Star Wars Armada: Painting Boba Fett’s Slave 1

I  painted Boba Fett in the colours found on the movie model and not the standard FFG paint scheme. I re-painted my X-Wing Scale Slave 1 the same way. Here are some reference pictures of the movie model if you’re thinking of doing the same thing.

slave-1a3 IMG_0027-500x375 IMG_0028-500x375 IMG_0029-500x375 IMG_0024-500x375

After cleaning the model I primed in black using P3 Black primer.

P3 Black Primer

Always use many thin coats, at least five, as opposed to a few thick ones. It takes longer but leaves the tiny model details visible.

Slave 1 was then given base coats painted with Neutral Grey, Intermediate Green, and Scarlett Red.

The grey was washed in Black Shade, and given a highlight in fortress grey.

20151010_111752The grey was given a further highlight with a 1:1 mix of Fortress Grey + Silver Grey.

The dark green base of Intermediate Green was highlighted with Goblin Green.

20151010_114238The red was given a light wash of Blue Ink in the crevasses and on some of the panels. A light coat of Scarlett Red was painted over the edges with a light highlight of Blood Red was given last.

20151010_115058 20151010_115113The light green on the sides was made by dabbing some Scorpion Green on the hull with a small brush you don’t care about much. The yellow on the wings was given a base coat of Bronze Flesh, Highlighted with Moon Yellow, and lastly outlined with Brown Ink.


I tried to create a subtle weathering effect by lightly applying a mix of Fortress Grey and Silver Grey to the red and green areas.

20151010_121421The back was done by giving a drybrush of Chainmail. Areas were touched up with Copper. The engines were an Ice blue + White mix (1:1) on the two inner dots with Ice Blue painted on the outside of the dot. A small red stripe was painted with blood red, but it looked like a smiling face, so I cut the red line in the middle with Chainmail paint. Sorry for the blurry pictures.

The last touch was to give the cockpit a nice coat of black paint and seal it with a gloss varnish

20151204_163807 20151204_163813 20151204_164014 20151204_164017I leave you with this great sketch from Robot Chicken about Slave 1.



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