Star Wars Armada: Painting Dash Rendar’s YT-2400

While painting Dash Rendar, I used the X-Wing sized model as a guide. After cleaning the model I primed in black using P3 Black primer.P3 Black PrimerAlways use many thin coats, at least five, as opposed to a few thick ones. It takes longer but leaves the tiny model details visible.

20151006_164256Dash was then given a drybrush of Fortress Grey.

20151006_173444The raised areas were then picked out and given a base coat of Deck Tan.

20151006_182423A thin was of Black Shade was made into the recesses of the model and some creases around the cockpit. Any overlap of the shade on the raised areas were touched up with Deck Tan.

The yellow panels were painted with Bronze Fleshtone and then outlined with Brown Ink.

20151006_182430The engine stripe was given an Ice Blue base coat, then a 1:1 mix of Ice Blue and white for the centre are with some Ice Blue blended over where the two areas meet to smooth the transition.

There were some grey panels painted in Neutral Grey, one has a black ink outline. The Brown panels were done with Terracotta Brown. If a mistake is made with an uneven line, in can be painted over with some Deck Tan.

This was a simple and easy paint job that looks great on the table.

20151204_163446 20151204_163456 20151204_163424 20151204_163432 20151204_163435 20151204_163440




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