Custom Repaint: Blue Squadron B-Wing

This was my first B-Wing repaint which I did back in wave 3. It’s fully rotational. I sawed off the cockpit and inserted a magnet so that it will spin.


I did the same thing for the stand, inserting a magnet into the model and gluing one to the stand. The blue used to paint the model is an old Games Workshop paint currently out of print, called Hawk Turquoise.

B-Wing Blue Squadron Repaint 03

There are more pictures of this B-Wing in the gallery below. Hope you like it.







2 thoughts on “Custom Repaint: Blue Squadron B-Wing”

  1. Nice. I especially like the fact that you got it to ‘spin’, staying true to the lore. The paint job is subtle yet impressive.

  2. Thanks Agent V. I’d say the paint job is adequate, but the spinning part is mint. I confess to making pew pew sounds while twirling the B-Wing around 🙂

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