Padme a Stronger Woman in the Original Revenge of the Sith

Iain McCaig, a concept artist who worked on the Prequels, reveals that the original art he made for the Revenge of the Sith has an alternate storyline where Padme was going to kill Anakin.

In that original concept, Padme had a stronger roll in the film. She was an active member in forming the Rebel Alliance and betrayed Anakin, even going so far as bringing a knife to kill him on Mustafar. In that scene, Padme holds a knife to Anakin’s throat, but cannot kill him because she loves him too much.

I can’t help but think a story arc like this would have made the movie better. The more I dig into the history of all the Star Wars films, the more I see that George Lucas had very talented people around him with some very good ideas. It was Lucas who seems to have overlooked these ideas. This is just one example.

The short 7 minute Geek Talk video below  talks about this.

If you have more time, I suggest you watch Iain McCaig’s lecture below.

If you don’t have the time, then you must skip ahead to 19:00 when he starts talking about his time working on Star Wars. He has great ideas on good and evil and is an entertaining speaker.

Some interesting things he mentions are that Lucas always turned up a week before filming with the script. Now that’s just terrible! To me it shows Lucas did not take enough time to write them.

Iain also gets into how the original script was in many ways a collaborative effort with people contributing post-it notes to a story wall. Sadly, Lucas took out many of the best ideas the closer they got to filming, like how Padme started to rebel on her own against Anakin, who had revealed himself to be a monster.

George Lucas is apparently an incredibly shy, and socially awkward person. He wouldn’t talk directly to Ian or answer a question from him until after a year of working together. Wow, imagine a boss like that? As a writer, if you can’t interact with people, how will you understand them enough to write them?

Lucas also commissioned a special art project where E.T. is shooting pool vs Star Wars characters. It was Lucas’ way of teasing Spielberg as to how much money the films would make.

It’s all quite an interesting look behind the curtain.


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