Star Wars Armada: Painting the Jumpmaster 5000

Painting ol’ Toilet Paper Head’s ship was pretty fun and easy to do.  After cleaning the model up, I primed in black, using Army Painters excellent and thin black primer. Less is always more with primer, better six thin coats than three thick ones.

Army Painter Primer Black

After priming, I gave the model a light drybrush of Bleached Bone (GW) to see it better.

20151006_150725Then I applied a Bleached Bone and Neutral Grey (Vallejo) mix in a  3:1 ratio.

20151006_151958I followed that up with a thin coat of pure Bleached Bone.

20151006_153725I brought up areas of the Bleached Bone with White paints, then used Brown & Black Inks in the crevasses and chestnut ink for some wear effects on the model.

20151006_155938Blood Red (GW) was used to paint the red details on the engine and cockpit.

20151006_160516I decided to add some red racing stripes to balance the model out.

20151006_161228Lastly, I  looked over the model and touched up any areas I thought needed attention.

20151006_161324 20151006_161329That was it. The main thing is to keep your lines straight, that’s what makes this model with such a simple paint scheme stand out.

20151015_164801 20151015_164748 20151015_164737(0)



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