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One of the most fun parts of X-Wing for me is building a list. I can sit at a list builder for a half hour, play around with combos, come up with one list I deem usable, and regret nothing. I’ve even caught some of the most successful players around me totally off-guard. Two memorable combos come to mind for me. One of which, a cover for Dash’s donut hole, will be covered in a later blog discussing simply that ship. This one however will be dedicated to a brobots build that has proven to be almost perfect for my playstyle.

Love these guys

I have mentioned before the dual IG-88 builds are a thing I think a lot about, and I very much like three of the four pilots that it can have (sorry A).

Anyway, some back story. I wasn’t even thinking of brobots at first, I simply wanted to build a list that made auto blaster viable.

People really don't seem to like this one.
People really don’t seem to like this one.

I was shifting through my upgrade cards, I saw one, another upgrade that was getting very little attention: accuracy corrector!


I read over both several times, and it worked! At range 1, I would always get at least 2 hits going through (sometimes rolling 3).  I looked at the ships that could take both. B-Wing? Not manoeuvrable enough to get into range 1 consistently. Lambda? Even worse. The IG? Yes. So with 2 of these babies with these two upgrade each, we have two 44 point ships.

I figured I would want to consistently get within range 1, therefore I needed a higher PS , so I went with veteran instincts giving me PS 8 with ships costing 45 points each. Knowing how often I would be boosting to close range, I ensured C would be one of the pilots.

Boosting into range 1
Boosting into range 1

Seeing the evade action consistently, I was reminded that was the only defence I had, outside of my 3 attack dice. Something else relevant for C’s ability was the ship natively having boost allowing me to give it autothrusters.

Up to 47 points on each ship, and they’re both practically ready to hit the field. As I struggled to think of where to spend the extra points, I saw the second cannon slot on the upgrade bar, and figured if I had something for ranges 2 and 3, I could use B as the other bot, and then not getting into range 1 isn’t the end of the world. After all, accuracy corrector would mean that even with no other modifiers, I would never botch a shot. I decided to give one bot an Ion cannon, and the other flechette, bringing me up to 49 and 50 points. This gave the the ability to combo off Ion and Stress on a single target. Knowing that a single point for initiative would be helpful on PS 8 ships, I was happy bringing these ships out of the hanger.

This proved to be more handy than I thought actually.
This proved to be more handy than I thought actually.

Using the title so both would get both abilities was an added plus, especially since one was offensive and the other defensive.  Also, re-firing a cannon became a useful…plan B.


If this list sounds familiar, even if you haven’t played against it, there may be a reason for that. Chris E. mentioned his game against it in this article a while back.

The reasons I like this list are as follows:

Very creative use of two under-used upgrades.

Instant guaranteed damage (both firing can do 4 automatic damage in 1 turn, and no shot ever is totally botched).

Shows the true nature of accuracy corrector as a defensive upgrade, allowing me to either evade, or boost and get the free evade from C very often.

About as arc-dodgy as you can get from big ships as you can get. Even if it can’t arc dodge, 3 green dice, autothrusters and an evade token is tough to get by.

Uses my favourite ship, and the title that I love so much.

Counters turrets and high agility ships.

I still use this list occasionally in casual play, and its what I compare almost every brobots or super outside the box list I can think of to. I encourage others to write about their favourite lists or combos they’ve found, it’ll be fun seeing what we’ve come up with over the years.

May the force be with you, pilot.


5 thoughts on “List Nostalgia Consistent Brobots”

  1. Great list, like the genesis of it. RimShot ftw!

    Why not bring this list to a tourney?

    My best combo was way back in wave 4 putting Predator on Han with Luke.

    1. I brought it to a tournament once, went 2-2. I’m considering bringing it to another.

      Predator on Han with Luke crew you mean? I can see that hitting anything.

  2. You should totally bring it to another tourney. I really like that list on paper. I can see it do well if lots of people go for TIE Interceptors.

    Ya I had Luke crew. That iconic combo helped me win quite a few games! It also didn’t hurt that I flew Han and Luke a lot in the previous waves because I’m a sucker for thematic lists. Predator was the card they needed to be consistent and Z-95s were a low ps rebel ship that was finally priced right.

    Ah, the good ol’ days 🙂

  3. What about having Ion cannon on both? (and give up the 99 point bid for initiative)
    Once you get in range 1, you can better keep them in range 1 with first shot. Second shot you can autoblast for 2 auto-hits.
    I’m thinking of this build for a store tournament as well as opposed to the Glitter-Crack squad.

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