Double Decimators Does it Again!

Some of you may have already read NeverBetTheFett’s Article which is by my friend NeverBetTheFett.  If you haven’t, make sure you read it as well.

Not sure when he started calling me “The Professor” but I guess it stems from my creative list building. I try not to run Meta Lists as I find them boring.  Meta Lists are those that have won multiple tournaments or placed well at multiple tournaments.  I like to run different lists that in some cases are a lot more fun to run. I have been wanting to run a double decimator list for a while now but had so much fun running other lists I never got around to it until recently.

I decided on Captain Oicunn and Rear Admiral Chiraneau. I wanted them to be equal in value as well. Some folks will tell you that large based ships are useless without Engine Upgrade. Not enough points in this build as Oicunn is 42 points without any upgrades and Chiraneau is 46 points. In order for the list to be effective they have to hit and hit hard and fast.

This is why I went with VI(EPT) and Darth Vader(Crew) on Chiraneau. This was designed to take care of “Aces” like Whisper, Echo, Soontir and the like. It also helps later in the game to deal with other ships.

With Oicunn I settled on Predator(EPT) and Gunner(Crew). With his ability you tend to want him to bang into other ships to make them suffer damage which leaves you without an action so Predator fits nicely and since he is a PS4, Gunner helps him hit if he isn’t successful on his first attack.

NeverBetTheFett , my son Michael and I were having a conversation about the game and lists at a casual game night at Hobby Kingdom in Burlington and I decided to share my list with him after he jokingly asked me what he should run at the Flint’s Store Championship.  I was a little surprised he actually ran it and I know he doesn’t regret it since he won the Store Championship with it.

Forward now to my local Store Championship at Phoenix Rising in St. Catharines.

The tournament was limited in size due to the fact that there were 2 other tournaments running that day. We ended up having 14 preregistered players show up.

double the trouble…

Game 1 – against Trevor running Kenkirk with Ysanne, Moff Jerjerrod and some sort of torpedoes with 2 plain Royal Guard Tie Interceptors. I called this “Lucifers List” since it was 3 PS6 ships.
I won this game 100-50 as I had suffered half damage on each of my decimators. i took out his interceptors first as I set up opposite his Kenkirk.

Game 2 – Against Kyle running Poe with Predator, Autothrusters and R5P9, Gold with TLT, Gold with TLT and R2 and a bandit.
I won this game 100-50 as well. I took out the Y-wings and Z95 first and then concentrated on Poe. If I remember correctly I lost Oicunn but Chiraneau remained mostly untouched. I lost Oicunn while he still had 2 severely damaged Y-wings and Poe on the table so I was pleased that Chiraneau was able to finish them all off.

Game 3 – Against my son Michael running another list of mine – Omega Leader with Juke and Comm Relay, Patrol Leader with Darth Vader and Omicron Group Pilot with Emperor Palpatine and Fire Control Systems. This one could have gone either way but I was fortunate enough to crit him with Blinded Pilots at opportune times. I won this game 100-50 as well.

Game 4 – final of the 4 round no top cut tournament. Against Josh who was running Brobots B and C. B had Mangler Cannon and C had Heavy Laser Cannon. They had auto thrusters, fire control systems,etc.

I won this one 100-25. I forced him to either land or fly over debris fields a few times which ended up being his demise. Chiraneau Vadered Brobot B for the killshot and Oicunn bumped Brobot C for the killshot to end the game.

This is a really fun list to fly (in my opinion anyway). You don’t care about green dice. I rolled 3 green dice the whole day and rolled only 1 evade – lol. As NeverBetTheFett mentioned, the games are rather quick. You either kill them quick or they can kill you quick.

When I made the list I didn’t see anyone else with it on Squadron Builder and there is no mention of anything similar on Mini ranker either so I’m pretty sure it was an original list. Either way, I haven’t seen or heard anyone running anything similar.

Large Ships are still viable in the current meta! Even with the half points nerf they received. I was originally quite vocally against the nerf even though I rarely ran any large base turret ships but I must say I love the list diversity we have seen at tournaments since the nerf and since TLT came out. It used to be a rock, paper scissors meta but has turned into more of a rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock meta now and I really like it.

If you have fun playing the game and enjoy flying the build you bring then you will always be a winner in this game. Sometimes that results in winning some prizes too which is just icing on the cake!

