Canadian Nationals: Sinister 6’s Arvels Reckoning

I know I know, Nationals happened like, a  year ago but I finally found some time to make a write up. Also I think my tale of Arvel at Nationals is a pretty intense and interesting tale. So to give a brief history of my gaming life, I started playing X-wing competitively at the beginning on 2014. My first tournament was St. Catherine’s store championship at Phoenix Rising. Going 3 -1 there and having such a great experience in the competitive scene I ended up going to every tournament and regional I could attend. Since I was doing decent in all of them I was really looking forward to Nationals. But I had no clue what I wanted to run. So I went to the drawing board and looked at what I thought would be different than the meta, would work within the meta and put a smile on all my opponents faces when they saw my list.

*My Apologies if this post takes a year to read.*

So, my list without further ado.

Our Glorious Leader


The Focusing Machine
Target Locks Everywhere!

The Mighty Blount

*I cant figure out how to make the pictures look all pretty*

This beautiful concept was based around a list I was very fond of with Garven, Dutch and 2xGreen Squadron Pilots with Ordnance. Now with a cheaper missile platform in the Z-95 I really wanted to work on something with them that gave me an edge and really good synergy, and you can’t go wrong with Garven and Dutch.

I started with Dutch; Ion Cannon and Garven base. I thought who better to add to this list than the missile master himself Lt. Blount and look at that we has PS 6 as well. Interesting coincidence So I threw Assault missiles on Blount and Dead eye to really make him hit hard. Now I had  23 points to work with, I went through tons of builds and play testing ships and builds I was familiar with, like Tarn and B wings. Knowing me though I like to make my lists stand out from the rest and would you look at that Arvel is exactly 23 points awesome. 4 Different ships all Named and all PS 6 this is a hilarious and different list.  But there was a problem, I couldn’t fit anything on Arvel that really made him all that useful in the list and then something glorious happened, Rebel Aces.

Rebel Aces gave me so many options for Arvel I wanted to try them all I could lower his cost add an EPT etc. I really liked the way Daredevil worked with Arvel allowing him to plow into anyone in range using his ability effectively but i couldn’t find room for that extra point in my list. I dropped Dead eye but I found without dead eye on Blount his damage output was greatly reduced from the assault missile. And Arvel didn’t really fit into my synergistic list. He needed a missile of some kind, but the cheapest ones were Proton Rockets and Ion Pulse Missiles.

Which got me thinking, Proton rockets on Arvel would be crazy good if I flew into the Enemy passed a lock and a focus to him from my Synergy buddies and blew the crap out of whatever I ran into or ran into me. But again the points weren’t there for me, id have to drop the assault missile off Blount and There wasn’t really much options that worked with Blount ability. But Ion Pulse missiles did, and it fit exactly into my list.

That was the main Strategy Blount / Dutch would ion the crap out of someone High Valued Target and Next turn Arvel would be there waiting to unload his 5 Dice attack into the face of that ship. So your probably wondering, did it work out like that did you set that combo up every game?! How well did it work?! Jon Tell me the secrets to your crazy hilarious List!? Well ill tell you, no. It didn’t work once. I never lined up that crazy One Two Punch, Ever. I did however come in 9th Place out of 60 Players and finish with a 4-1 record.

I guess now ill share My matches and how I managed to pull off win after win without even using my glorious combo. These should be breif because it’s hard to remember the details.

My first match was against Chris. A familiar face from my LGS an opponent I’ve had much practice playing with and against our two national lists. A Great way to start off the day with a little friendly competition . His list was if I recall correctly

This Guy.

With various upgrades which made Corran very scary and Chewie very deadly. Having played this list before I knew taking out Corran first was my best bet. After he split them up i went straight after Corran trapping him within all four of my ships making him bump into on of my ships. After some very lucky Attack Dice rolls and very unlucky defense rolls Corran Bit the dust, it was down to the just fury beast. Which took quite the pounding with the game coming down to a 1 Hull Dutch vs. 1  Hull Chewbacca. with one fowl swoop I rolled 2 hits and a blank, Re rolled the blank, Blank. Chewbacca sitting there with an evade token all he needed was an evade die roll and he was saved and Dutch was taking a range 1 shot to the face from Chewbacca. He rolled the blank and I wiped the sweat from my brow and shook Chris’ hand. That was thee closest game i had every played and it was only the first round of Nationals, what did i get myself into.

Next up was John, another familiar face I had the pleasure of playing before and seeing at many tournaments during the store wars circuit leading up to Nationals. Knowing his list very well and having been defeated by it plenty of times it was time to show him the true power of Arvel Cyrnyd. John was flying a rebel Swarm Consisting of 3x Bandits(Z95), 2x Rookies(Xwing) and a Blue Squadron (Bwing).

