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    On the XP chart on page 42, regarding xp gained during the combat phase, each turn. Does this mean if, over the course of ten rounds, a player deals 1 damage to one or more then one enemy ship during each combat phase, that player will earn(before mission resolution) 10xp?

    Also regarding page 12, Free Upgrades. What about guidance chips? Would GC be considered an upgrade for eject rolls or mission effects?

    Jim Chadwick


    Well….if you damage one or more ships in a round, you get 1 XP point. So….if you damaged 1 enemy ship each and every round, you would get 10 XP by the end of the game. If you do something like drop a bomb and hurt 5 enemy ships….you get 1 XP. It’s 1 XP for damaging any enemy ships that round. I would think it would be hard to damage someone EVERY round as there are some you just can’t shoot.

    The XP stacks, too. So, if you damage one, you get 1 XP. If you destroy it, too, then you get another 1 XP. If it’s not a Tie Fighter, then you get another 1 XP. So….if you were able to blow up a Tie Bomber, then you get 3 XP that round.

    I did get a ruling on this. The Integrated Astromech is totally and utterly free and it does not take up a modification slot. Guidance Chips is free, but still takes up a modification slot.

    Jeff Bergeron

    I actually have a question about XP and bombs specifically. The rules specifically state that you gain XP when you deal damage during the combat phase. Bombs are activated either during the end of the activation phase or when they are collided with. By the letter of the law you can’t gain XP using bombs.

    Thanks for any thoughts!
    My group is just starting with this game and we are really impressed.


    The “1XP per combat phase” line should be ammended to “1XP per round” – it was always the intent that bombs count toward your damage dealt each turn, and if you score any kills with them, those count as usual.

    Jeff Bergeron

    Thank you, I suspected as much. Any other way would be unfair either for or against the ship that’s running bombs.

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