xp to spend and a illicit slot).

        1. That seems to powerful. Personally I’d like to see the A-wing as a starting ship with only 2xp.
          This provides the campaign 3 seperate starting ships; 1 that is a missle platform and nimble, 1 slow turret and bomber, 1 that is mid range movement and primary arc based with torps.

          Next i would like to see the b-wing as the logical uograde to the y wing, the t-70 (xwing prototype) as the logical upgrade to xwing, and maybe the e-Wing but somehow nerfed to be the logical a-wing upgrade. Point cost and ps could be adjusted as part of the upgrade balance.

          1. Actually the e-wing makes no sense as a logical awing upgrade. A ps2 z-95 with a shield upgrade and 8 starting xp as a starter ship makes the most sense for a rookie pilot.

            The a-wing should be a PS3 upgrade for 4xp. Thus allowing the z-95 to upgrade after the intro mission.

            So to recap I’d like to see the following starting ships. As they are the oldest ships in the galactic era.
            X-wing (T-65)
            Z-95 (with shield upgrade)

            From there I’d like to see the upgrade ships as:
            A-wing at PS3 for 4xp
            B-wing at PS4 for 4xp
            HWK at PS4 for 4xp
            T-70 xwing at PS5 for 4xp
            Possibly a nerfed E-wing at PS9 for 6xp

            I really don’t see any of the large smuggler ships or newer timeline ships fitting in a rebel alliance campaign.

      3. Well, if we had a rebel AI we could decide that a switch to A or Z gives you a wingman of same type alongside (PS2). That wingman would then use the rebel AI for the ship (to avoid it being just a target bait); you earn XP on both and can upgrade both (with wingman never allowed to have higher PS); if your wingman dies just do the eject roll, half of XP lost when wingman goes down is also lost by you (so keep an eye on your wingman). That way changing to A or Z would give you a really new experience and wouldn’t feel like a downgrade. IIRC someone wrote in the FFG forum that he tested a Z with wingman setup and it seemed balanced (but I think he set dials for both, flying them as full ships).

  34. Hi Josh. Very great job. We are a lot of french people who would like to translate your campaign in french, for all french players who d’on’t speak English. Are you agree whit it?

    1. I get many offers to translate; I will add you to a list of people who have offered.

      Since I am still working on v0.8 and plan to change several things, I’ve been advising people to wait. You don’t want to translate everything twice.

  35. Did you want us to log any of the playtest information for you somehow? Like in a bgg game log? I thought I saw something awhile ago but couldn’t find it. I am loving the campaign.
    I saw this on the ffg website, if they aren’t planning on paying for your work and publishing it have you thought about getting approval for a mission book via Kickstarter?

    1. It’s not going to change from the current format, for IP reasons.

      I have considered the possibility of making cardboard terrain tile sets (non-SW content) for purchase, but haven’t done anything with it.

      1. Thanks, I never knew what a deal I got in board games until I had those stickers printed and cut them all out on mat board. It was quite a few hours but they look awesome.
        This was my first print and play, I was a bit shocked at how much time and effort needed to be put in for a good product. If you come out with new mission terrain I would probably rather just buy it! I would advise buying for everyone else if it’s an option. I don’t think there’s money to be saved doing it yourself.
        Thanks for the great experience!

        1. Haha, it’s work for sure.

          Part of my goal in building up all the terrain in the base HotAC set was to be able to recycle it for as many missions as possible. I have one or two ideas for individual tiles in the future, but I also try to reuse as many of the cardboard tokens from FFG products as I can – that’s the most cost effective for everybody!

  36. Hi. I have a question about the Secure Holonet Receiver mission. What happens if the Slicer scans the right satellite successfully but is subsequently destroyed? Is the mission considered a failure? Do the players still get the bonus XP for protecting the HWK the most?

    1. Mission intent is that the HWK must survive to escape, and the sensor beacon / sensor emplacement that is the correct channel (the 12 that you then had to scan) must also remain intact.

      Rules as written you’d get the protect bonus, but that doesn’t make much sense, does it? If the HWK is dead – your protection was little help and should probably not get anything.

  37. Hello Josh,

    First off, let me say that this is a fantastic start to a campaign, I really enjoy the AI for the most part.

    Question for you. My group has played the capture the mission officer 5 times now, and has yet to succeed. It’s been run with 3-4 players each time. Disabling the shuttle isn’t the hard part, the issue is dealing with the amount of TIEs that arrive into the play area. They just seem to come too fast to be dealt with to make this mission a success.

    In your play testing have you run into this problem? What would you say the success rate of this mission has been so far?

    To me it somewhat feels that there might be too many backup fighters, arriving too quickly, to succeed this mission. If you could offer some feedback it’d be greatly appreciated. Perhaps the mission would be better balanced if the elite TIE that enters on round 2 starts with the beginning TIEs, and then no other ships come in until round 4.

    Thanks again for the hard work on this campaign. It looks really great, and is a lot of fun to play!

    1. I don’t see how the elite TIE Advanced starting on the table rather than coming in on turn 2 would improve matters. It just means you have MORE things to kill at start; at least you have a chance to thin the herd a bit in the first turn.

      We’ve found the best strategy for it is to load up on plasma torpedoes to shred the huge shield value the shuttle gets. Get target locks turn 1, focus and fire torpedoes turn 2 (since it will turn a hit into a focus), and the plasma torps’ special takes the shields down fast. Once the shuttle’s down, just murder TIEs as fast as you can. With 3-4 players the turn 4 and 8 waves are only two ships each; they shouldn’t be that hard to take down if the Advanced isn’t still running around, and if you do it well you’ll never have to deal with the Interceptors.

  38. Hey Josh!

    First off, amazing job. This game is fantastic.

    I had a quick question in regards to the soon to be released Attack Shuttle. How do you feel about this being a ship option akin to the A/B/HWK upgrade? In the same vein, how do you feel about incorporating VCX-100 and Attack Shuttle pilot abilities into the game?

    The only one that looks potentially OP is Sabine’s, especially at PS 5. Thanks!

  39. So, my friends and I are starting up a game, just finished our first mission. We were curious if there was a specific reason that scum and imperial pilot abilities are not permitted for our pilots? Is it just a flavor choice?

    1. It’s definitely flavour, but it’s also a power level thing. Many of the higher-pS Imperial abilities are very powerful and tend to have more free actions than the Rebels do. Things like Dark Curse on an A-wing would be untouchable.

      Besides. Gotta leave something for future expansion or other campaigns.

  40. Another question! We can’t seem to find a solid answer on this because it’s something that would never be covered under normal X-Wing rules.

    A B-Wing has “Rage” (gain 2 stress for effect), “Weapons Engineer” (acquire two locks instead of one), “Fire-Control System” (acquire a lock when you fire), and Hobbie’s ability (clear 1 stress when you acquire a lock.

    We’re wondering if the B-Wing can rage, gain 2 stress, then fire, triggering the Fire Control System, triggering Weapons Engineer, which would trigger Hobbie’s ability twice (because of two locks). The FAQ does mention that Weapons Engineer must acquire a lock on the defender before acquiring a lock on another target, if able. Does that mean that Hobbie’s ability happens twice, clearing both stress gained from Rage?

    1. You still won’t be able to reroll rerolled dice. But that does work well for your munitions.
      Seams clear to me that each time you aquire a target lock you may remove a stress. Unless it’s ratified like Biggs I’d say it’s okay.

    2. We’ve been playing things like Weapons Engineer and Recon Specialist as only triggering abilities once, which feels more consistent with how everything else works.

      This has implications for your combo (only remove 1 stress with Hobbie) and also Jake (you don’t Barrel Roll AND Boost when assigned 2 focus with Recon Spec), but there is no real precedent here.

      If your group feels that combo isn’t overly broken (doesn’t seem like it to me, compared to other cheese I have seen), then by all means, play it how you like.

    3. I think a careful reading of the cards helps.
      “When you acquire a target lock, you may lock onto 2 different ships.”
      Note it doesn’t say you may ‘acquire’ a second lock, just that when you acquire a lock, you may lock onto two different ships.

      “When you acquire or spend a target lock, you may remove 1 stress token from your ship”

      So there’s only one ‘acquire’ action occurring, it removes one stress and provides two different locks. When each lock is spent it also removes one stress. Also keep in mind that FCS acquires a lock on the defender – if you blew it up then you can’t acquire a lock and thus don’t proc for a secondary ship.

  41. I’ve made some custom base sheets for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. They have quadrant (octant?) markings and I’ve rearranged the action bar to reflect the order that the AI will attempt to use first. Free actions are coloured white. They also have generic ship names and pilot skills of 1.

    Some of the colours could use a little tweaking to make them even closer to the originals, but it’s kind of hard to judge with a home printing.

    You can download a PDF on dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmed8btskgltjp6/HotAC%20ship%20bases.pdf?dl=0

    Josh, I’m happy to send you the source files if you want them. I made them using Affinity Designer, but I could export to various formats. It’s all vector and fonts except for the background scans.

    1. This is something I thought about doing, but I haven’t gotten around to playing with it yet. If you’ve flown some games using them, how has it been?

      1. They’ve been great. The octant markings make it easier to make an accurate determination and the action bars are a handy reminder. I wouldn’t say they are really necessary but they’re not a lot of work either – two sheets of paper is enough for up to 5 players. Cutting out the circles is the only tricky part and I did that by folding along one of the octant lines and cutting out the half circle with scissors.

  42. I tried putting up a link to download some ship base templates I created for the AI ships, but this comment system seems to have filed them away into the void. Twice.

  43. Josh, what a great game! Can’t sing its praises enough. I do have one question.

    During the “Cloak & Dagger” mission when you find the tokens, 10, 11 and 12, you’re to place the R&D station. My question is where? The station consists of 3 tiles and the 3 number tokens were on 3 separate clouds. I’ve read through it several times hoping to avoid a “DOH!” moment.

    Thanks again for a really great game!


    1. The station should be centered over the location of the final token that reveals it. Admittedly this could be clearer; I’ll add it to the list of tweaks for v0.8

  44. It’s mentioned on page 12 that zero cost upgrades are automatically included on fighters, going forward how will this work out with such things as Integrated Astromech, Guidance Chips & Adaptability?

    1. Upgrades are going to be addressed on a case-by-case basis in a new “master upgrade list” PDF that will be easier to keep up to date without editing the core rulebook. Each upgrade’s entry will also describes how it interacts with generating assists in the new format in the v0.8 rules.

      Integrated Astromech:
      comes for free on the T-65 (will be written on the ship card underneath its droid + torpedo slots). On the T-70, if your group plays with it, it’ll be a 0pt modification as usual.

      Guidance Chips:
      0 pts, takes a modification slot

      This will have to take an EPT slot, but I don’t think it’s worthwhile in the campaign when the EPT slot has so many more valuable things that can go into it. Maybe I can figure out a way to make it desirable anyway.

      1. On adaptability it is a great talent for those who have just gotten a PS upgrade that includes an EPT but don’t have enough xp for an ability or are saving for a specific one.

        I jumped into an A-wing after using some house rules for the headhunter (y-wing xp + free crackshot that won’t carry over to ship upgrades + free upgrade to a-wing at PS4). I rushed up to PS4 over a few missions so I could fly the A-wing and going into next week’s game I have a pair of EPTs that are empty (never bothered to replace the crackshot.

        My friends agreed that each empty EPT slot could be counted as adaptability +1 until an ability was purchased for it. It seems to work pretty well for us.

      2. Harder to track, but what if you said for this that Adaptability takes an EPT Slot, but during each activation phase you can choose to raise or lower your base pilot skill by one. Then depending on the situation you could activate before or after squad mates at different pilot skills. Could become valuable that way in crowded spaces.