Do I think this list is viable? Of course it is. Would I run it again? Well, if you know me you know I probably won’t. I am always coming up with new lists. My son and I will be going to Black Knight Games’ Store Championship coming up which should be right after wave 8 is released. I already have some awesome builds for wave 8 upgrades and ships and 2 of them will be debuted at the Store Championship at Black Knight Games in Hamilton by the 2 of us.


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  1. Well done Professor! And your article was entertaining. It’s a solid list and I think everyone should give it a try at some point!

    1. Thanks. I tend to favour 3-4 ship builds so this 2 ship build is not my usual fare but it sure is a blast to fly.

  2. Hi, in the round vs Poe+ 2 ywing + Z95, Why did you attack y-wings first and not POE? I think Poe can do 4 hits on decimators at range 1 vs 2 hit with a TLT ?

    1. Overall the Y-wings with TLT were a bigger threat. I was able to outfly Poe quite easily as I aggressively fly into the asteroids. I did go after Poe initially but then decided to abandon that and take the tlt’s down while Poe regenerated his shields. It worked out for me in the end. I got behind Poe with Chiraneau at the end so he didn’t have any shots on me.

  3. Hello,
    I’m known in the french community as “mister Double Decimators” as I play different variants since a store at Issy les Moulineaux in january 2015, wich in I finish 5th/32.
    I never won a big tournament, often failing against Swarms or “Successful green diceBroBots”, and now TLT . My best results were 4th/32 at the Regionnal of Paris and 20th/111 at the french National in 2015.
    A nearly list like yours has been played at the World 2015, whit the Gunner on Chiraneau instead of Oicunn, and finish about 37th.
    At present, I play oicunn/predator/gunner/rebel captive/engine upgrade & Patrol Leader/Vador. I don’t fear aces, but swarms & TLT are difficult to manage with, and the Engine Upgrade is helpfull to enter the donut or arc dodging any swarm’s ships. New FAQ with its Big Ship’s Nerf is not helping…
    I already think to play the World’s Double Decimator, but I was not comfortable with dropping my Engine & my rebel captive… It’s a good idea to equilibrate the Squadron Value transferring the gunner on the Amiral, maybe I will try it !

    in this link :

    you will see the progression of my Double Decimators throug about 200 games… unfortunatley, it’s in french whithout pictures…

    1. Congrats on your success with it. I find them very fun to fly. TLT’s aren’t that bad but you have to be willing to get into range 1 and bang them.

  4. Congrats on your win! I don’t understand people who plays meta list. Why play something your opponent knows how to play against?

    1. I try to stay away from meta builds because I don’t find them fun to fly. I like flying something different and when I win it raises eyebrows for sure.

      We had a group of tournaments last year where the top 16 out of 70+ participants were invited to a final top 16 tournament this past January. I took Kavil, Palob and Torkil to this tournament and was the overall winner for the whole season. I went undefeated for the day.

  5. Do you have any suggestions for ship/asteroid setup or strategies against common builds with this list?

    1. It really depends on your flying style and ability. I tend to pick the largest of the asteroids and can fly through them when needed. The standard strategy is to exploit the weakness of the build. If going against triple toilet seats(3 scum scouts), You try to get behind them at range one as soon as possible. Same strategy for quad tlt y’s. There is no repositioning with either of these decimators so you have to choose your maneuvers carefully. Oicunn doesn’t care about being denied actions as I tend to use him to bump and annoy. Against swarms you want to either skirt away around while picking them off or go head on and bump so at least some of them can’t shoot at you.

      I suggest flying it yourself against your local meta and local players and see how it works for you. The same builds run in different areas can also tend to be flown very differently. There really isn’t a “standard” strategy against certain builds.

      If I know the opponent and how they fly, that helps me determine what I am going to do against them.

      My biggest piece of advice is to fly the build against as ,many builds as you can so you learn how to fly it and at the same time you can get to learn how your opponents play and their style.

      If I play this build against 3 different people that are using the same build(ie. crackshot swarm) I will play differently based on their initial setup and if I know their play style.

  6. I recently started playing and i love the decimator I usually fly kenkirk, Isard, predator with wisper, VI, adv. Cloaking and a single tie straight out of the academy to try and block. I have never been one to look up “meta” anything because the feeling of flying and winning with something you made is great, even if you dont win at least you had fun. I play against the same person once a week and he flies dash, outrider, HLC, PTL, engine, katarn with Corran, VI, fire control, r2. I really think a swarm like build would be my best bet against somthing like this but at the same time i thought about trying firespray and defender and try to ion him just because it sounded cool and i haven’t used ion but once. Or try to build a deci squad that might fair better. Would you have any suggestions?

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