Star Wars X-Wing Worlds Battle Report


I didn’t find it easy coming up with a list to bring to Worlds as the meta had shifted ever since the newest errata came out. If you were an Imperial player like me, you “should fly” Defenders. I agree it makes sense, but I’m not one for playing a meta list. I’m also a dedicated Soontir Fel player, which often gets me ridiculed. Keeping with a favourite ship makes me believe that I’ll continue to have fun playing this game. Besides, Defenders are way too predictable and boring, I find. 

soontirI had lengthy discussions and practice with Aaron P,  Peter Smith, Tony “the Professor” Brijeski, and Nick Currie. I decided to bring a list with the ships I knew best, which was inspired by a list that was sent to me by Ron Norris a few months ago. 

Soontir Fel Tie Interceptor + Push the limit + Autothrusters + Royal Guard title + Targeting Computer (34 pts)

Rear Admiral Chiraneau Decimator + Veteran instincts + Engine upgrade + Gunner + Emperor (64 pts)

I designed my list with the idea of being able to take 2 shots (including 1 with gunner) before my opponent ever shoots at me. Soontir does not have Stealth Device(!), but with some arc dodging and the Emperor to back him up, he is still survivable.

I was aware that there would be a lot of stress-giving lists, of which I find my list can take out or critically damage a ship before it even gets to do much damage.

Also, against TLT’s, Soontir and his arc dodging and Autothrusters makes him very survivable. TLT’s did not give me any trouble in this tournament.

So what about those Defenders? I did fine against them. Same theory that my squad would shoot twice and strip tokens before the enemy got a shoot off worked out. Essentially, this list has a tank that can take a beating and deal heavy damage, and a slick sharpshooter to finish ships off. 

I got a lot of criticism for not having Vader, but the Decimator already bleeds enough MOV, I don’t want to help my opponents! Also, many people felt Soontir needs a Stealth Device, but I find too many times you’re missing shots because you don’t have the re-rolls. Target lock is better! Besides, I found that the Emperor really helps Soontir when he needs to defend.


Round 1: Loss 32-0

Charles from Holland Triple Crack X-7 Tie Defenders


Vessery Defender + X7 title + crackshot

Ryad Defender + X7 title + crackshot

Glaive Squadron Defender + X7 title + crackshot

The challenge here is to not allow too many shots on Soontir where they could use their crackshots. Also, a Decimator can go down easily to a group with so much firepower. He clearly had practiced this list as all of his moves were well calculated. He started out flying them fast straight to my side and then k-turning them. I tried to fly around the asteroids, but we ended up meeting up.

Charles took heavy damage to Vessery who had 2 hull remaining. I took no damage. Later we exchanged a few rounds and lost my shields on the Decimator. He then started flying Vessery away as I ran for the asteroids. In the final round just as they called time, he took 2 hull off of the Decimator and then hit for another hits of which I rolled 2 evades. With his crackshot I ended up with exactly 8 hull left on the Decimator giving him just enough for half ship. My mistake was not finishing Vessery in time. Otherwise it was a promising match against what I felt would be the meta.


Round 2 : Win 100-0

Paul from Seattle with a triple Imperial ace list


Omega Leader Tie F/O + Juke + Comms Relay

Carnor Jax Interceptor + Stealth Device + Push the limit + Autothrusters + Royal guard title

Whisper Phantom + Advanced cloaking device + Veteran instincts + Fire control system

I nicknamed this guy the rage fighter. He was raging at his mistakes and unfortunate dice results by having tantrums including pounding the table and screaming with anger.

He made the mistake of bringing in Omega Leader on his own – of which I took full advantage! With no target lock, since both my ships move last, he was vulnerable. I dealt him a hit and a crit, then he bent the crit card in half and threw it!!! You can’t make that up.

It happened a second time when Chiraneau dealt Whisper a hit and a crit. This time some Canadian friends were watching and got to witness it.

The game ended 100-0 and I decided not to try to console this angry player as it seemed like anything I said could make it worse. He then proceeded to berate me as to why I would bring a VI- Chiraneau to Worlds. I told him it was to take on high PS ships like Whisper. This incensed him as he felt nobody should have expected Whisper to be at Worlds.

Needless to say it was a crazy game, but I was happy to have beat him. In retrospect, I should maybe have commented on his behaviour, but those who know me, know that I’m not that kind of guy. 


Round 3: Loss 64-64

Alan the Canadian National Champion using his Regionals winning build.


Omicron Group Pilot shuttle + Emperor + Electronic Baffle

Inquisitor Tie Advanced Prototype + proton rockets + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Royal Guard title

Carnor Jax Interceptor+ Royal Guard title + Autothrusters + Stealth Device + Push the Limit

Alan joked that we didn’t have to fly all the way to Worlds to have this match, but I was looking forward to taking him on while he played one of his top lists.

He moved the Inquisitor and Jax fast towards me but I decided to boost my Deci in to take a shot at Jax with just a focus token. Big mistake! I got greedy.

Alan took no damage while I took 3 back! The next few rounds I tried to take chunks off of his Inquisitor and Jax before he moved the shuttle in. No luck as they dodged all of my 4 dice gunner attacks! I decided to take out the shuttle and with some slick flying did so.