      3. each turn sounds good, but make the decision before the first ship moves (including AI). That way you might get a good move if you go down, get in a spot where an enemy might end up 🙂 sound sok for a 0 point upgrade (it shouldn’t be too much)

  45. I swear I read about the assist change for v8.o I have a group starting tonight and I can’t find it. It’s probably not a huge issue, but if I did read it somewhere, can you please repost it??


  46. This is a terrific game! Thanks so much for putting this together.

    Just curious about how ejecting and upgrades work. When you eject and it says you “lose your most expensive upgrade”, is that only for what is currently loaded out on the ship for that mission or is it from all of your upgrades purchased, even if it wasn’t taken on the mission you were on?

  47. Have you ever considered a “Selling” rule for unused upgrades (when you change ships etc) for example: Sell any upgrade to get half the XP refunded.

    Players in our campaign all seem to have one or two “defunct” upgrades they cant use in their newer ships.

    Or did you try this and it just not work out?

    1. We did experiment with it initially and found it wasn’t overly necessary.

      However, it does make switching to an A-wing kind of a pain, and as a result it’s going to be introduced in v0.8: You’ll be able to sell upgrades (but not pilot abilities or EPTs) for half their points value rounded down. It doesn’t break anything and generally improves the level-up player enjoyment, so it’s in.

      1. What about giving physical upgrades to other players.

        Say for example I start with an XWing and get an astromech, can I give that astromech to a player staying with the Y-Wing or X-Wing if I move on to B or A?

  48. Hello all. Me and my group are progressing in the campaign. We make frequent update each time we play, on our post on a french forum. People seem enthousiastic !

    We now long to play bigger battles. Are scenarios with big ship (cargo, corvette, etc) planned ? Did someone made some and need playtest ? We would be happy to test anything.

    1. The square Imperial ship statcards list things like “fire (missile) if possible” under their attack actions.

      Which secondary weapons an AI ship has equipped are listed on the Imperial Pilot card you drew when deploying that ship – for instance TIE Bombers will always come with some type of ordnance. See page 34 for more about how the Pilot cards work.

      1. When reading those ‘pilot cards’ for bombers, they all seem to go with just one torpedo type, and ‘extra munititions’, as one of their first elite upgrades. But why no bombs or secondary type of missile/torp?

  49. I couldn’t find a conventional use for the “+” to guide what is meant by ion clouds prohibiting attacks at “3+ range.” I assume this means you can only attack at ranges 1 and 2 if ion cloud is between you and target. But wasn’t sure if 3+ meant “beyond 3” or “3 and beyond”. -noob

    1. You played it right, it’s “3 and beyond”.

      It’s written this way in the case missions include clouds + epic ships (that have range 4-5 stuff) or if there’s ever anything in the standard game that gets additional range.

  50. In Imperial entanglement, is the GR-75, once it she has 7 energy token, jump to Hyperspace automaticaly or does she need to roll dice to have 3 jumpspace tokens?

    It could change the face of my war against Empire 🙂


    1. It’s an automatic jump during the end phase; I figure big ships with crew or people mantaining the hyperdrive can manage a little better than single-pilot starfighters.

  51. Hello I was download the beta onto my iPad using the drop box but the zip file will not allow me to view anything how will I be able to use the pilot cards or anything or would you recommend using a computer?

    1. Brian,
      I believe it is all intended to be printed out, cut, and best if laminated (in my opinion). My group just started playing this month, but I have a hard time imagining using a tablet to go back and forth to all the individual parts. Only thing to view on your tablet would be the rules manual. We actually keep a copy open on my laptop and a had copy at the table. You will have to unzip the one file in order to print

  52. I just wanted to be sure: In a mission like defector, is the rebel setup edge an effective exit or does the defector “have” to use hyperspace jump rules. We are in the middle of this mission as I type and the defector was easily 2 turns from the edge with very little threat. We decided to use her to soften a few tie fighter following our y-wings as she headed toward the edge instead of declaring hyperdrive. Was this a mistake??

    1. Only edges that are listed as “Escape” or “Setup/Escape” can be used to retreat – In the Defector scenario, everybody needs to Hyperspace out because there aren’t any Escape edges.

  53. The ship AI is brilliant within the campaign. But I was wondering if you planned to create AI for the rebel and scum ships? And indeed a co-op campaign playing as the Empire?

  54. Hey Josh,

    My friends and I have been playing Heroes and we’re having a blast!

    When do you think v0.8 would be out?

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

    1. Further to this, I have a suggested revamp to flying different ships. I noticed that the base PS2 Xwing is 21 points, and in addition to the starting 5 XP for the campaign, means the baseline point value is 26.


      Applying that same logic with some discretionary balance changes, I suggest the below. Cost to change ships is still 5XP.



      Available to fly immediately

      5XP to spend

      Notes: As per 0.7



      Available to fly immediately

      8XP to spend

      Notes: As per 0.7



      Available to fly immediately

      8XP to spend

      Notes: Although there is no PS2 A-Wing pilot, it would probably be costed at 18 points as the PS1 is 17 points and the PS3 is 19 points. This would make it on par with the starting Y-Wing but giving it the option to be flown early on would avoid frustration with selling modifications and potentially wasted EPTs.



      Available to fly immediately

      4XP to spend

      Notes: PS2 B-Wing is 22 points so subtracting that from the baseline of 26 allows 4 points remaining



      Available to fly immediately

      10XP to spend

      Notes: PS2 Hawk is 16 points, but has a worse dial than Y-Wing and arguably less initial utility. The 10 points helps in buying crew members and levelling the field.


      T-70 X-Wing

      Available to fly immediately

      Unique (Optional)

      2 XP to spend

      Notes: Much better starting footing then the T65, pilots can choose to buy a cheaper astromech or bank them to use after a few missions. If OP, suggest unique


      Z-95 Headhunter

      Available to fly immediately

      14 XP to spend

      Notes: For those who want a challenge in flying a paper plane. The 14XP most likely means that pilots will take a PS upgrade, which aligns to the ‘older plane but more experienced pilot’ experience.

      1. Well, you *could* do it that way if you like, but I find it totally kills the theme of being rookie pilots who have to prove themselves before the Rebel Alliance will send them better gear.

        If you’re concerned about XP being wasted by spending it on upgrades, you could just allow players to sell things at full value, but I also find this undermines some player commitment to their build and people want to change things constantly to try and min-max each mission.

        1. I just noticed this posting.. And since getting into the game, wondered Why the poor ole Z-95 wasn’t seen as a starting ship with the Y-wing. With the X b and A wings as being the upgrades..

          1. I’ve felt the same way, In fact i feel the Z-95 should have been the first of two starting ships, with the Y-wing (both in SW canon are older and thus more prolific ships), with the X/A/B wings as the upgrade options.. THEN switch the HWK-290, to being not a “PS gets to Y score” upgrade, but more of a “win mission ABC, and unlock the HWK as a PC available ship option.

  55. We just started Heroes, and it’s been fantastic.

    Are you planning on adding the new pilot abilities from wave 8?

    Also, if someone wanted to start working on an Imperial version of this, are you open to them using your basic system, and how did you go about balancing the missions?

    1. If you’re looking to create variants, have a look on the FFG boards here and here.

      Mission balance was pretty much 8 months of sweat, blood, and tears. Basically, I just playtested them with my local group until they felt right with a variety of player counts and PS levels – there isn’t really a formula.

  56. In Imperial Entanglements is the Decimator supposed to be shooting at the players, or is it only acting as a boarding ship?

    I’m running the game as a PBP on the Penny Arcade forums. Apologies for all the probably wrong interpretations of the rules.

  57. Hi Josh,

    Firstly I’ll add to the general consensus that this is an incredible piece of work. I know you have many many comments and suggestions and I know many ideas are not what you might have in mind for the campaign however I did think of one very minor modification to Turbolaser emplacements.

    From the original Star Wars the Turbolasers on the Death Star are fairly ineffective (indeed I believe they only take down one X-wing) and early on you see a turbo laser turret failing to traverse swiftly enough as the x-wings pass at close range (no +1 bonus when shooting at heroes ?)

    With this in mind I rather wondered whether an extra defence die for fats moving ships would be a nice bit of flavour to the rules? Something like, any ship that performs a speed 3 manoeuvre or above may roll an additional defence dice? Keeps it simple and adds that little bit of movie flavour.

    1. @Stuart Cameron – sounds like a decent house rule.

      In general, the HotAC Turbolasers were balanced to be about as threatening as TIE Fighters without Focus tokens. They’re already mostly ineffective against anything with 2 defense or Autothrusters anyway, unless you have some terrible luck.

  58. A different way to handle K-Wings, E-Wings, and T-70 X-Wings being strictly superior:

    They lose a mod and an EPT slot, say the Mod6 slot and the EP5 or EP7 slot – I’m not sure which would be better, but the EP7 would be more punishing as it’s getting into the zone of really GOOD Pilot Abilities.

    Another thought that someone suggested was having the K-Wing unlock some of its ordnance via mod slots, and that could be extended to the E-Wing’s System slot and the T-70’s Tech slot (not that there’s anything there for it but Weapons Guidance).

    I want all the ships to have a fairly even playing field so that no player feels pressured to upgrade from a ‘favorite’ ship (such as an A-Wing) because there exists a better version (E-Wing) and they’re not pulling weight for the squadron – or conversely does a ton better than another player because they chose the right ship early on.

  59. So my friend and I just started this today -and played for about seven hours straight.

    So. Much. Fun.

    Just a quick thank you. Those AI’s are so nasty! It really made doing the missions tough.

    As for my question (since this is a FAQ, and I feel compelled to ask something): How are you so awesome? Anything anyone can do to help you with your project, maybe lighten the load a little bit? Playtest?

    Thank you again for the hard work. We’re having a blast so far. (And we’ve named our pilots / squadron *and* astromechs, of course.)

  60. as many have stated, GREAT JOB with this campaign. it’s really fun, my buddy and I have played 4 missions so far, but a question has risen.

    if I purchase bb-8, and decide I no longer want him, for some weird reason, and my squad mate would like him, could we just trade off, or would he pay the xp for it, and would I possibly get like a refund xp from it. such as half xp, rounded down?

    1. Since I designed the campaign to be playable in a drop-in capacity, this sort of stuff was intentionally not included. The original intent was to have players spend their own XP to acquire upgrades.

      However, If your group wants to play that way, then by all means implement a house rule – thematically speaking, it is appropriate.

  61. To echo someone else’s question fro above: roughly how soon do you think v0.8 will be coming out? We will be running this for our next league starting around the beginning of July, and I’m wondering if it would be worth holding off on printing anything for now. 😉

    Also, maybe I’m missing something, but the Eject table on page 41 seems unclear and/or incomplete. If you eject in enemy territory then you roll 3 attack dice, which can give you results not listed on the table, such as CRIT HIT HIT or HIT HIT HIT or FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS or so on. Even on 2 dice you can get some results not covered clearly in the table. How are these supposed to be handled?

    Thanks for putting such hard work into what is clearly an incredibly awesome game supplement. I can’t wait to try it!

    1. The eject table is complete – you simply suffer the result of EACH die separately.

      So if you rolled FOCUS + HIT + CRIT, you’d lose half your XP, AND lose your most expensive upgrade, AND lose your most expensive elite/pilot ability.

      1. Okay, gotcha. The CRIT CRIT and FOCUS FOCUS results on the chart were throwing me off.

        EDIT: so no (rough) ETA on v0.8?

  62. Hi Josh,
    first of all thank you very much for your great job ! That’s very impressive !
    Before trying it with my friends, i tryed it alone to have a first overview of rules in game.
    It works very well, the A.I. is not so bad (except for large ships, as said before i already have them facing edge without any option to swerve than 0).

    But with only 1 ship some missions are quite hard !
    I tried the Capture Officier several times, but alone it seems difficult to handle Shuttle+Tie advanced+Ties so fast. Maybe without the advanced ?
    But as you said, game should be more balanced with 3-4 rebel ships.

    And again : thanks for all you done !

