Star Wars Armada: Painting Green Squadron A-Wings

This sleek fighter is relatively straight forward to paint and looks great on the table. I’ve tried to keep my scheme basic and in the style from Return of the Jedi but changed the colour to green from the traditional red.

My A-Wings didn’t have any warping or major mould lines compared to the X-Wing or TIE Fighter models which are a real pain to clean up. Still, every model needs a once over with a needle file and Olfa knife before priming. Happily these A-Wings didn’t take much work in that regard.

To prime the fighters I used the P3 White Primer. This fantastic primer coats so thinly you can’t even see it after the first coat. It takes more coats of primer to achieve full model coverage than other primers but all the detail is visible, so the extra effort is worth it. On a tiny model like this, I would not risk using anything else. If you use a cheap primer, like one that leaves a sandy texture, you’re doing nothing but ruining the model. A good paint job over a bad prime job is a crime, so use a good primer!


After the models were primed, I washed the grooves and recesses with Umbar Shade (Vallejo line). I use mostly Vallejo paints and some GW paints. The GW inks are very good.

01Next, I painted the cockpit areas Neutral Grey and cockpit glass black. As you can see in the picture below, when you’re painting up ships and don’t feel like doing it, just slap on the paint in the early stages. It’s better to get a messy base coat down in an evening than nothing at all. You can always go back and clean the model up afterwards.

02After I slapped on the basics of the models, I broke up the squad and put them on individual stands. I painted them one at a time from that point on, but might have gone and painted all three of something, like the guns for example, if I figured out a quick way of doing it while working on a single model.

03Above you can see I added a highlight of Intermediate Green mixed with White in a 1:1 ratio. It’s a very severe highlight.

I then went in and added some GW Green Ink around the two raised plates and other areas. I threw in some Umbar Shade where appropriate.

05I then softened the green highlights with a wash of thinned Intermediate Green.

In the white areas I used Bleached Bone to cut back mistakes and then pure white last. Many times I went back and shaded a white area with Umbar Shade again if it got too white. You can always paint over anything you don’t like.

06The small grey squares were done with Neutral Grey and then I touched them up with White if they weren’t totally square.

07I wanted to see if I could freehand a small rebel logo and I think it came out okay. I’m not a big fan of sticking rebel logo’s everywhere, as we never see them much in the movies. This was more a test of my skill than an aesthetic choice.

After painting the logo I thought of a story for my little ship. I like to think that the guy with the logo is a new hot shot pilot, much too young and brash for his own good. He thought it would look cool to personalize his ship in a garish way. The ace in charge of the squadron (pictured in the middle with the racing stripe) is just letting it slide, for now. The last rebel A-Wing in the squad is a hardened veteran who’s beyond such self indulgences but sees potential in the young pilot and quietly ignores his personality quirks.

To paint the logo I used a 5/0 brush and with GW Red Ink drew the “U” first, then the “I” in the middle. I touched up any mistakes with White paint.

08The engines were just a dab of Orange Fire, slightly watered down and then Moon Yellow was painted around the edge. A coat or two of thinned Yellow Moon can be painted over everything if the orange dot is too bright.

09 The red on the blaster points was done with Scarlett Red. I painted white on the cockpit and then went over it multiple times with blue ink to create a slight reflection effect.

In case you are wondering, each little guy took about 1.5 hours to do! When painting for long stretches, I enjoy listening to podcasts. It definitely helps pass the time.

Here are some more pictures of these Green Squadron A-Wings followed by my painting notes.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Painting Notes:

Prime – White, then wash the grooves Umbar shade

White – Bleached Bone, then go over it with white

Green – Base coat: Intermediate Green, ink with green ink, black shade with Umbar in areas, highlight with intermediate green + White 1:1 mix watered down, then go over everything with a watered down intermediate green

Grey – Neutral Grey

Red on Blasters – Scarlett Red

Logo – Red ink using a 5/0 brush. touch up with white. Paint the “U” then the “I”

Engines – Orange Fire, then Moon Yellow, wash with moon yellow to take the edge of the orange if needed

Cockpit – white line, followed by blue ink washes, gives illusion of reflection

notes: just slap the paint on then you can always come back to correct mistakes


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