Desperately seeking Soontir (or, The Force Is With All Of Us)

Do you wonder how in demand Star Wars X-Wing really is? Chances are most people reading this were the early adopters that have been fortunate enough to buy and fly every ship from every wave. If you’re more of a laggard like me, you’ve been struggling to find ships from  earlier releases. However, to people like me it’s not just a game – interest in Star Wars X-Wing is about identity, social interaction, and maintaining our youth!


Star Wars has helped mold us to the people we are today. Some call us geeks, but really we embraced a cultural phenomenon that encouraged understanding the value of friendship, nobility of spirit, and good versus evil. Fans from around the world celebrate George Lucas’s universe and integrate its nuances into their everyday lives, even quoting the movie’s lines.

tat rings i love you star wars

It makes it easy to generate a rapport with someone, sharing stories of likes and dislikes (does anyone really like Jar-Jar Binks?).


In fact, I’m not sure I trust anyone that hasn’t seen the trilogy. I can only assume that they were on some desert planet in a galaxy far, far away for the last thirty-odd years.


Playing Star Wars X-Wing is also about keeping us grounded. Playing board games reminds us that technology does not always make things better. Sometimes physical human interaction beats a text conversation about the newest Star Wars movie trailer, or an online mission to raid a virtual Tusken village. I think that society is recognizing that many of our generation are fighting the complete need for virtual interaction. This is evidenced by the more and more quality board game shops that keep popping up all over areas populated with geeks clinging to their identities and not their wallets.

Fighting the Good Fight


In my travels from board game shop to board game shop, I kept hearing about Soontir Fel every time I witnessed a Star Wars X-Wing battle. Yet, strangely nobody was using him. In fact, many admitted to having more than 5 or 6 Interceptor Expansion packs. So what happened to Soontir? More importantly, how can I get my hands on him? I searched all over Canada using Kijiji. No luck (although I came close to buying two used interceptors from a guy in Ottawa). I expanded my search on a recent trip to Southern California. Surely the Mecca of American comics and gaming would be the place to find a hard to find Star Wars game piece? After physically searching San Diego, Anaheim, and Los Angeles, no luck. Even E-bay’s supply had grown thin, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay double the retail value to obtain one from Slough, England (English “The Office” fans might get a chuckle). One week later, he was finally in my hands, and I felt like a kid at Christmas.

star wars blaster -- 1978

Some would probably have told me that the odds of finding Soontir in stores was equivalent to the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field. You all know what I’d say to that. However, I don’t regret a thing. In the end I did give in and paid a premium to have him. I met up with one of my new friends, who I met through this new hobby of mine, the next day and thoroughly enjoyed flying Soontir. To this newbie, I can say Soontir immediately became my favourite pilot in the game. So you can enjoy your phantoms and firesprays. I’ll “push the limit” with a well-piloted squint any day.

Desperately seeking Soontir
Desperately seeking Soontir

May the force be with you, always.


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  1. Nice heartfelt article. Agree with all your sentiments.

    Remember if you’re looking for a ship, ask around the local community, someone should have a spare they’re willing to part with.

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