  63. Hello all,

    We have began to change our ship after reaching better pilot skills and… We have found how difficult it was to play with the A-Wing. It’s not the best ship unless you have a very specific tactica in the classical game. But with the campaign, it’s even harder.

    The standard situation is small space, loads of tie, and you take fires during the game what ever is your luck or attempt to escape them. So you mainly have to take them and count on your ship’s resistance to go on and destroy all the ties… And the A-Wing just can’t do that. Too fragile. Too poor attacker with those two dices.

    And the worst is that the a-wing pilote will not earn XPs because he just shoot nobody during the game. Our last game we try to let this player shoot the last coup for several tie… He earned 2XPs during the ame + 3 at the end for bonus… And it was the same the game before.

    I think there is something to do for this poor interceptor.

    1. I was just thinking to make one modification slot optional so you can have either a mod or a seconed missile slot there….so with extra munitions the A-wing would have 4 Missiles instead of 2….could be the ‘boost’ he needs to become a viable option….

    2. This makes me sad to hear. I haven’t started playing HotAC YET (I have most everything printed and cut out, so I should be starting a solo campaign in the next couple days here), but the A-Wing is my favorite ship and I was looking forward to giving it a whirl.

      I will give it a try using several ships and compare how the A-Wing does with how the other ships do.

      @StarWorf: That seems like a good start, turning the A-Wing into a hit and run missile carrier. I will have to try that out.

      @Swindy: That sounds like it could work, although it seems to me (again, haven’t actually played a campaign yet, so take my comments with a grain of salt) that it would take a LOT of XP to get all the upgrades you’d need to make the A-Wing viable, and if the A-Wing struggles to get that XP in the first place…

      Also, once you do acquire all those upgrades, the question is, would you have been better off just slapping all those same upgrades on an X-Wing or B-Wing?

      It seems to me that what the A-Wing really needs to keep it viable and keep its flavor is something like Talonbane Cobra’s EPT built in for free: “Double your range bonuses.” That, combined with the A-Wing’s dial, would make it an excellent little hit and run ship, giving you extra defense at long range and extra offense at close range. Thoughts?

      Also, I’m curious, how does the HWK compare to other ships? It seems to me like it might be a bit of a downgrade from a Y-Wing, putting it in the same boat as the A-Wing.

      Lastly, is this the best place to be discussing all of this? It seems like this might be better suited for a forum thread somewhere, rather than in the FAQ comments…

      1. The Y-wing is easily the easiest in my opinion. Theoretically, you could run it to PS4-5 and save up xp and then make the switch to A-wing. Advantage to the X-wing in this campaign is agility, boost without upgrade, and the 5th EPT which can combo well! Yes it would be a bit of a grind for xp, but as you may be a lower PS you can help your team with a lower PS average. Depending on the team you are playing with the A-wing can be very useful. Ocasionally the hits from a b-wing or x-wing can accidently be too much and cause something to explode before its time. Yes, it wouldn’t be til end game all those skils come in to play, but if you are thinking about it from first mission, at PS3 you could have an x or y with predator (HUGE against the TIES) conserve and buy the other EPT’s before going PS4, grab the A-wing at PS5 and instantly load all 3 EPT’s. At range one from behind with pred and OutM you re-roll 2 of 3 red vs only 2 green on the standard ties. If you have y-wing TLT partners, they are likely getting 1pt per round and a kill every 2-3 rounds while you are trying to clean up his leftovers and flying circles grabbing agro and kiting baddies towards firing squads. And yes, we probably should be chatting about this on a different thread.

        Sorry Josh!

      2. I’ve played the HWK some in a mono-campaign along side 2 other ships. The trick is to play it not as an attack ship, but as a support ship. With the revised assist rules, it can really take off in XP. Ion turret + Jan Ors crew + Roark Garnet’s ability to start when first switched over. That could net you 1 XP + 2+ assists per turn (1 damage, one for ion, and one for giving someone PS12 during combat), then even more if someone takes an evade when they focus. Then just stack abilities from there. Kyle Katarn pilot skill is nice as well. I’ve been playing it as granting +1 assist for giving someone your focus, then another +1 if they want to trigger Jan Ords crew card and take the evade instead.

  64. I have been thinking about this post since I saw it yesterday. I can admit, that at first it wouldn’t get exp as easy as say a y-wing with TLT, But mid-late campaign A-wing could be a work horse (haven’t tried yet, but thinking about it now)! EPT’s: PTL, Outmaneuver, Predator at first then add PS’s Ibtisan, Keyan Farlander, or Wedge. With all that even 2 att dice ought be efficient. for Mods: Extra munitions & Guidance chips (gives a solid AoE or big hitter with the right missles), Stealth device, Shield (for some extra survivability) I would expect this build to excel at drawing the attention of elites and surviving while moving into behind positions of previously damaged PS1-3 other ties and finishing them off. By comparison to what can be done with a Y-Wing or B-Wing maybe not the easiest to fly, but I think there is more potential there than you are giving it credit for. As I continue to think, Elusiveness may be a good add for the survivability.

    1. Basically, yes. From what we’ve seen, this is a large part of how you need to build an A-wing to make it work. You can be an ace assassin, tank/distraction or a support ship pretty easily.

      Strategy thoughts:
      Using the A-wing to either flank and cause AI squadrons to peel off from chasing your main group and is highly effective but can be tricky to maintain. Putting an A-wing in front of your formation to soak range 2-3 fire and then blazing past that first wave of enemy ships is also useful.

      Other abilities to consider mid-level:
      Hobbie. Before you have Tycho, Hobbie is a good one to continuously remove the stress from PTL.
      Biggs. Being able to occasionally draw TIE-fighter fire away from Y’s and B’s onto something with 3-5 agility is very solid.
      Ezra: It’s like having a permanent focus on Defense when you’re stressed and it’s rediculously effective when paired with Autothrusters. This is a new one that didn’t exist when we tested the campaign, but I think it’s very viable.
      Lando: You have so many green maneuvers and will do them every turn, why not hand out a free action constantly to accumulate Assists?

      Other mods to consider:
      Autothrusters tend to be essential. Hull and shields – it’s only a matter of time before you get bumped and being able to take a couple extra hits and live is really important.
      Proton Rockets + Extra Munitions is two very dead enemy ships every mission, almost guaranteed, especially if you have Outmaneuver and/or Wedge.

      …and finally, using Squad Leader to save A-wing pilots who bump (give them an action, then they PTL/do all their other combos to be very safe) has saved our local A-wing ace on many occasions.

      1. good ideas here… Thanks Swindy and Josh. We will manage to see what is possible here.

        But… Proton Torpedoes ? A-Wing can’t carry them unless there has been a patch in your rules i’m not aware of.

        1. I was thinking Assault Missiles. “Proton Rockets” are a missle, rng 1 only, att 2 + your agi soo… rng 1 5 dice from an A-wing

  65. Hey Josh! All the same praise as everyone else! My gaming group has had to work out some details the hard way as none of us have ever played the regular game. My brother visited a few months ago and showed us the RPG game, and then we emptied our wallets.

    One question we haven’t been able to answer yet:

    We’re late game builds (since we liked the difficulty of super terrible Elites chasing us). I fly a Y-Wing with Blue Ace, Jake Farrell, Sabine Wren, and Deadeye. It’s loaded with APTs and Extra Munitions (BTL-A4, and dorsal turret with R5-P9). It’s a range 1 positioning build that gets several bonuses for one action: focus.

    Anyway, I had been running all shield upgrades, but the question of whether or not I could get the free boost from both Jake and Sabine came up since there is an Engine Upgrade modification card

    The ships that Sabine and Jake are on in the regular game have the boost icon on their action bar, so it’s the barrel roll that is “added” (much the same as the text on BB-8 for the T70).

    One faction in the discussion thinks that to use the boost aspect of both Sabine and Jake I need to switch out a shield modification with engine upgrade. The other faction thinks that because it’s free (similar to not having barrel roll but being able to via the pilot ability) then the Engine Upgrade modification is not necessary.

    This is a very specific question, and ultimately I wouldn’t have any issues switching out one shield for it, but as we don’t have any experience with the regular game, I thought I would ask some experts.

    Incidentally, the difficulty of Elites at higher levels spurred us to build an Elite Killer T70 and a T70 that supports the Elite Killer. With Miranda, Expose, Wedge, and then another dice from Jan Ors on the support T70, a 7-dice attack with reduced agility and Poe/focus (from Airen Cracken on the support). It’s hard NOT to blow things up in one hit (especially pesky Interceptor Elites and Phantoms). The support also has Wes Janson, so it also clears a token for the Elite Killer.

    Sorry for such a long message! Thank you again for all the work and I appreciate whatever input you can provide.

    1. Oh, and I modified the X-wing ship card into a T70 ship card, but I don’t have the file on me right now (at work, shhhhh…). I can post it later. It’s just like the other cards graphically, but the image is different (duh), the icons and numbers have been updated, and I added a Tech slot and a little graphic for integrated astromech.

      Photoshopped: blur, magnetic lasso, clone stamp, and cut and paste for the win.

    2. Michael, Sabine’s ability DOES allow the free Boost or Barrel Role even if you don’t have that ability natively.

      If you look at the Attack Shuttle it doesn’t actually have the Boost icon, only the Barrel Role.

      In much the same way, the A-Wing doesn’t have the barrel role icon, only the boost, but it may still boost OR barrel off of Jake’s ability.

      You effectively said as much, except you said the Attack Shuttle had Boost and got the Barrel Role added when it is actually the other way around, but that’s neither here nor there…

      Sabine would still have reasons to take Engine Upgrade, however. For instance, with Push the Limit and Kanan Jarrus, she could Barrel Roll, Push the Limit and Focus receiving stress, exceute a White Maneuver and use Kanan to clear said stress, and then perform a Boost in the Perform Action step as normal.

      1. Thanks for the reply. It’s just been a topic of discussion for us, and we realized we might be missing something because we haven’t ever played the base game, just HotAC.

        1. All ships can perform ‘free [x] action’ regardless of whether they have that action in their bar natively. Find a way to give an X-Wing a free Cloak action? It can do it.

  66. Josh- Great job from what I’ve seen so far. Thanks!

    I wanted to report an error in the v0.7 game manual to help with editing. On page 27 after the TIE Bomber is is introduced you say to “tuck it under the Interceptor’s AI statcard”. Shouldn’t you use the Bomber statcard?

  67. Hey, question about going to hyperspace and getting blown up.

    So, in my game, my ship (PS 5) was destroyed by an enemy ship (also PS 5), since it had initiative. Normally, you get to fire back if you’re the same PS. Does this mean that I get a chance to go to hyperspace, even though I was destroyed?

    For our game, we decided to attempt the jump. I succeeded, so I did go to hyperspace. However, we saw nothing that to indicate that going to hyperspace would negate getting destroyed. In essence, we ruled that I got blown up as I went into hyperspace, and I rolled eject rolls like normal.

    Were we correct?

    1. Sounds right. Hyperspace jumps should be resolved in initiative order, so if you’re shot down by an enemy ship of the same PS while you’re trying to jump, you’re still shot down. Thematically, there’s also an epsiode of Rebels where this basically happens to Hera’s A-wing.

  68. We’re at the point in our campaign where some players are ready to change ships. As others have said, the T-70 is a strictly better upgrade to the T-65 such that there is no reason to pilot a T-65 once they can change, and the T-70 is just a bit OP compared to the other ships available by standard. I’ve thought about it a lot and here’s how I’ve decided to handle it:

    T-70 Prototype
    Upgrade cost 10xp

    The boost action and extra shield are provided by Engine Upgrade and Shield Upgrade which occupy the lvl1 and lvl4 modification slots. These upgrades must be purchased additionally as a prerequisite to changing to the T-70. Any other upgrades purchased earlier can be sold for full value or kept until new slots open up at lvl6 and lvl8. These modifications can be lost due to pilot eject, and their benefits are lost along with them. Lost boost or shield upgrades must be re-purchased before any other modification upgrades.

