Star Wars Armada: Painting the H-6 Bomber

I wasn’t really sure how to paint this model. I had an idea of doing stripes on the wings, with some red to tie it into the red rebel ship theme, but other than that, I didn’t know what would look good as a base colour.

Of all the Rogues and Villains, this ship was my biggest experiment. I pretty much painted on the fly. I had a vague idea that if I start with a grey-like colour perhaps I can find a paint scheme for my B-Wings, since those ships look like they have a variant of a grey and Bleached Bone base colour.

The model was primed in black using P3 Black primer. Never rush priming, better many thin coats than three or less thick ones. After the priming was done, I gave the model a drybrush in Bleached Bone (GW).

20151006_115655This was followed by a base coat of Bleached Bone and Deck Tan (Vallejo) in a 1:1 ratio. So far I was happy with the colour.

20151006_120541At this stage I wanted to give the model a little wear in tear so painted a wash in Brown Ink. Gagh! It came out much too brown for my taste.

20151006_121534Since it was brown I thought I’d see where the brown would take me, so gave a base coat in a brown paint and realized I was making a Jan Ors clone. Not happy at this point.

20151006_122400Then I decided to bring the colour back up to a grey, with the existing brown to be a “grimey undertone” for the ship. I applied a careful coat of Deck Tan, or even some white in areas to separate the panels from the brown “grime.”

20151006_123059That was followed by a wash of Nuln Oil to mute everything.

20151006_123251That was followed by a Pale Grey wash, after which I blended some of the panels from a darker grey to a lighter grey. At this stage there was still a lot of brown on the model and some grey got into the cracks. I washed in a Black wash so parts of the model like the holes or deep cracks in the wings became more black, which replaced the brown or grey.


The cockpit windows were painted in Electric Blue, and the stripes and and rest of the cockpit was done in Scarlett Red. The turret was carefully picked out in White.

Lastly I used Chestnut Ink to touch up some areas where there was a very light grey panel, as well as to detail some cracks and at the base of the guns on the wings.

20151204_163147 20151204_163200 20151204_163154



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