OMG OMG OMG Imperial Assault!

This game is so much fun! I can’t believe how cool it is. If I had a time machine, the first thing I wouldn’t do is go back and see the dinosaurs, or assassinate a deranged world leader to prevent a world war. I’d take a copy of Imperial Assault back in time and give it to myself as a 16 years old boy, “Here kid, this is going to change your life… oh and here are some stock options.”

Where was this game when I was a kid!? Damn you FFG! *shakes fist*


Last night I got a crack at Imperial Assault for the first time with some friends. We played for about 5 hours or so and it felt like only two went by. The game is simply incredible. As my friend James was saying, “FFG is on fire with their releases of late.”


We had a full compliment of heroes, with Gideon (helper character), Gaarkhan (melee tank), Mak Eshka’rey (sniper extraordinaire) and Diala (jedi). All the characters played thematically and felt intuitive in their use.

The gears in our collective brains are turning…

Gideon was an epic cog in the machine. He could move players about to where they are needed most or help them attack when a threat needs to be put down. Gaarkhan is just a sheer brutal powerhouse. Once he’s stuck in combat, nothing is going to live. His charge move really helps him get fighting right away. Mak Eshka’rey with “Tactical Display” added to his gun could use his pierce ability with impunity by getting a free surge and regaining a strain. He could be moved into position by Gideon and then double tap the biggest threat. Diala can be very powerful but is a surge hungry hero. I played her last night and quickly saw that I had to pick my spots when to use her abilities.


The time limit for a mission sets a pace to the game and keeps pressure on the players to move. Often resting to recover strain/health is a hard choice to make.


I really need to paint up the miniatures. The game is great as it is, but eye candy to go along with this rule set is a Star Wars dream come true.

If you haven’t had a chance to play, I highly recommend you give Imperial Assault a try!10872638_10152905901455119_185425978_n









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  1. So far, from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, it’s an amazing game. I can’t help but wonder if the gameplay is very different depending on the number of players. Can anyone who has played with variable number of players comment? Otherwise, it looks pretty cool and seems to be able to offer that level of customization that I bet a lot of people on here are totally licking their lips over. I have a feeling that we’re going to see a lot of different and cool paint jobs!

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