    The torpedo slot is lost to make room for manoeuvring jets.

    The T-65 gains Integrated Astromech without using a modification slot. The T-70 can still take this upgrade at the cost of a modification slot as usual.

    So with this setup players can change to the T-70 and gain all the benefits of that ship (sans torpedoes which is no big deal really) but having the required engine and shield upgrades makes it more like a specialist X-Wing build than just being strictly better across the board. It still is a net benefit if you would get engine and shield upgrades anyway, but players have a reason to take the T-65 X-Wing for a build with a different set of modifications.

  69. Once more: thanks for this game!
    One more question though:

    Situation: Needle in a Haystack. A TIE squad with Strike AI will select the Outer Rim Pilot as target for movement. They get into Range 3, but with an Ion Storm in between, so they cannot shoot at range 3. Will they still focus as an action or evade as they won’t be able to shoot their target? After all, the YT-1300 will move after them.
    What if there is another enemy ship that is not obstructed by an ion storm?

    1. I think I ran into this exact thing as well. I played it as the Outer Rim pilot just wasn’t there in regards to actions, unless the TIEs could barrel roll to get line of sit.

      1. I think you guys are doing it the right way. The TIEs use the ORS for movement and when the TIEs discover that the terrain will prevent them from attacking, they make alternate action selections based on what targets they do have, including barrel rolling to get a shot on the ORS.

    1. I treated it as the Shuttle diverting all power to life support and losing power to engines/weapons, but maybe I’m just too nice to Bantha Squadron

  70. When a Flee AI does the fastest possible move for a bearing, is that the fastest possible move with the same bearing within the movement wedge, or on the ship’s movement card?

    1. nobody has replied to you yet, but my understanding is that you roll to select the maneuver as usual, then change it to the fastest maneuver of that type on the ships dial, just as if they were using navigator.

  71. Anyone have an opinion on how Nera Dantels interacts with BTL-A4? I thought that the BTL would just apply to the turret so that torps would still be 360, but re-reading the cards I’m not so sure. Anyone?

  72. As both cards specify the type of secondary weapons they apply to I would at first say no worries it should work as you expect. BUT, that first line of BTL-A4 “You can not attack ships out side your arc” obviously applies to any attack. I want to think of it as “order of operations”. I picture the affect of BTL-A4 (available at PS2) applies first locking your turret, then Nera (at PS5) affectively unlocks your torpedoes. Further more, Thematically…. The BTL-A4 was designed to make the y-wing more efficient for pilot only, with no gunner and Nera’s Pilot skill (obviously has access to some cool tech or something) is from a typically pilot only starship, thus I would believe they should play together fine. Lastly, Based on Josh’s previous replys to build issues, sounds like a house rule/campaign vote scenario, because either way shouldn’t break the game. 😉

    1. Thanks Swindy. That’s pretty much in line with the way I was thinking. Can’t imagine the team will have much problem with it, unless they object to my point tally going up (hopefully).

  73. Hi Josh, outstanding work on this amazing campaign system.

    I have a suggestion regarding the Rebel Pilot skills.

    I have noticed, that Chewbacca’s skill (flipping critical damage face down immediately) costs the same XP as that of Leebo (drawing 2 face-up cards and picking one to resolve). Chewbacca will always be more useful than Leebo, making his skill redundant.

    Maybe assigning Leebo to PS:4 for the campaign would help counteract this.

    Alternatively, that particular skill might as well be removed since there is no reason to ever choose it.

    1. @Rogue-9 – It’s a fair point that some pilot skills are just better than others. It’s the nature of the game, especially when HotAC allows you to mix and match ships and their pilot abilities.

      There were a number of cases where our group identified sub-par abilities but basically I just chose to leave them as-is to avoid making the campaign completely different from the standard game. The biggest advantage of doing it this way is that it’s highly intuitive – if you want an ability, all you need to know is it’s owner’s PS to know its requirements and XP cost.

      Players are smart and will gravitate toward the good stuff (like they already do in competitive play). I see no reason to make an incomplete list of pilot abilities.

      1. On top of that, if you consider pilot abilities to be unique, then if somebody in the squadron does grab Chewbacca, a different pilot might have to settle for Leebo. It might be unlikely, but there’s some additional reasoning there.

  74. Hello,
    quick question on Miners Strike (because it’s our next mission):
    The description says “neutral territory”. But the mission reads as hostile territory to me, because of the 2nd Primary: “At least 1 Rebel ship must escape from a board edge other than edge C.” … I thought in neutral territory everyone automatically escapes or am i missing something?

    Edit: Or is it because of the “Ground Mission” addon?
    And if so, are all rebel ships left in the area destroyed by the end of turn 12 (even if all enemies are eliminated)

    1. @StarWorf – This mission is one of the reasons why I’m looking to revise the “territory type” mechanic in v0.8. Rules as currently written, there are a lot of places in the book where it gets modified in some subtle way, and it would be clearer to list out all the details on the mission page itself.

      Miners Strike should be:
      -Ground Mission = you can’t jump to hyperspace
      -Escape Edges = Rebel ships must escape via any edge other than C
      -Mission End = end of turn 12, all remaining Rebel ships are destroyed, even if the objectives are successful.
      -Neutral Territory = any destroyed ships roll 2 eject dice.

  75. There is a disagreement in our group about how the free target lock works. I understand it to be always regardless of range… as first it doesn’t say to consider range and 2 in the rules it says some ai rules break the standard rules to balance ai. And from how well the rules and ai have been written I would assume that if range was considered it would say it was.

    Since the ship movement for ai generally try to get really close my assumption is that the ai gets its one shot when coming in from outside range and then ending at 2 or 3.. if you wait till you get to range usually the ai ends up way to close to shoot.

    Whichever way the rule is intended could you please clarify.


    Oh and amazing job on campaign!

    1. The AI’s free target lock follows all normal rules for Target Lock. Just think of it working like Advanced Sensors – acquiring TL before the ship moves.

      Most of the time this will mean that AI ships don’t get a proper alpha strike, and that’s mostly for game balance. We found TIE Bomber squadrons in particular to be a negative play experience when we tried it the usual way.

      1. Ok.. thanks.. since main rulebook states that ai rules break regular rules I would add on future releases of the free target lock ai “if in range 3” of 4 people I discussed this rule with only one thought the range mattered.. just a suggestion… thanks a bunch for great campaign!

  76. Just a quick question. For the Decimator, is there supposed to be an Imp Pilot Deck for it? I have just gone through the files and can’t find one. What would the basic loadout for the Deci be?

    1. NO, The decimator is only currently used in one mission (I think, 2 maybe, I don’t play those as I don’t have a transport). The mission points out how to fly the decimator, the movement card was included to be sure the AI card was there for any additional missions/expansions.

  77. A couple of quick questions about the “Capture the Refuelling Station” mission:

    1. Does the Command Centre count against the movement roll (so that if both fuel tanks are still intact the commandos need to roll 3 hits on 3 dice)?

    2. If the rebels capture the station, will the enemy AI target the station emplacements?

    3. If the mission succeeds is the bonus for remaining emplacements awarded to each player, or divided among the players?

    Oh, and finally, what are the campaign (Rebel vs. Empire) victory points used for? I couldn’t find any mention of them in the manual.

    1. @Scott Wittaker:
      1) Yes.
      2) The intent is no, mostly because that makes the AI ships unthreatening to players
      3) Total is awared to each player. It’s potentially a huge payout 🙂
      4) See Page 6; Campaign VPs are a way to keep score of which side is winning the battle for the Aturi Cluster, and determine the length of the campaign. If you just want to play all the missions, they’re kind of optional.

  78. My friends and I really enjoy this game! Very Awesome work! We’re currently working our way through 2 campaigns with 2 different gaming groups. We’re also working on some new missions to add when we run out including some with assault combinations using the imperial assault system.

    We also on one of the campaigns are play testing an added mechanic using “pilot points” to add a bit more control and decision making to piloting when dealing with tough dice.

    If you’re interested in hearing about any of these as we flesh them out more, I can send you info. Like I said, love the game

  79. I maybe overlooking it in the guide, but how many XP points do you start out with on the campaign? I am about to begin a campaign but this is information I can not seem to locate.

    1. if you stick to the letter of the rules, its says in the begining of pilot creation. PS2 X-wing or Y-wing is your option and the X= 5pts and the Y= 8pts. (As I recall from memory)

  80. I saw that, but the book talks about not spending any of your beginning points on pilot upgrade. So the ships are 5 or 8 points, but what is the starting pool of points per pilot?


    1. That is the starting pool. The starting points are allocated based on the first ship you choose to fly. To be affective the Y-wing needs a lil point boost, but as I set it up below it can be a point whore 😉 To change ships is 5pts plus being at PS4. The book says not to rush up your PS without purchasing upgrades. For example: PS2 Y-wing with TLT for 6 and R2-astromech for 1 and store 1pt is a good starting build. Also X-wing with BB-8 for 2, Plasma torp for 3 and guidance chips for free is another good start. I’m a huge fan of the first EPT for any pilot be Predator- it helps eat Ties for breakfast!! Honestly, If you are leading your group, I highly recommend reading the manual slowly like a text-book a few times to avoid disagreement on how certain things work.

  81. what wave does this include up to?…. are any of the new sets (mods and skills etc) not factored in to the play test. and could i have a build that could roughly replace the rebel transport with either the blockade runner or the imperial carrier. please and thank you. awesome work by the way our gaming group is super keen on this champaign. keep them coming 🙂

  82. In my time playing, nothing has seemed to break the system, and I believe Josh has said in the past, any new rebel pilot skills are typically usable, also. If there is a specific card or skill you want info on, as in how it may interact with others, just ask. You can always proxy another ship into a mission as a place holder, and for the most part the rebel transport doesn’t do a whole lot besides run away. Complete new missions would need to be created to implement the other ships you mention, and as Josh has mentioned above, he is not writing new missions until he gets to version 1.0 (happy with a final product) for the core game.

  83. Has someone with the editing skills I don’t have made player sheets for the scum ships? We’re almost done with the campaign and thought it’d be cool to try an all scum pilots/ships squad. Thanks!

  84. Is the limit on player statcards a deliberate cap on number of ships (ie. there can only be 1 a wing or 1 HWK, or 2 B wings?)

    Just finished our 4th mission and our group is having a blast. a few of us didn’t even like x wing that much (and preferred armada) but this is super fun.

  85. For “Cloak & Dagger” do the docked Phantoms launch or are they there just as 2 other targets you need to destroy?

      1. Cheers. That means 4 of them to shoot down when he mission comes up…*gulp*

        I assume if we take out the command centre before they reveal then they would launch on ps1 (since all rebels are higher Ps it means they won’t move, just shoot on that turn)

  86. Another question has came up that maybe you can clarify. When an ai ship is going to hit an obstacle do you go to the next arc 45deg over at same dice number or literally change the manuever by 45deg?

    Second if it’s a 5 straight move do the hit obstacle or go to 3 gentle turn (45)?

    And third if say it’s a gentle 45 do they change 45 to straight, or sharp turn or whichever just makes more sense?


    1. @Michael Wendt:
      1) Change the actual maneuver by 45º – straights become banks, banks become either turns or straights (whichever brings it closest to the target per page 21), and turns become banks.

      2) Swerve to what the ship can do; 4 and 5 straight will become 3 banks, yes.

      3) see answer #1.

  87. Hey everyone, I took the cards and broke them into individual images and had them printed here
    And they are amazing cards that look very professional and are tough and feel like real cards instead of going the staples route. I had 3 copies of each deck printed, for me and a couple buddies, and the total was like 60to 80 bucks… so basically 20to30 bucks a set. Thought I’d share this. And I would share the files already broken down if it’s ok with you josh… or josh if you have the images still as individuals b4 they were added to pdf that be great.

