Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Printed Components Spread

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Our Printed Components

After months of playing with prototype components both before and after the campaign was released, we finally got around to printing out our own high-quality copy of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.

Lucas Keys generously offered to help set up and photograph all of bits so that we could show them off.

Click for full size images:

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Emplacement TilesEmplacement tiles; sticker paper on 2mm millboard.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Space Station TilesSpace station tiles, for positioning the emplacements.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Turbolaser EmplacementThe Turbolaser emplacement is attached using a black split pin, so that it rotates nicely to keep Rebel ships in its firing arc.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Mission Deck and Reference CardsThe minefield tiles, mission deck and reference cards.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Mission Deck (Fanned out)Mission Deck, fanned out. These turned out really well, and are pleasure to flip through. Printed Front/Back on 100lb Matte Cougar Cover stock.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Player ScoresheetsAll of the various player scoresheets, so that players have their choice of artwork. Several people have suggested laminating them for use with dry-erase markers.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Campaign Book SpreadA spread from the coil-bound campaign book. The pages were printed on 80lb silk text and it’s a beauty to flip through.



14 thoughts on “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Our Printed Components”

    1. There’s a chain called TPH (The Printing House) that I did them at – they have locations in the GTA and a couple in the Ottawa area. The location near my office always has great service.

      There are a couple online places, like Spinnprint.com that people have reported success with (sometimes the margins are cropped weird), and others have reported success with Fedex/Kinkos and Staples.

  1. I would also like to know where they were printed, I tried going to every standard print service in town (Office Max, Kinkos, Fedex, etc) and all of them refused to print it b/c it was copyright material…

  2. Also having trouble getting it printed and bound locally. Even with the release/waiver. Anyone have an online shop that worked? Thanks

  3. What’s the diameter of the mine tokens? I printed everything and it all seems very large. I made sure my print settings said actual size and not fit to page etc.

  4. Laminating the Scorecards is a fantastic idea. We put a colored backing on them as well to denote squadrons. We use wet erase markers instead of dry erase and store them in individual bags with our dials, ship plates, and tokens and cards for reference in there. Got a random Star Wars chest as a gift box for Christmas and it all fits inside perfectly!

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