Star Wars Armada: Painting Jan Ors

In painting Jan Ors I tried to copy the X-Wing FFG model scheme. After cleaning the model I primed in black using P3 Black primer. Always use many thin coats (4+) as opposed to a few thick ones (3 or under).

The base coat was done in German Black Brown (Vallejo).

20151005_184823I drybrushed lightly in Flat Earth (Vallejo) to get the details of the model. Then painted a base coat in Flat Earth while leaving the cracks and panel edges in order to preserve the details. You can see the reference model in the background here. I had one handy as I painted.

20151005_185849Next was a highlight of a Brown/White mix.

20151005_190759Followed by a wash of Umber Shade, then highlighted again.

20151005_192234 20151005_192544 20151005_192239This was done a few times. The washes of Umber Shade were applied to the cracks and flat surfaces.

The highlight was a Flat Earth and White mix in a 1:1 ratio with water added as a thinner. Since the paint is thinner, it takes more coats to paint a good highlight. However, it’s applied easier and the highlight can be controlled better.

20151005_195754 20151005_195802The red lines were done in Blood Red (GW). The White on the cockpit was hand painted and then a thin coat of Umber Shade was applied to tone it down a bit.

The White on the wing tips was  given some Umber Shade at the base for detail.

20151005_195748The Engines were base coated in White, then given a coat of Ice Blue (GW). Followed by a highlight of Ice Blue + White in a 1:1 mix (with water so it’s runny) blended into the middle as a lighter part of the engine glow.

Pretty much the basics of regular model painting were applied here, which is total overkill for Armada scale but hey, I just want to see if I can do it and it turned out well.

20151204_163538 20151204_163550 20151204_163613 20151204_163607


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