    Fyi I did ai cards on 3×3…now know that I could’ve made a custom size.. 5×5 might be better…
    Did the pilot skill cards on 3×5 and the mission and reference cards on 2×3 cards. They all turned out amazing mostly thanks to josh doing such a great job in the first place!

  88. We have a disagreement over something in the spending tokens section. One interpretation is “they reroll all eye results if no focus” the other is “only spend a target lock to reroll”. Which one is it?

    1. The text “If the AI does not have a focus token, also reroll all focus results.” pertains to the previous sentence for what to reroll when using a target lock.

      Essentially, this is a shorthand way of describing how human players use their tokens. 99% of the time you’d reroll all your misses (including the eyes if you don’t have a focus token for them), then spend your focus token if you still have eyes to convert after.

  89. I have anot her question… so it says that you select a target the re select a target during combat.

    My question is once selecting the target does he basiccally get blinders and essentially ignore the existance of all other ships?

    Meaning he selects target A and does his manuever. He doesn’t end up with target A in his arc and barrel rolling won’t get him there… however he has a different ship in his arc… does he evade cause he doesn’t have a shot on the original target or does he focus because he has a shot in general?

    This also can apply to the barrel rolling to get out of arc while keeping target in arc… does this apply if he is in any target arc?.. so ship A is his target and after moving he is in ship Bs arc and can shoot ship A but is not in ship As arc. Does he barrel roll out of ship Bs arc while keeping Ship A in his arc?

    We’ve been playing it that in first example he has a shot so he focuses and in example be he barrel rolls out of arc. I’m sure there is a specific way thay balances properly and I’d like to be doing it the way it was intended.

    And thanks yet again!

    1. From what I read they want to maximise damage (unless they have a strike target) so if someone strays into their guns at closer range, that will be what they shoot at.

      Previous FAQ said he should have barrel rolled.

    2. During the action selection phase, if it’s possible for the AI ship to get its target in range/arc by using barrel roll or boost, it should do so.

      If it can’t get range/arc on its target, but it has other enemies in range/arc, it should end up with focus.

      Then, during combat phase, it’ll just shoot the nearest enemy (unless the mission has special rules for what to fire at), regardless of who it tried to chase during its maneuver & action selection.

  90. Ok thanks a bunch.. that clears it up!

    Also like to say started playing this with my kids and they are really enjoying this campaign! …. thanks for all the work! This has been great fun for us to spend time together!…:-)

  91. I have a question : concerning assist XP, may i have 1XP for each assist or 1XP however many assist ?

  92. Great campaign! Can´t wait until new material will be published. 🙂

    But one thing bothers me. How about losing a starting mission deliberately? Nothing wrong here, but it feels awkward not being prohibited to repeat the same missions over and over again just for EXP gaining´s sake. Maybe include a limit for repeating the same missions? (mission arc ends otherwise)

  93. On a mission loss that requires each player to lose their most expensive upgrade, if a player has multiple items of the same cost, how should we determine which one to lose? Players choice? Random?

  94. Hello Josh, epic piece of work, thanks for your efforts. Our playgroup enjoys it very much, it seems like I got them back into X-wing after they kind of grew tired of the usual 100pts deathmatch.

    I remember to have read some “new” rules by you concerning assists somewhere but I can’t find them anymore, could you repeat them here maybe? It was something like you collect assist tokens for doing ionization, and then trade them 3 v 1 for an experience.

    Was that meant for EVERY asssist? so also the ones when I give someone a focus or target lock? Or just the Ion Torpedoes/Ion Bombs? Was there something about Assault Missiles as well since they potentially damage the whole swarm?

    Would love to hear your response, I think some of our playgroup were way happier if they got some more than that 1 xp for that epic ion torpedo that ionizes 6 ties (happened last mission twice).

    Thanks again for your great campaign, I hope you get around to do v0.8 and add some scum mission arcs as well 🙂

    Greetings, Jay

    1. I have just the same doubt about Assault Missiles. One of them explodes on first encounter (before the swarm goes out of formation), I am expected to receive 4 XP for damage 4 different TIE´s ?

    2. The Assist AP/XP we’ve settled on is getting 1XP for each 3AP, getting the XP immediately. In addition to the AP mentioned for ion and stress we’ve simplified and expanded it to giving 1AP for each ship that is damaged by an area of effect such as a bomb or a missile, as long as it isn’t destroyed (since destroying a ship gains XP and doesn’t need additional AP).

      So for example if a squad of 4 tie fighters is damaged by a bomb, and one is destroyed, the player would get 3XP: 1XP for a damage, 1XP for a kill, and 1XP for 3AP awarded for damaging the remaining 3 ties.

      We’ve also switched to sharing XP which seems fairer to support ships and encourages teamwork. Players still collect XP as individuals, and their share of the XP is at risk if they get destroyed, so players also try to keep each other alive.

  95. I know it had been mentioned letting people fly a large ship and counting it as 2 people, but for ships and giggles (censoring myself) I’m going to let my players on the Penny Arcade forum try to multi-crew a YT-1300. They’ll have a pilot with a Pilot Card and two Gunners, each with a Gunner card. They have a pool of XP to start with and have to decide amongst themselves how to spend it. The pilot is in charge of the activation phase, and the Gunners get to shine in the combat phase.

    Will this work out? Who knows?! But it’ll be fun to try!

    1. @DaMoonRulz, if you’re going to do a multi-player YT, consider the following setup:

      Giving each of the gunner players an attack during the combat phase, but also make them program a weapons facing each turn (front, back, left, right), representing where the turrets are pointed. They can use an action to adjust if necessary. This seems a little like the Wave 9 Lancer Pursuit Craft’s design. The YT’s pilot should still be in charge of firing the YT’s missile(s).

      This should give the Gunners something more interesting to do (more like flying their own ship), and it allows them to decide to focus fire by overlapping their arcs or not.

      1. That’s pretty much how I was planning on doing it, hadn’t thought of quadrants though. I like it in that it means the Pilot needs to be aware of what of his Gunners are doing,

  96. Hi, I love the your work, in fact I love it so much that I decided to get into X-wing miniatures as a result of seeing it! I realize I’m probably missing something being not very familiar with the game yet and I have a couple of questions after reading through the FAQ and the campaign book.

    From the FAQ it says 2 Ties and 1 of each other TIE for each 2 players: I saw in in the mission it looks like that means: TIE Intercepter, defender, bomber and Phantom. but not TIE advanced or punisher (I didn’t see them in any scaling grid) presumably because they are newer than when this was developed is that correct?

    Also: In scenario 2 if I look at the scaling column for 1P it appears I actually need 4 TIEs. a lot of others acually look like they need at least 3. Should the FAQ be amended form 2 TIEs to 4TIEs?

    Needle in a haystack says I need a Falcon? as the “setup” row? (or is that any ship base?)

    In the FAQ you mention probably best to run these with 2-3 rebel ships. Do you mean run the scaling to 2-3P? So that means I need like 9-12 TIE fighters? (and associated other ships?) I’m trying to play this solo this is why i’m asking all these questions. My FLGS has some casual days but they are infrequent and hard for me to attend and I don’t want to jump directly into tournaments and get dissuaded from playing.


    1. @IJ:

      There are TIE Advanceds explicitly in some missions (like Capture Officer), and they also exist in the Elite Pilot deck, so they can be randomly spawned. You’re correct that the TIE Punisher is more recent than v0.7 of the campaign.

      2 TIEs per player can sometimes be 3. They tend to die quickly though – I only have 8 TIEs and even though some missions have like 14 of them, it’s never been a problem when playing with up to 4 or even 5 players.

      Needle in a Haystack is balanced around having a Falcon and using the Outer Rim Smuggler base. You could use any large ship and substitute the appropriate stats though. It wouldn’t affect the scenario too much.

      Scaling the game up to 2 or 3 players (with you playing all the Rebel ships solo) is a much better experience in general. It also removes some of the luck factor from the game, much like the difference between playing a 40-point skirmish and a 100-point skirmish.

  97. Josh, I can´t say it often enough that your Work of HotAC refreshed my interest in the X-Wing Miniatures Game after more than 3 years of abscence once again, which even made me recollecting the missing ship waves up to today. It´s simply a work of genius, especially being able not only to simply progress missions in a campaign (as per original campaigns included in the huge ships´ boxes), but first and foremost in progressing a “Character”. Meaning enhancing skills, developing new abilities, actively caring for and planning ahead. So one can identify with a role, not just commanding a pale figure in the background by simple dogfighting (“oh no… why must have been it you to die – Black Squadron Pilot” 😉 )

    I hope you understand I´m eagerly waiting on new material, so kindly let me ask you when to expect being ready to present us an updated version of the rebel campaign. I´m talking of approximates in weeks or maybe even months – for sure, work and private life go first. Moreover, one could feel tiresome of continuously attempting to tweak the right details, so take your time. Then, there could be NDAs, especially when FFG is actually working on a special official campaign. So kindly let me have a vague indication in this case. Thank you!

    As for now, I´m using a mesh of what´s inside v0.7, and some contents you anticipated somewhere in this FAQ for v.0.8 which works quite well for me. Namely:

    – For T-65 X-Wing only, Integrated Astromech is “built in” so no Modification Slot used (much needed tweak)
    – Trade-in for upgrades only worth half the cost, round up
    – Assist rule as per 0.7 (simply works best, especially for HWK)

    Moreover, Uniques are Uniques – all consequences implied. I strongly believe the optional rule for a common agreement on using Uniques as normal Abilities and Upgrades take away lots of strategical depth and fun in planning what and when to use in the long run (it might even prevent replaying the campaign). Let it have the Unique Modification “Experimental Interface” as an example, which will free the elite slot in care of the “Push The Limit” elite talent. Second, a plethora of R2-D2s is just ridiculous especially when it comes to regeneration which is crucial.

    However, in contrary to rule proposal for v0.8, I do not run with ships other than those included in v0.7, simply as I very much assume the intended difficulty has been carefully weighted in relation to the length of the campaign. Hence, the long-time level of joy will skew too much due to a lack of challenge. Consider upgrading to T-70. In my opinion, it has too many advantages in comparison to T-65. From the roster of action abilities via the higher shield value up to the skill wheel, everything is superior. And with a requirement of Player Skill Lvl 4 along purchase cost of just 5 EXP is what I believe does not scale too well with the progression of difficulty for the latter missions of each story arc. The same goes for other ships as you already lined out.
    As for an option to implement those ships anyway, a longer mission path other than “Medium” along more mission arcs is needed.

    You could let some of them having available as a one-time special bonus in terms of risk/reward. As an idea, by collecting intel for capturing an Elite Pilot alive. Done by disabling the ship, similar to Mission “Capture Officer” (fewer HP, of course), which in turn will change the Imperial AI of the remaining and following enemy ship squads to “strike own imperial disabled ship”. Which, in return, will put the players in a difficult decision about timing and target priority, and offers a more strategical approach of which upgrades and Elite Talents to use for a specific mission.
    But these a musings for a near possible future.

    Another topic which should be adressed in the rulebook right now is failing a mission on purpose by not pursuing the primary mission objective as top priority (take mission “Tread Softly” or even “Needle in a Haystack” until the escape pod AND the container have been loaded, as an example for easy exploitation), which shall be prohibited in some way. So in order not being able to cheat this way but to make up for bad flying or simply unlucky dice, one shall be allowed to try the same mission max. 3 times.

    So this is the Setup I´m using which works best in any terms for my taste. But to each, their own 🙂

    I´m sorry for the long post, I felt the need to express my love for your work. Keep on doing it well!

    Once again – Thank you!

  98. On the Elite pilot cards, Rexler brath’s ability is different from his actual card in the game.

    Also is it okay to use Resistance Pilots- Blue Ace, Poe, Red Ace, etc. For extra Rebel abilities?

