Manaroo Aces, looking back

Earlier here I wrote an article on how I was trying to build a ‘Manaroo Aces’ type list. After months of this being my primary list, I feel as if I have a final review on my experiences.

Although Manaroo is the MVP of the list, the one who always provided all the flash was Fenn Rau. I originally saw Fenn as a scum variation of Soontir Fel, so I put PtL on him. Although formidable, this wasn’t the game breaking effect I was looking for, I subbed it for Predator, and then Fearlessness. With that, plus the ship’s title and Autothrusters, I had an amazing ace to spearhead the list, coming in at 32 points. I would often Boost to get within Range 1 to take advantage of Fenn’s ability, as well as the title and Fearlessness.

Fenn needed a partner, and I experimented with a few, but ended up back where I started, using old Teroch with VI, the title and Autothrusters. Having two PS9’s in the same super-mobile ship was too reliable to pass up.

Finally, we had Manaroo, who used Recon Specialist, to generate two Focus tokens each turn, and then dish them out. I also used Glitterstim, and took advantage of the Stress with the rarely used Coolhand attached to generate one Evade token per game as well. With the timing of Glitterstim and Manaroo’s ability, I could choose which to activate first, allowing me to choose whether Manaroo kept or passed on the Evade. After seeing I had 5 points left, I also added the Salvaged Astromech, Salvaged Astormech and the Modification, Anti-Pursuit Lasers to her, and kept a precious point for an initative bid.

Now, on to how to fly the list. I found the key is to focus on one of my Aces being in range 1 per turn to gain as many bonuses as possible, and then use Manaroo to dish out tokens to that Aces, often alternating Aces per turn. For example, first turn of combat, I would push Fenn in someone’s face and give him a bunch of tokens, then next turn while Fenn flew off, I would have Teroch fly in someone’s face and be given a bunch of tokens at once. Manaroo would fly safely out of combat.

Overall, I am enjoying the list as much as I thought, and love the feel of timing my risks perfectly, but admit it has shortcomings, and one mistake could put me in a massive hole.

May the force be with you pilot.



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  1. In my local Meta I have seen this basic set-up alot with the change to Attani-MindLink. Manny uses focus action after others likely repositioned or TL’d, then when she passed atanni wuld activate again to give her a focus back for her own defence. Just food for thought.

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