Farlander: A lesson in versatility

Many pilots in X-Wing have various ways of coping with stress. Tycho can almost completely ignore it, Soontir and Ibtisam get some power from it, Hobbie and Porkins have situations where they can more easily remove theirs.  However, someone who loves getting stress tokens is Keyan Farlander, as it not only makes him more powerful, but when it does, he removes the token allowing him full range of his dial afterwards.  This has created a divide in the X-Wing community, as many claim he’s overpowered, while others state that  B-Wing named pilots are so expensive that he’s not even worth taking. I personally still remember how excited I was when he was first announced in rebel aces.

For those uninitiated.

For those who are not familiar with him in the lore: he fought in the battle of Yavin, flying a Y-Wing because he had let Luke use his X-Wing, and is the Y-Wing pilot seen surviving the battle leaving with Luke, Han, Chewie and Wedge. He later moved  into a B-Wing for the battle of Endor, surviving that as well. After the movies, he became a jedi after discovering he was force sensitive.

Now, what we’re really here to talk about is how to build him. Obviously, you need a stress mechanic, with the obvious choices being Experimental Interface and any EPT that provides stress. Its also worth noting that the systems upgrade is very powerful, and the B-Wing has an exclusive 1 point modification that gives it a crew slot.

This is they key to Farlander's versatility.
This is they key to Farlander’s versatility.

Now that we’ve met the party guests who you’ll be staying all night, let’s introduce you to the drop in-drop out arrivals. Firts, let’s talk about Push the Limit: friend to Interceptors and A-Wings everywhere.

Okay, here we go.
PtL and Tycho sitting in a tree. K-I-S…oh I am such a child

So not only does this give Keyan his stress, but he also gains a second action. There’s little point in focusing with his ability and only 1 green die, so if you run him with just PtL, you’ll be target locking and barrel rolling every turn. Not bad, but there’s a few other things you can put on as well to give additional actions. Note that most of these use the E2 upgrade noted above. Others just give you ‘free’ bonuses.

Oh Adobe InDesign, how I missed you
Oh Adobe InDesign, how I missed you

So engine upgrade gives you the ability to boost, bringing your total number of possible actions up to 4, if you count the seldom used focus, which still does have some benefit on defence. Boosting, however gives you much more mobility, even letting you boost, barrel roll and gain a free use of focus, like Soontir, and even letting you remove your stress before next turn to keep your dial open. However, at PS 7, this is a hard sale at 36 points.

The rest of these upgrades also have the 1 point tax added. Let’s start with those who give passive bonuses: Katarn and 3PO.

Katarn lets you gain a free focus token after firing, assuming you spend your stress. Cool. Goldenrod can provide some evade results for free almost once per turn like with Fat Han. Guessing 0 gives you the boost 5/8 of the time, not bad.

For those who give you more action options there’s 2 other choices: Lando and Jan. Lando, as I’ve stated before has his pros and cons, and while I’m not a fan of him from a purely mathematical standpoint, he’s guaranteed to be fun. Sometimes he’ll grant you 2 evades with his action, but he’s just as likely to end up double blanks. Jan, for a point less than all other options.  allows you to use your focus as an evade, which is also extremely powerful, given that Farlander only has 1 green die base, and a focus on attack is usually redundant for him. Note to that her effect can be used on friendlies, increasing its versatility.

Let’s explore another EPT that gives you stress as a ‘cost’. This one I believe was created by 3 time world champion Paul Heaver, but feel free to scream at me in the comments if I’m wrong.

"We're too close!" "Stay on Target!"
“We’re too close!”
“Stay on Target!”

If you’re going down this route, you’re missing your action, unless of course you take advanced sensors, which for an action every turn is a bargain at only 3 points in my opinion.

It lets you pick your action in...advance. *rimshot*
It lets you pick your action in…advance. Wait, what? Don’t let the door hit my what on my way out?



3 thoughts on “Farlander: A lesson in versatility”

    1. The most success I’ve had with him is the PtL, E-2, Lando, Advanced Sensors build along side a 59 point Dash (Lonewolf, Outrider, HLC, Recon Spec, counter measures and proton rockets). I won each game I played with it, 4 I believe. Keyan lasted seemingly forever, and I was able to keep Dash within range to help with LW still boosting him.

  1. My current Keyen build is to run him with Jan’s HWK, opportunist, extra munitions, advanced proton torpedoes, advanced sensors, B-Wing E2, Kyle Katarn, and Experimental Interface. If he gets opportunist off, he can lob an advanced proton torpedo at 7 dice total (5 base, +1 from Opportunist, +1 from Jan). My local meta generally sees non-named pilot swarms, which means I get to see whether they’re leaving me an opportunist target or if I have to use the interface instead. But 7 dice that are almost guaranteed to come up all hits (between his stress “focus” ability and turning up to 3 blanks into eyeballs) is pretty ridiculously good. It’s probably not competitive… it’s a hugely expensive 8 hitpoint small ship… but the look on my opponent’s face when they take 7 hits to the face is priceless.

    Miranda Doni can accomplish the same feat, though… it takes her shields to do it, but she can also heal those back after she’s burned her torpedoes. Keyen’s is more accurate and has built-in stress meta… but Miranda has bombs, and bombs are devastating in the right hands. She also can take Assault missiles to deal with swarms, which is Keyen’s main weak point. Keyen can take the big fatties all day, but throw 6 ties and a Howlrunner at him and he’s toast.

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