    Lastly do you plan on including the ARC-170 for a player ship when it is released?

    1. Yes, Rexler is different, because we found it was too awkward to have the AI make quality decisions about how to manage its focus token. This is easier to manage and nastier to face. In fact, the majority of Elite Pilot abilities had to be reworded to make decision-making logic for the AI more obvious.

      Yes, feel free to use any Rebel Pilot Ability in the campaign. Eventually, there will be a document that lists all of them along with any campaign-specific notes.

      I think somebody on the FFG boards posted an ARC-170 player sheet already!

    1. @Chibi: Josh has already put a ton of effort into this high-quality free product. Even if we never get an update, there are tons of fans genrating new material on the FFG forum. I assume that you meant well, but try to be sensitive to the fact that Josh isn’t compensated for this project and is very responsive to fans in this comments thread.

  99. Hi Josh …loving HoAC! …question …Seismic detonates and effects multiple TIE Fighters …we read the ’cause damage to one or more ships’ implies only 1XP even if the bomb effects more than one ship …in the instance of a Seismic effecting 2 TIEs and not destroying them, does the player earn 1XP or 2XP?

    – thanks.

    1. Pilot would only receive 1XP for that round, even if they use an attack on another ship during combat phase. Only way to earn additional XP per round is a kill, Special action/accomplishment for the mission that gives XP, or an assist. Most efficient Seismic would be on multiple ties with 1HP left, then you get points for each kill, but just one for the damage.

  100. Hi Josh. Great work! Thanks again for all of this. Sorry if this question is a repeat. I didn’t see an answer elsewhere.

    In the “Defector” mission the “Prototype Squad AI” section doesn’t seem to make sense. It says that the Elite enemy ships in the Prototype Squad change to Strike, BUT there aren’t any Elite ships in that squad. Should the TIE Defenders all be Elite?

    1. Probably legacy text/typo. All the TIE Defenders should change to Strike and try to shoot down the TIE Defender that’s turning into a Rebel traitor. Good catch, thanks.

  101. Just curious why I have to spend 5 xp to downgrade my ship to an A-Wing or HWK, seems weird to me. Yes you get extra upgrade slots on those ships that they don’t normally get, but you still have to spend XP to fill those slots so it’s not really a huge bonus, and doesn’t change the fact that an A-Wing is a 15 point ship compared to an 18 point Y-Wing or 21 point X-Wing.

    So it seems like this game mode punishes players that want to play as the cheaper ships, unless I’m missing something. I enjoy flying A-Wings, but I know that switching into one will put me at a disadvantage compared to the players flying Y-Wings, X-Wings and B-Wings that will be able to deal and take much more damage than me, and on top of that they will also have 5 more XP than me to spend on upgrades too, and they don’t have to give up the XP they spent on their initial upgrades.

    1. Noa- I suggest a few solutions to you frustration. A) Picture it thematically. The X-wing and Y-wing were redily available at the time and the A-wings, B-wings, Hawk-290’s were still in more or less development or initial roll outs. Making it very unlikely this particular Rag-Tag group would have them, until they proved themselves. B) If you start as an X-wing pilot (already trained on it) wouldn’t it cost something to switch to an A-wing. Obviously you aren’t missing any combat due to being sent to train on it, so dumping some xp is a good way to account for that training. C) If you take a look at some of the combos the A-wing can use due to an extra EPT and the better maneuverability it can be very useful and efficient at killing the Elite Ties, I my opinion. Very survivable with agility and evade action, plus boost. PTL is a must and for early on wired is a solid combo with PTL for low xp. D) If you plan out your upgrades you can avoid taking droids and torps and push ahead with the X-wing or use a TLT to milk xp early and only lose it. Plus there is a precedent to sell back at maybe 1/2 cost. If you are running the group , you can always use house rules to adjust for what you think is fair.

    2. If you can get your group to agree, it would be very easy to house-rule the HWK and A-wing as starting ships. AFAICT the only reason they aren’t is because those ships didn’t appear in the original film.

  102. First off thanks alot for all this, secondly have you do any playtesting so that XP is awarded to the group not individually of course scaling back the amount earned. Before HotAC we ran an rpg style campaign with certain similar elements, but I found my group was rather out for their own point totals then the group’s best interest and would like an “all earn it or no one does” method, this would also benefit me since we have quite a few players who come one week and miss the next and could easily update their ships to the new group XP for their next mission.

    thanks in advance

    1. @Dave – I believe there were a couple groups on the FFG forums that were using a system like what you describe. I’m pretty sure they were just pooling all XP earned during a mission and then dividing it among the players at mission end (with the remainder being given to the player(s) with the lowest total XP).

      Using an XP system that allows for true drop-in/drop-out players is a little more challenging and I think you’ll have to come up with something that works for your group if the suggestions here and in the rulebook don’t work for you.

  103. Josh, wanted to thank you again for this.

    At this point I have been running HotAC since about 2 weeks after 0.6 released, non-stop (occasionally off with holidays and such), weekly, at our FLGS and we average about 4-8 players a night necessitating a second table. We run Wednesday nights (About to head up there now!) and our normal 100 pt X-Wing night is Thursdays. Got some people that started with me in HotAC now flying on Thursdays as well so it’s an awesome introduction to the world of 1v1 in a far friendlier and forgiving format!

    I’d call that a major success!

    This has led to us running the campaign through a few times, even running what we called HotAC All Stars, We started at PS 9 and really gave the AI system a run for it’s money. Any non standard TIE was treated like a base level Elite, and anything that was listed as Elite, or we felt needed a boost (Basically EVERY Phantom), Was max skill. I even gave the group the captured Defender to play with, and made some off chance conditions on capturing a Phantom, which they did.

    After All Stars we decided to introduce a few new rules, and have been running since the beginning with “If it was released before the start of the campaign, it’s legal” for new upgrades and pilot abilities. We’ve made some protective adjustments to TIE’s that park in front of a rock that could barrel roll to do so, even if they have a shot, to minimize defense dice. We also decided to add the basic Agromechs from Scum and Villainy to the list. Unhinged is giving Y-wings and the T-70 (No, no Green Talon Rolls!) a speed boost that is crazy! Comes at a cost though. As an Agromech is meant for terrestrial use and not normally programmed to calculate hyperspace jumps, we are only assigning a “Spooling Up” token AFTER you roll for a Hyperspace jump. Takes some time to get those numbers right. A few other things we tweaked too as they felt a bit more dynamic for our group, but we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    One thing my pilots did finally get me to bend on, was Scum. SotAC (Scum of the Aturi Cluster) as we’ve dubbed it, has been, well honestly refreshing. Giving every S&V ship an illicit slot, and attempting to FIX the M3-A with some customize-able slots have introduced a new world of combinations. We’ve allowed any generic Rebel upgrade (No R2-D2!) and all Scum Pilot and Unique upgrades as well. I’m pretty excited to get my Y-Wing to PS 6 and slot in some Emon Azzameen with Genius, Extra Munitions, Proton Bombs, and a Cloaking Device! Bombs Away! The best part, basically every Rebel mission translates perfectly, only for far more dubious reasons than Freedom haha!

    Bunch of people want to play Imperials, and while I’d love too as well, especially with the new Defender rules, I’m hoping SotAC will keep my pilots at bay for a bit!

    If you ever want to throw anything our way to play test, by all means please do so. Would be happy to get back with you on our findings. Got a good group that would simply be glad to help!

    Looking forward to 0.8! May the Force be with you!

  104. First of all, thanks for this amazing expansion! I have spent most of my precious free time the last 2 weeks playing it either in a campaign with my son or late night on my own using a 2 ship squad.

    Q: I tried to play the Defector mission last night, but I couldn’t figure out what AI the Defenders should have *before* being scanned.
    Is it Attack? Or, are they supposed to just stay by the edge doing nothing until being scanned?

    I am also looking forward to 0.8! Thanks again!

  105. In capture the officer when the shuttle is disabled I had previously assumed it to be basically just an obstacle at that point (unable to attack) but reading it I didn’t actually see that just that it no longer moves.
    This came up as one of my players wanted to punch it for xp as we disabled the shuttle with proton bombs it still had plenty of shields to burn. Does the shuttle maintain its upgrade cards, actions and ability to attack? Ie only lose flight ability when disabled?

  106. Both times we’ve played “nobody home” it’s been a cake walk. Even more so this time. When the imperial ships got into range one they were bumping the shuttle and unable to take the action and flee. One then k turned also taking away his action. If other people have had this problem too perhaps the word”acton” should be taken out of the rules so when the first ship gets into range one they start to flee. Instead of chain bumping and getting murdered from behind.
    It does seem strange to me that all those ties don’t mind getting blown up and just head for the shuttle. It would make more sense for them to have attack or escort ai until the shuttle is scanned.

  107. How would you handle Seismic Torpedo’s obstacle destruction for cases like Minefields/Asteroid emplacements like the sensors that require an attack roll to destroy? Seismic torpedo’s text guarantees obstacle clearance with an action instead of an attack roll, which seems like it might break the challenge of missions where that’s the primary objective.

    I was thinking that it should count as 1 guaranteed damage and 1 rolled damage as part of the innate range 1 AOE effect, which makes it a very useful mop-up for those missions but not an action guaranteed clear. Is this too harsh/lenient?

      1. How does that work for the sensor emplacements on the asteroids, though? Does it leave them floating in space? completely ineffective?

  108. Just wondering, but with the recent release of the ARC-170, where do you think it fits in to the framework of HotAC?

    1. We’ve been playing around with the ARC-170 locally, and so far we haven’t seen any issues with it aside from time period/fluff.

      I think it will be available in v0.8 as a PS4+ upgrade ship, because the Droid + Crew combo offers some neat support options that the Rebels don’t already have.

  109. Hi Josh! First I have to say a big THANK YOU! for making this brilliant addition to X-Wing!

    I have a question regarding R2-D6: How does he work in your campaign?
    The card states that you can’t equip him if your PS is 2 or lower. Additionally, you can’t equip him if you have an Elite Pilot Talent.
    Does that mean that you can equip him reaching PS 3 and loose him as soon as you get your first EPT?
    Or do you discard the limitation and R2-D6 simply gives your Pilot a Talent-slot?


  110. Hi,
    My group will soon be playing this campaign for the first time. I am getting ready to go get the materials printed in as high a quality as possible. Having said that I see that v0.8 might be coming soon(?). Are there any components I should not get printed up before the new version is available? Or is the new stuff mostly supplements that can be added in later?


    1. @Bill Colburn – v0.8 is some ways off.

      The book is the most costly part, and will definitely change in v0.8, so I’d recommend using a PDF version on your laptop/tablet while playing if you don’t want to print the book.

      The terrain, AI cards, Enemy pilot cards and player statcards won’t change much or at all. Those are good to print.

  111. Hello Josh.

    Like everyone else, a BIG thank you for your work on this. It has revitalized X-Wing for our gaming group.

    I just wanted to post a link to designs for 3D printed HotAC terrain (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1757441). Not my work but I happily printed and use these.

    Josh, if you want a set, I’ll happily send some to you (or can possibly meet at 401 since I work in TO) as a way of saying thank you.

  112. I love HotAc! Me and my coworkers just got into it! And we luv it!

    What happens if the Lambda falls off the map because you ion it for the Capture Officer mission?


  113. Hey Josh,

    Much appreciated the hard work putting this content together; it’s awesome.

    Question about v.8; do you have a list of the changes from v7 to v8 at a summary level? From what I have read above it’s new ships and rules clarifications… but for example does it contain new content, etc.?

    Any info would be great.


  114. Josh- Thanks so much for all of your hard work. My son and I are both terrible sports and would fight all the time when playing competitively. Your cooperative campaign has totally changed our dynamic for the better. Thanks again!

  115. Is it intentional that the primary objective in the Needle in a Haystack does not confer any reward on the team in the current version? Win or lose, we’re on to the next mission (Bait) and there is no penalty for losing the smuggler in the process.

