Star Wars Armada: Painting The Millennium Falcon

While painting the Armada scale Falcon, I used the X-Wing scale model as a rough guide and managed to match the grey on it fairly well.

After cleaning the model with a hobby knife and needle file, it was primed in Black using P3 Black primer.P3 Black PrimerAlways use multiple thin coats, at least five, as opposed to a few thick ones. It takes longer but leaves the tiny model details visible.

After the prime coat I gave the model a base coat of Neutral Grey.


The grey colour was brightened with another coat of grey. This was a mix of  Deck Tan (1), Bleached Bone (3) and Nuetral Grey (1) in a 1:3:1 ratio which will give the approximate colour of the X-Wing scale model.


The model was then given a Black Shade Wash and highlighted with a Deck Tan + Bleached Bone mix.


Certain ares were inked with Black Shade and Brown Ink. Chestnut Ink was used near the engines.


If you ink too much, paint over those areas using the “Deck Tan (1), Bleached Bone (3) and Nuetral Grey (1)” basecoat. The brown areas were touched up with Terracotta Brown.

20151006_213251 20151006_213257

After the washes were done, I went back to do thinned Bleached Bone highlights in some areas and then redo washes in others. Remember, if you make a mistake, just paint over it.

The engine was painted with an Ice blue Base coat. Then an Ice Blue + White mix was done in the center. A thinned Ice Blue was painted over that to smooth the transition area.

20151006_213313 20151006_213331

That’s it. A simple and effective paint job for the Millennium Falcon.

20151204_163247 20151204_163258 20151204_163310 20151204_163336



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