Star Wars Armada: Painting Hounds Tooth

If Star Wars has giant space worms living in asteroids, then why not have a ship look like a giant stapler with dorky fins? That must have been the logic behind Bossk’s famous ship, The Hounds Tooth. I decided to paint my Hounds Tooth to look like it had seen some bounty hunter action, and very beat up for it.

After cleaning the model it was primed in black using P3’s excellent black primer. Better 5-7 thin coats than 3 thick ones, patience at this stage is key.


P3 Black Primer20151005_221739After the black prime, the ship was given a base coat of Flat Earth. Then a Chestnut Ink wash was applied only to the deep recesses of the ship. A light drybrush of Bubonic Brown was given to the model for a highlight. Then some areas were lightly painted with thinned Bubonic Brown to give blotchy highlights and Black Ink was used for leaky oil or blaster burns.

20151005_223535 Deck Tan paint was used for lighter parts of the ship, to look like metal or unpainted hull peaking through.


The teeth on top of the hull were painted in white then outlined with Chestnut Ink. Blood Red was used for the red lines.

20151005_230230 20151005_230258 20151005_230320 20151005_231518Generally working with brown is fairly forgiving. I was painting most of the ship on the fly, blending, washing and highlighting freestyle.

In the end some of the grey areas looked too blotchy for my taste. I went over some parts with a little Brown or thinned Black. Then I dabbed a little Chainmail in the middle of the black to look like metal chips. Lastly, a very thin coat of Nuln Oil was painted to mute the model a touch.

20151204_162930 20151204_162936


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