    Under the current set up there is only an incentive to snag the container at all costs, hoping to *not* find the escape pod and avoid the Phantom patrol!

    [Obligatory bit: We’ve only played 2 missions so far, but we’re having a lto of fun so far. The whole package feels great and it’s got a group who wouldn’t really engage with 1-v-1 / heads-up fleet battles excited to play X-Wing. Thanks!]

    1. Just to clarify a little, I appreciate that most missions do not provide a direct reward for completing the primary objective alone. This one in particular stands out to me as the primary objective is immaterial to the outcome of the mission.

      1. Revolver Rossalot – It’s true, this mission is weird that way. In my current playtesting, I’m taking another look at mission progression/rewards/etc and cleaning it up. I will probably change this one.

  116. Ran Secure Holonet Receiver tonight and had an interesting end:

    Our HWK couldn’t secure the channel to save his life (found the channel on turn 1, by turn 11, still hadn’t secured even after probably 7 or 8 pulls). However, we killed all the enemies by turn 11, leaving no thematic reason we could find that we didn’t just win by being able to take all the time we could possibly need.

    We couldn’t find anything in the rulebook that clarified this (again, within theme) so we counted it as a win.

    Has anyone else ran into this issue?

    1. The mission turn limit is intended to be a hard limit; thematically the Aturi Cluster’s Star Destroyer “Retribution” shows up and forces you to retreat. If the channel isn’t secure at that point, then the mission should be a loss.

      I’m surprised you couldn’t pull the correct chit. If you disable every last sensor array, drawing the correct chit is guaranteed.

      1. Then I think we may have set it up wrong, as we would have had 3 chits once we had disabled all the sensors (we left one untouched, but wouldn’t have made much of a difference).

        The thing that really confused us is that we had killed all the TIEs by turn 11, leaving 1 completely free turn. And we figured, again thematically, that since there were no TIEs to reinforce, no reinforcements would show up.

        So to clarify, we should have had 6 chits for 4 players? One for each array/relay, one secure channel? Maybe would be a good idea to clarify (probably with an example in the rulebook) for the next version

        1. Yeah, I’m not sure where the setup went wrong, but that was likely the issue that led to a weird scenario outcome. Here’s the setup text from v0.7:

          “During setup, put the number tokens 10-12 into the draw bag. Add one other number token for each player.”

          In a 4-player game, the bag would contain:
          1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 10, 11, 12 (7 chits)
          *it doesn’t matter what numbers these are, just that there are 4 chits besides 10, 11 and 12.

          If you have the correct number of satellite relays + sensor array emplacements from the mission diagram, you should have an equal number of chits in the bag and relays on the table.

          1. I think that was our problem, as (based on what we saw on the mission diagram) we had 7 (possibly 8) chits but 5 relays, which leaves plenty of extras. Is that right, and we just had really really bad luck?

  117. Hi there.. enjoying the campaign so far. We are running it at our FLGS and have some questions concerning Imperial Entanglements.

    #1. There is no card concerning the Rebel Transport, so under the setup it says it gains 1 energy instead of moving.. with the position it starts in it will never move for fear of leaving the board.. not sure why there is an option since not sure where it could go? or did we setup something wrong?

    #2 Under the Transport Setup, it says the players may choose to either perform an action for the transport or roll a die.. what actions can the transport perform? there is no equipment listed for the transport so there is no information how or what it is equipped with.

    #3. If the transport gets 7 energy it jumps, does this immediately end the mission or does the transport jump and the rebels have to either play out all 10 turns and survive the remaining waves or jump to hyperspace?

    #4. Going along with #3, if the transport jumps how does the decimator act if it remains on the board (assuming the mission does not end as soon as the transport jumps)

    #5. If critical hits count as 2 damage against imperial ships, what is the point of giving the decimator DETERMINATION since it doesn’t collect damage cards, it just gets 2 damage tokens. How does DETERMINATION work in this case?

    Note : in one play through of this mission, the transport jumped on turn 4 before it could be shot at the bombers (pulled 2 energy on turn 1, 2 on turn 2, 2 on turn 3 when the bombers showed up at location 2, and then 2 more on turn 4 as the bombers were out of range to shoot so it jumped).. we were unsure whether it just stopped here so we continued through with all 10 turns .. not sure if this was right.

    1. 1 – The transport never moves unless it goes to hyperspace. 2 – it is a standard transport and uses the base card that comes with the model and those actions (coordinate, jam, etc). 3 – it does not end the mission. 4 – The decimator chases “While the transport is in play”, then it reverts to the Attack AI. 5 – Installations count crits as 2 damage. Enemy ships take damage cards/crits normally, so Determination works.

  118. You mention the B-Wing E2 slot in the FAQ above. However, not ALL of the B-Wing score sheets got updated in V0.7. If you look at the 12×18 set of stat cards, the B-Wing score sheet on page 3 (in the lower left corner) is still the old style.

  119. When the squad listing has a single type (say elite random ship) that spans players 1-6 with a single cell, is that a single ship no matter which players, or one per each? My guess is a single ship no matter what because they’re always elites which at least scale based on PS. It’s not obvious though, and the rules leave it to my imagination (as far as I can tell…might be missing a line somewhere).

  120. @Jonathan Lamb – It is one ship, regardless of player count. This formatting has already been changed in v0.8, primarily because most of the Elite squads aren’t potent enough in games with 5-6 players – expect to see an additional elite in some of these squads.

  121. I really appreciate your hard work put into this project and absolutely love the campaign! Just in the process of printing the terrain and cards.

    A thought came to mind as to whether or not i’d be able to play this campaign as an imperial? Say in interceptors or advanced ties? I’d figure you would use the generic upgrade cards and imperial only upgrades.

    My mindset behind it would be that your squadron is part of the imperial remnant or something trying to unearth corruption within the empire.

    Let me know your thoughts on that!

    1. On a purely thematic point of view, you would need Imperial ships with hyper drive or build in a Gonzati as your carrier

    2. There have been at least 3 fan attempts at converting HotAC to playing as the imperials; I think all of them are in the file section on board game geek’s X-wing page. There are a lot of challenges to designing it, and I think it would need to have a different feel from Rebel HotAC.

  122. Lots of comments here and perhaps it’s obvious, but in the mission: Capture Refueling Station do you have to destroy the shield generators in order for the YT1300 to dock?

    1. Yes, you have to destroy the shield generators first. In missions with numbered objectives, they must be completed in order.

  123. So it seems to me that the T-70 is a bit overpowered and to be able to “flip” at PS 4 from a starter ship to a T-70 is a bit much. You’re almost gaining the maneuverability of an A-wing with the Talon Roll as well as keeping the firepower and durability of the X-wing. It renders the starter X-Wing (T-65) completely obsolete and there would be no reason, rules/stats wise, to continue playing it.

  124. I have two questions:

    1. (Probably the dumbest question) What modification cards can be equipped in the pilot card mod slots? Just “modifications” or can you put any equipment upgrade in the wrench slots? (We’ve always played it that way and while this results in powerful ships, the game is brutal enough that it’s still a tough challenge).

    2. In “The Defector”, the rules state any “elite pilots” in the prototype squad turn on the defector ( change to Strike AI). But the setup has no elite pilots. In fact, it’s not really stated if you draw cards or not for the Defenders. (Previous FAQs reference them being PS1 so that bears out there are no elites).

  125. @Brett –
    1- Modifications only.
    2- Unless a mission explicitly states that you don’t draw imperial pilot cards for a ship, You do. The defection part of that mission is intended to read “other TIE Defenders in the Prototype Squad” – the mention of “elite” is probably leftover from an earlier version of the mission.

  126. Capture the Refueling Station (pg52-53)

    If the station is captured successfully before one of the AI reinforcement ships can launch from the bay, do they still launch on their turn even though the station is under Rebel control?

    1. @Tim – I didn’t think it was possible to capture the station so quickly – that’s a story I want to hear!

      I’d say yes though, they should probably still launch. Better would be if I tweak the mission so that there’s no way to capture the station before everything has launched.

      1. I don’t think it’s possible for it to happen for the Turn 4 reinforcements (they will get deployed even on a perfect mission). All I have done so far is theory-crafting since I was trying to come up with the best possible way for our group’s squad to get the station. Assuming a perfect run, the commando ship could theoretically land on turn 3, and since commandos can move the same turn they unload, could in theory advance a tile same turn. Then at the end of turn 4, with a perfect die roll they could enter the command center. We are attempting it today to see if it’s possible (and if we get that lucky) – otherwise we are going to do our best run with the mission.

  127. In “Nobody Home”, the Command Shuttle’s target for movement purposes is the crippled shuttle, or the escape edge. On the AI card, the Lambda gets a free target lock. Is the target for the target lock action selected independently from its AI movement target selection?

    1. Rules as written, the command shuttle will only acquire Target Lock on its (useless) target. During the combat phase however, it will fire on the nearest enemy ship since it doesn’t have a Target Lock.

  128. 1) Is it intended for ships to take multiple copies of the same modification, such as 4 stealth devices or elite talents such as predator or lightning reflexes? Or is this disallowed somewhere?

    2) Anything we can do to help with v0.8?

    1. 1) The box on Page 12.

      2) You may want consider joining the HotAC Facebook group – it has a lot of activity, some related to v0.8 development.

  129. Just discovering this for the first time. Before paying for printing, do you have an ETA on when the v.08 will be out? I love the idea! can’t wait to give it a play through.

    1. @Dahlbug – Unfortunately not. My best advice is to go ahead and print everything except the rulebook, and view the rulebook on a laptop or tablet while you play (it’s the most expensive piece to print, and a lot of it is changing in v0.8 edits for clarity).

      1. Josh,
        First up I’d like to say a huge thank you for all your work, this has given X-Wing a new lease of life for me, living in a gaming wasteland means finding opponents has always been the main barrier for me.

        I don’t know how much work it would be, but a file using one of the http://www.lulu.com formats would make printing relatively cheap and as simple as uploading to their website and picking a couple of options. It wouldn’t work for the cards, but the main rule booklet would be ideal for it.

  130. Question about escort AI. Do they select the ship they are escorting as their target, or do they act like Attack AI in every way except for action priority (the protect action if at range 1)?

    Also, we had a crit that made a TIE have a 50/50 chance of taking damage, and because it was in range 1 of the ship it was escorting, we had it keep protecting instead of getting rid of the crit. Is this accurate?


  131. Question about the rewards for the mission: Defector.

    In the rewards section, it states that all players get a free Mod, Missile or Laser Cannon upgrade for winning. Does this upgrade require an empty corresponding slot to get it, is the ship required to take upgrades of that type, or can any ship take any of those free upgrades?

    For example, could a HWK potentially get missiles or a HLC for completing this misison?

    1. @spootoo – The intent is that you can earn any one of those upgrades, even one you don’t have the slot for on the ship you’re currently flying.

      So, yes, you could earn Missiles or a Cannon if you’re flying a HWK, but you won’t be able to equip them unless you later switch to a ship with that upgrade slot.

  132. First off, awesome work and huge thank you. My local group and I just found this and are getting ready to start this weekend. My question going in is: I have several friends that fly Imperial only. Would it be super game breaking to let them fly like a TIE Interceptor or TIE Advanced after they hit PS 4 and pay the standard XP cost?

    Also, I personally am a huge A-Wing fan, and am excited to fly it even if it is a little under powered in comparison to the other ships. I was wondering if you have any advice for house rules to try and balance or if there’s anything you want me to play test with the A-Wing in preparation for v.8?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. @Coltin – There are a few fanmade Imperial campaigns out there that attempt to convert HotAC to an all-Imperial campaign, but that’s going to be a bigger leap if you’re just getting started. I expect the TIE Interceptor may be a little bit too good (that 3 Atk + 3 Agi combo and more maneuverability than the A-wing), but the 2-attack TIEs are probably fine overall for power level.