Then I turned my sights onto the Inquisitor. I was able to get a 4 dice focused target locked attack to push through 2 hits and a crit, of which the crit was hull breach…2 hits. That spells a dead Inquisitor.

After my Decimator had gone down in flames, it was now Soontir vs. Jax. Essentially I needed to stay out of range 1, well sort of.

At range 1 I could at least target lock, but not focus. However, I wouldn’t need to worry about evading as Soontir would outmaneuver Jax on any day and get his shot off.

I finally pushed through a hit and a crit, but the crit was easily handled. After about 5 or so rounds of chasing, the game ended in a 64-64 draw.

Alan rolled his 3 dice and the result was 2 hits. Knowing my luck with dice I felt it was over – I rolled a hit, focus, blank! I could not believe it. Yes, we both made mistakes in the game, but I really thought I had this game. Alan’s a great guy and our Canadian National Champ. He was super fun to play against, so those thoughts softened the blow.


Round 4: Win 100-32

Ryan from Tennessee


Ezra Attack Shuttle + autoblaster turret + rage + Chopper (docked)

Hera Ghost + dorsal turret + Fire control system + Nien Numb + Han Solo + Ghost title

Jake A-wing + Rage + Push the limit + Autothrusters

Right off the bat I felt like as long as I took out the Ghost, Soontir could handle the shuttle and Jake. The match ended up closer than I thought it would be as the Ghost gets to shoot it’s primary weapon out of the back and is allowed a second turret shot at the end of the round.

On the third round of fighting, I got Soontir in a sticky situation. He ended up at range 1 in the rear arc of the Ghost! Somehow he survived a 5 dice focused & target locked attack and then an end of the round a target locked dorsal turret attack! It was definitely the turning point as the following turn I was able to finish the Ghost. My next target was Jake followed by Ezra. He was able to take half ship MOV on the Decimator.


Round 5: Loss 32-26

Nate from Georgia


Soontir Interceptor + Royal guard title + Stealth + Authothrusters + Push the Limit

Omega Leader Tie F/O + Juke + Comms Relay

Ryad Defender + X7 title + Push the limit

At this point I was stoked to have a chance to make the cut. I ended up spending way too much time trying to take out Omega leader. He got some great defence rolling and was able to hobble around with 1 hull for a while, but finally was taken out by Chiraneau.

I then changed my focus to Soontir. In 3 rounds in a row of 4 dice, Gunner attacks, I could not do any damage! It was insane. I got a taste of my own medicine I suppose. Although I controlled most of the game, when they called time, he ended up winning 32-26 as he was able to whittle away half ship MOV on the Decimator.


Round 6: Loss 100-60

Aaron from North Dakota


Nora Wexley Arc 170 + Outmaneuver + Tail gunner + ARC title + R2D2 astromech

2x Gold Squadron Y-wing + TLT

Z-95 Tala

This was my worst loss. I normally destroy lists like this, but my heart and head wasn’t in the match. At that point I was playing for fun anyway as I didn’t make the cut. I had two major mistakes during this game. First, I changed my game plan mid game, and second, I underestimated Nora.

Not only does she regenerate shields with R2D2, but getting behind her is a bad idea.

I forgot about that for 1 round as I went to finish off the last Y-wing with Soontir while not paying attention to a running Nora.

With the mechanic of using Tail Gunner to reduce Soontir’s agility by 1, not being able to use autothrusters since it’s an auxiliary arc, Nora being able to add the free focus to the attack roll with the title of which she turns into a crit with her pilot ability equals a one-shotted Soontir. 


Overall, I finished 2-4 but lost some very close matches. Granted my list is not completely safe like other lists out there, but it was really fun to fly.

Most would only write a battle report when they win, not me 🙂 I enjoyed coming to Worlds to game with the best and get some cool swag. Like my good friend Carlo Roque says, “it’s our fishing trip.”  So, I’m cool telling everyone about my experience.

Also, I got to interview Imperial Assault runner up Paul Heaver, so that was fun.  Keep your eyes peeled for said interview, coming soon!



It was a great tournament filled with great players. I honestly felt like my losses contained about 1-2 unforced errors on my part, but at this elite level, it’s enough to cost you games.

I really felt I played well, but the results don’t show that. The VI Chiraneau is a great tool in any meta, but he does bleed MOV which cost me in 2 of my losses. Those who told me not to bring Soontir were wrong though. He was a beast and did a lot of work. I only lost him in the final game when nothing mattered. 

worlds3aStay posted for interviews with X-Wing designer Frank Brooks and “X-Wing Jesus” and Imperial Assault player Paul Heaver.  Coming soon!


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  1. Great Batrep! You played really well and with some breaks your record could have been great. You held your own against the best and had fun, what more is there to life?

    Well, there might be more actually. I wonder if Paul from Seattle has the answer…

    1. Thanks man! And you know better than most that I love the non-gaming aspect a lot. That is about personalities and such. This one was one of the most bizarre.

  2. Sergovan here:

    I enjoy batreps like this where there is an analysis of gameplay and what did or didn’t work. Great writeup. You had some very close loses that could’ve gone your way (even a final salvo!)

    Fun fact: I shared a plane ride home from Worlds 2015 with Shareef.

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