Silicone Base Your Armada Fighters

I’ve done a similar hack for my X-Wing miniatures, and decided to port the system over to Armada. Putting silicone on the base of all your snub fighters gives them a bit of weight and better grip on table surfaces.

Admittedly it’s not as essential to do when playing Armada, as fighter placement isn’t as precise as it is in X-Wing, but it does help that little extra bit.

First you take some black silicone caulk, and squirt it on the top of a bunch of fighter bases.


silicone caulk

20150524_124647 20150524_124832Then you flip the bases over and squeeze them down into your work surface. I used an old piece of cedar from a deck I built. You will pretty much ruin your work surface, so use something disposable.

put a cap on your caulk

20150524_124701Now leave them to dry for a few hours. I left mine to dry overnight as I didn’t want them moving around during the next step. Take your silicone and cap it (as seen above) or worst case scenario, wrap some duct tape around the end as you don’t want the silicone tube to dry out.

After the bases have been stuck down and dried, take some silicone and squirt it into every base cavity. Use a drywall knife to scrape the excess off so that the underside has a smooth and even finish.

I suggest you wear latex gloves and have a few rags handy as caulk can get messy and all over the place.

a drywall knife

20150522_110726 20150522_110717Leave the bases to dry overnight.

After they have dried, they will peel off your work surface fairly easily. Peel them off and clean off the excess around the edges. You can use your fingers for most of it. Any stubborn parts can be trimmed back with a work knife.

20150527_000005 20150527_000020Here is a closeup of what a single base should look like when you peel it off and clean it.

20150529_172418 20150529_172402 20150529_172433Now your fighters will grip the table better!

20160125_154230As an added bonus, I varnished all my cardboard bits to prolong their life. You can read a detailed article on how to varnish your gaming bits here.

varnishing my Armada gaming pieces











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