      The only V0.8 change coming for the A-wing at this time is that the PS8 Mod slot is turning into a Mod/EPT slot, giving you the choice of adding a 6th EPT instead of a 4th mod.

  133. Sorry, another question. Can you drop an earlier EPT to pick up an ability of a pilot you got at a higher PS? Example, at pilot skill 9 could you drop your PS3 EPT slot to pick up Wedge’s ability and put it in your PS3 slot?

    1. Sure, the old EPT goes to “Storage” like a mech, torp or Mod would and you just buy Wedge’s ability like normal. I play with a house rule that permit sell back of any upgrades at 1/2 the original cost.

  134. Hi,

    in the Mission Secure Holonet Receiver(p74) – if you fire an ion torpedo at one of the center 3 relays – do all other within range 1 get ionized?

    1. @Dovi – That was the intent, yes. Emplacements work like enemy ships in most respects, except where indicated in the rules.

      1. Thanks, Josh. Related question. Could you give an emplacement a stress token with R3-A2’s ability to trigger Eiden Vrill’s ability to
        get an extra die against stressed ships?

        1. I think I found an answer — emplacements stat card states the emplacements cannot suffer stress tokens, so I think R3-A2 would not work.

  135. For Capture Refueling Station, Bonus objective. Is the XP calculated the moment the station is captured or after the mission has finished?

    1. This bonus objective, along with others in the campaign, should be calculated upon completion of the mission. The design intent is that they are bonuses to winning the mission and shouldn’t apply if the mission is failed.

  136. I spent $150 printing off all the materials on high grade papers with laminate and two copies of the rules book with spiral bindings and clear plastic covers. I play the campaign regularly with some guys at my local store and they love it.

    I’m honestly shocked that FFG hasn’t any interest (that I know) in offering this as a standalone product/expansion format.

    I’d like to help expand the HotAC by working on AI’s and Pilots for other Imperial ships (e.g. TIE Striker, TIE Punisher, TIE Aggressor) as well as concocting new missions, scenarios, updating rules, etc.

    I’m quite capable with Photoshop (which I assume is the format for most of your content). I’m not sure what sort of collaborative tools Adobe has built into their platform but I’m sure there’s plenty of ways to support multiple contributors.

    You probably get lots of offers like this so I’m not sure what, if any, convincing you’d need to consider but, whatever it is, let me know and I’ll take a stab at it.

  137. I have a quick question about completing the primary mission. For example, I just finished Tread Softly and was able to destroy the last minefield on the board on turn 9. Based on the chart on pg. 41, I immediately win, but do I have to survive the turn? Since I had attack initiative I was able to destroy the minefield before any AI took a shot at me. Should I allow them to attack or do I just get to escape instantly? Or should I be playing it that I need to make it to an escape edge and or make it through 12 rounds? Just looking for some clarification. Thanks.

    1. @RyanC – Unless the mission’s special rules say otherwise, the mission doesn’t end when the primary objective is complete unless it involves escaping. In the case of Tread Softly and many others, your squadron must retreat from a particular board edge or jump to hyperspace to finish the mission, otherwise you were shot down/captured trying to return to base!

      1. Thanks for the clarification. So when we move on to “Imperial Entanglement”, once we get 7 energy on our transport, do we still need to roll for a Hyperspace jump or does the transport jump automatically?

  138. I may have answered my own question. In going back and reading the Hyperspace Jump rules on pg. 40, I only need 3 energy to make the jump during the combat phase and I would have at least 7 energy on my transport at that point. So for now I am going to play it as the transport immediately jumps and my ships have to either escape or make it through turn 10. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

  139. How will upgrades from the “Saw’s Renegades” expansion pack impact Heroes of the Aturi Cluster?

    1. There’s been some discussion about it on Facebook. The most balanaced approach is likely to make the X-wing’s Torpedo slot a Torpedo/Mod (from the new refit card), and to allow them to take S-foils as a modification slot. Alternatively, let your players choose between getting Integrated Astromech and S-foils for free.

    1. Thanks! In the short term, 2.0 doesn’t impact HotAC at all? It is a fairly complete system that could be played standalone (even when designed back in 2015/wave 7). However, depending on what the community response for 2.0 looks like after it’s been out for a bit, it might warrant an overhaul of HotAC too. We’ll wait and see.

      1. I think the biggest thing for converting HotAC to 2.0 is scaling encounters off average “threat level” instead of pilot skill.

        Then it’s just a matter of convincing the squadron app to give threat value ratings for leveled up ships.

  140. Loved reading this book, and so far, have had fun playing this variant to the base X-wing game. So far i see only 16 missions in the core book. Will there be any further bppks to expand the # of missions?

    1. @David Stairs – I have no plans at this time to release more missions. However, there is some additional HotAC content developed by others available on the Facebook group.

  141. Hi, is there any existing ruling for how Jake Farrell’s ability combos with Recon Specialist? This would be for a B-Wing with an Engine Upgrade, so it has both Boost and Barrel Roll as valid actions. Would it get a free action first when it takes the Focus action, and again when the additional Focus token is assigned? By RAW it seems like it should, and although this is an expensive (and unusual) combo it seems like an effective one.

    1. @Alex Trenchard – One of our players found this combo during the initial dev of HotAC. There is no ruling for this sort of interaction in the standard game as this combo is impossible, so we had to improvise. If I recall correctly, we ruled it that you only trigger the boost/roll from the first focus from ‘RecSpec, because in general abilities in X-wing only proc once per opportunity. Getting 2 free actions off ‘RecSpec would seem to violate that.

  142. Quick question that I’m sure has been answered over the years: are new missions being planned for this campaign? The book mentions future missions specifically on page 7 of 0.7 for longer campaigns. Because this is printed in 0.7, I’m assuming this is still in the works? Or is 0.7 as far as this will go because of 2.0? Lastly, will you make a 2.0 retrofit for this campaign or any other addendums for all the ships released since 0.7? 😄Amazing work here, I just want more! 😄

  143. In the Mission Scaling on page 32 the Elite slot goes across all six player lines. Is there something special about this or would you only have 1 enemy ship in that instance?

  144. Doing my 2nd re-read of the book, and several times i see the phrase “if the base overlaps, or the template does” or similar wording. What is the difference? Is the template the “black card’ that goes On the base indicating the firing arc/attack/evade/hull/shield stats of the ship??

    1. When the book refers to “the template” it refers to the maneuvering template used for plotting your course as many times the maneuvering template can easily overlap a base of another ship or obstacle it is included in many rules on how maneuvering works. It could probably be changed to avoid confusion for players with less experience. I hope that helped.

  145. In “Pride of the Empire”, do the shuttle and reinforcement squadrons count toward the objective (of destroying 3)?

  146. Hi. I’m just starting HotAC for the first time. Are all x-wing upgrades fair game (eg including Renegade Refit) or should we ignore upgrades published more recently than HotAC?

    1. @ Matt B – Nice! I would suggest handling the more recent X-wing “fixes” as follows:
      Integrated Astromech – built into the X-wing ship card at no cost. Does not use a mod slot.
      S-Foils – This can use a mod slot, but it does make the X-wing a LOT better, and will make the campaign a little easier overall, especially since the AI isn’t set up well to handle the possibility of its target doing a 3 Tallon Roll. Up to you whether to use it.
      Regenade Retrofit – All of the negative point cost upgrades don’t fit well in HotAC, and this one also kinda breaks the XP progression. You’ll find that X-wings are actually pretty decent in HotAC and don’t need that much help.

  147. Thanks for that clarification. My mate and I loved playing the intro mission and are looking forward to more. Thanks for your creation.

    One tiny further query: if an imperial can overlap an asteroid or fly through it (ie take a damage roll but potentially still shoot), should it do the latter? Currently the guidance seems to be to stick to the original move if any swerve will still take damage. A further wrinkle is if the original move overlaps in such a way that its next maneuvre template will go through the asteroid again for a second danage roll whereas the swerve would overlap in a way to be clear next turn. How much should we try to optimise for the poor guy?

  148. Sorry, one more follow up about Integrated Astro please: if I use the Astro to offset a damage card, is the discarded upgrade lost forever or just for the mission? ie is it like torpedoes that get replenished between missions or is it like losing a card due to an eject?

    1. @Matt B – Integrated Astro (and all other single-use EPTs, cards, etc) should be recovered at no cost after each mission. The only exception would be if you lost it due to an eject roll.

      The swerving rules were not intended to fully-optimize the maneuver choices of the Imperial AI ships. When you’re applying the swerving rules, only check the immediate situation (whether the swerve clears the obstacle or not), and don’t factor in things like whether the ship will hit the obstacle a second time next round.

  149. Hey we just played the one where the HWK is trying to escape. It did not. Therefore I’m wondering why others found it so easy (in the posts 2 years ago). Yes it escaped a few arcs but the Strike AI kept the TIEs somewhat on its tail. Specifically though the Interceptor entered on the far side of the HWK from our X Wings. We couldn’t get across quick enough to attack or distract it, nor to use a Protect action.

  150. A question about the Interceptor though. Ours had the upgrade that gives 2 actions. It gets a free Focus anyway so will naturally tend to add an Evade if the target is already in its sights. Does it therefore waste its second action or ought it to boost to narrow the range? The card says it only boosts to get a shot or avoid an arc while maintaining a shot. Will it never boost to avoid an arc (if it has no shot and cannot gain a shot)? Will it never boost to get closer?

  151. Feedback on using YT’s: A little OP but we found that the biggest problem was the traffic jam they created when dog fighting – the AI didn’t account for the extra base size when manoeuvring and ran into it, then each other… at which point they were easy to pick off/aren’t particularly threatening without tokens. I expected to repeat this problem when I flew a U-Wing (and took point defence to advantage it!) but actually found the size wasn’t a problem – probably because I flew it like a clunky fighter/bomber with shallow attack runs and wanted TIEs in a stern-chase to use the mines.

    Extra Feedback on U-Wing: Hard to fly but comparable to a smaller fighter in strength (so not as OP as the YTs). Would recommend for someone who wants to play with a complex loadout. The switch-wing mechanics and using stall-turns at the right time make it a surprisingly skillful choice for it’s size. Thematically we replaced the troop transport in one of the missions with my ship – I had to perform a stall-turn on the landing pad.

    Feedback on the K-Wing: Super OP with the bomb/missile loadout and doesn’t take much finesse to fly (except for some interesting SLAM turns). I would recommend limiting the number of equipment slots it can fill – eg: either bombs or missiles or flying something else.

    Does anyone know of a co-op campaign planned for 2nd Edition XW?

  152. Hey, in Capture The Refueling Station, is it necessary to destroy the shields before the commandos try to land, or just destroy the shields by the end? I’m assuming the former is the only thing that makes sense.

  153. I have a question. I have wrote a # of my own missions that i am currently going through the play testings of, but can’t figure out how to ‘rule’ my last running..
    The mission is for the rebels to stop imperial bombers disabling a YT which sits docked at a Rebel Base. The YT activates on R6 and tries to flee once it does, to the escape edge, where the rebel fighters are to ‘escort it towards’.
    IF the empire disables the YT (knocks it down to 1 or 2 hull remaining), then the Lambda (that comes in on round 5) tries to dock with it to capture the rebels onboard. The Rebels must kill the Lambda to win. However in the most recent play test, it took the empire till Round 9 to disable it (the mission lasts 12 rounds), and in those last 3 rounds the rebels Stopped the lambda docking, but could NOT kill it.

    So would i rank that a win, fail, or “draw”??

  154. Hey!

    Was gonna print this RIGHT before 2.0 got announced, held off for a 2.0 adaptation (but also saved all my 1.0 stuff just in case)

    Will HotAC get adaptated to work with 2.0 eventually?


    1. Not sure. Hopefully Josh sees this and replies. If not I’d playtest and track stats to decide what’s best for your group.

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