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As a child of the 90’ies, I grew up watching Star Wars on VHS (I watched Star Wars on the 1995 VHS boxset). I cannot count how many times I saw the movies, and one of my favourite moments of the trilogy was the Battle of Yavin, and especially the moment when Han and Chewie appear to help Luke in the climatic moments of the battle. The YT-1300 is one of the truly iconic starships in our pop culture and I decided to give my own YT-1300 a simple repaint, to make it stand out from the rest on the tabletop.

First of all, the amount of detail on FFG’s YT-1300 is amazing. The sculpt is crisp, and a seam is only visible around the cockpit. I was blown away when I had it in my hand for the first time. I have tried playing against it on the tabletop, but it was different to holding it in my hands and seeing the details closely.

I wanted a simple paint scheme, so I decided to just paint a yellow rim around the model. First, I applied 2 layers of watered down GW Averland Sunset. Next I added about 3-4 very thin layers of watered down GW Yriel Yellow, and finished off with GW Lamenters Yellow to make the yellow more vibrant.

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I also wanted to paint the engine glow. For this I first painted it with a paintbrush using VMC Blue. After that I used my airbrush to spray a mix of VMA Blue and VMA White, trying to aim for the center. And both the yellow and the engine glow was given a spray of VMA Satin Varnish to protect the colours.

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It was a simple paint job, but as said, I wanted something simple and yet still have the YT-1300 look kinda like it did in the movies – just with a little different touch. All in all I’m really pleased with how painting one colour adds to this great model that FFG’s has produced!


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  1. A simple and yet elegant paint job. You achieved what you set out to do Zakku! I really love the high quality pictures you’ve posted.

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