Flying Paper Maché
The Rookiest of them all
The Sponge

The Match was fairly fair each losing a ship in the beginning joust which wasn’t that great for me losing Blount so early but I still had my synergy. He wasn’t expecting the power of Arvel blasting into his b wing with a proton rocket while touching. (Oh I guess it did happen once if I am remembering correctly, it has been awhile). Anyways, the match was pretty back and forth losing causalities  coming down to 2 badly damaged bandits vs Dutch (Again) and Garven. Picking off those last bandits wasn’t too difficult and landed me my second win and a nice personal win beating that unbearable Swarm list.

The Third Match!!! Alright my streaks starting nicely, my dice are hot as hell lets see if I can keep this going. Dany with 4xBlues FCS and Jan Ors crew on one of the B wings.


Interesting list non the less, lots of fire power and scary to joust against. But because its me I did anyways. I think the first joust of this game is what settled the game. This is the first game I flanked with Arvel and Dany had completely ignored him going straight for my main force. The first pass did some good damage and spread my ions onto the front 2 Bwings to cause quite the traffic jam for the next round, Arvel also put a couple of shots into the Bwings from behind. He than Unloaded 12 Shots into Garven dealing a total 1 Shield Damage. I couldn’t believe my luck (Either him fluffing rolls or me getting perfect evades) I had survived that initial pass and just rounded up the B wings taking one down at a time. It was probably my less stressful match of the day and my biggest margin of victory win.

I was feeling really good going into my fourth match my list was holding up somehow i was facing lists that it was strong against and i had not faced a fat Han on Phantom yet which is what i was expecting to happen in my next match. My next opponent was Matt he was running 2xRookies and 2xBlues with HLC.

A list I was familiar with and have flown my self a few times, B wings were definitely my target. This game had two turning points for me First, My initial joust I dropped one b wing to 1 hull and still had Dutch to shoot. I had him, I just need 2 hits and he was mine. Roll Hit, Blank, Blank. Alright No Problem. Re roll the two blanks with my target lock, Focus, Blank. No focus to use and only one hit if he evades this it could mean a dead Dutch because he was within range 1. He got the evade and annihilated Dutch. No big deal I can work with this. After a couple more turns I took down a rookie and that Bwing as well as did some good damage to his remaining Bwing. The other turning point was when I plopped Arvel on an asteroid with literally a mm on the stroid I was not impressed with myself and I lost Arvel because he couldn’t shoot to finish off that bwing. The rest of the game was spent chasing down a 3 Hull rookie and leaving a 3 Hull Bwing to make pot shots off on Garven and Blount which lost me the game only taking down 50 points of his list. Once I lost Arvel on that stroid I lost my focus of the game and it cost me. Damn owell it happens 3 -1 Pretty good record and hey I’m running Arvel I can’t complain too much!!!

Last Match and my very first Phantom Match up, This list was meant to kill Phantoms with all the ion and shenanigans this should be an easy match. My opponents name was Vijay and he was running Boba Fett and Echo with all the whistles and bells (I can’t remember what was on them).

The Fettigator
*ECHO! Echo! Echo cho o o*

The match begins and i focus on taking down the phantom. I get a lucky ion on him and block his de-cloak and again ion him again through his 4+evade, finishing him off with Blounts auto attacks. Now it was down to Boba Fett who was out of the fight most of the beginning only taking pot shots off from the rear arc. I chase Garven after him getting him down to 5 Hull than chase Dutch after him and Arvel taking his sweet time to catch up. Dutch is down to 1 Hull and i back him off from the Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire and send Arvel in this time to finish him off Arvel with 1 shield left goes face to face with the 3 Hull Boba Fett. He makes a Devastating 2 hits one 1 crit. I roll my evade and dodge 2 letting the critical hit my shield. Arvel Retaliates being a little peeved and rolls 3 Natural Crits. It was a Christmas Miracle rolling those Crits. He rolled blanks on his evades and wipes him off the board. Wow what a way to finish off a great day of gaming.

4-1 Record placing me in 9th With 19 points off from making top 8, Owell there’s always next year!!!

Thanks for reading my write up and surviving my big blocks of text. I hope you enjoyed the Adventures of Arvel Crynyd and maybe I’ll post more of my interesting successful lists in the future. Any suggestions on how to better my Posts and write ups are appreciated because lets face it, I have no idea what I’m doing.


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  1. man i’ve been trying to figure out who was crazy enough to bring Arvel to a nationals and how he made him work. This was an awesome write up, i was pretty excited to know my regionals list actually had an influence! lol i’ll never forgive your luke rolls that day. Can’t wait till i’m on the other side of the table from you again

  2. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said all your other matches were close. Good job on making it as far as you did, the Boba/Echo list that you beat destroyed me.

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