My wretched hive of Scum and Villiany


As a few have seen, I’ve proxied out some Scum cards for a list using a Firespray, a HWK and a headhunter, all from ‘Most wanted’. I was looking for this list to give me a good ‘feel’ for how Scum would be different, while using ships I was familiar with. As someone who was always ‘on the fence’ between Rebels and Imperials, I was really looking forward to Scum to see how they flew, and I was not disappointed one bit.


My choice of ships might seem a little ‘soft’, but all three of these were named pilots, and they were all loaded out with upgrades. In a Firespray, the centrepiece and unofficial ‘leader’ of my list, we have a familiar friend who was one of the galaxy’s best freighter lifter.  The highly improved over her Imperial version: Kath Scarlett.

When you heard she was trying to become stronger, you said she was 'taking freighter lifting too literally, but now look how much bigger her guns are!
When you heard she was trying to become stronger, you said she was ‘taking freighter lifting too literally’, but now look how much bigger her guns are!

And her upgrades:








My idea was to get someone behind me for the extra attack die. I was going to do this by moving Kath into the right position, and if I had to use SoT to accomplish this, I would gain a focus from outlaw tech.  I noticed this was more difficult than it seemed, and even noticed I was often able to do it without trying to get my opponent behind me. I have to say, I was impressed with this build, and even when Kath went down in one match Dead Man’s Switch ensured she took an enemy TIE fighter with her. I didn’t make as much use of SoT and Outlaw Tech as I had thought, but they were both far from useless. I might experiment on other Kath builds in the future, as her ability did prove to be solid, even in the worst of games. I’m even looking forward to using her along side fellow former Imperial Boba, who also improved when making the change to scum.

Surrounding him doesn't work, take him down by making him fly 'solo'.
Surrounding him doesn’t work, take him down by making him fly ‘solo’.

Back to the list, Kath needed some help here, as even she can’t take on an entire list on her own.  After a long search, I decided to reach to the furthest depths of the outer rim to find the right man for this job. In his signature ship, the soon-to-be-famous Moldy Crow, we have the infamous Palob Godalhi

Seriously, his a combination of Kyle Katarn and Carnor Jax! How can he not be awesome?
Seriously, his a combination of Kyle Katarn and Carnor Jax! How can he not be awesome?

And did he come decked out or what?

Cards Template

 If you combine, recon specialist, Moldy crow and his ability, its clear that he’ll have more than enough focus token’s for any situation, even with him firing his Ion turret. Some of these went to using bodyguard, which really did save Kath a couple of hits. This ‘focus bank’ combined with enormous effect on the actions my opponents made him the first target in most games. Although this caused him to die pretty quickly a couple of times, it showed that he good enough to be the opponent’s highest priority to shoot at, making him fall to what I call the ‘Wedge Antillies effect’, in honour of its first victim.

He eats Imperials for breakfast---without milk!
He eats TIE fighters for breakfast—without milk!

He did manage to survive one game, although it was largely due to the dice falling in my favour. In the end he looked like this:

That's twelve focus tokens on him at game's end.
That’s twelve focus tokens on him at game’s end.

I’m thinking of maybe giving him an ept that can be used for defence to increase his survivability. I would take lone wolf, but right now that’s held by the third, member of my squad. He’s former member of the rebel alliance, and has been both friend and foe to the notorious Boba Fett. The last, but not least member of the squad, N’Dru Suhlak.

I no witty remark here, I'm too distracted by how awesome that artwork is.
I have no witty remark here, I’m too distracted by how awesome that artwork is.

And he was built to kill

Cards Template

 Okay, so when he’s far enough from his friends, he has the attack power of an X-Wing with a re-roll, can re-roll on defence, and has a one-time shot that can fire up to four dice with a re-roll, that can come back to him if he misses. All that for 23 points at PS 7? Keeping him far enough away for that to work was definitely a challenge, but when he could, point efficiency was through the roof. I recommend playing this guy  with this build to anyone interested playing scum. There was a point where he 1-shot a Phantom, and it would have even worked out of arc.

As you can expect, I was very happy with this list overall, and all three of these pilots had moments that put huge smiles on my face. I look forward to seeming what the others can do.

May the force be with you, pilot


3 thoughts on “My wretched hive of Scum and Villiany”

  1. The thing I love most about the scum faction is that they take a bunch of ships that wouldn’t otherwise be good and make them amazing.

    A list with a Firespray, a Z-95 and a HWK sounds awful on paper, but it works for them; their pilot abilities are just that good. And calling a HWK pilot a priority target like Wedge Antilles? I would not have previously thought it possible.

  2. Having played against it N’Dru is absolutely amazing and should not be ignored, nor can Palob. Having 3 Ships that have decent stand alone abilities as well as a little synergy together is what makes this list. Naturally you want to focus Kath but because Palob’s ability is denying you your actions / ionizing you, its hard to ignore him. As well N’Dru taking pot shots at you.

    I really like this list Chris and I will most definitely steal some of these ideas later!!

  3. When looking at the Scum faction, I really want to make a list that wants to lure and run away from the enemy. I’m thinking Kath (for sure), Kavil (for sure) and either Dace (with Ion Turret) or Polab (with Blaster Turret) or maybe even Drea (with R4-B11). Maybe add Bomb Loadout to the Y-wing(s) and use “Genius,” or just stick with “Unhinged” (all 3s are green) to make flying/stress clearing so much easier.

    So many options!

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