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Custom Repaint: Tycho’s A-Wing

This was a fairly quick touch up job on the stock FFG A-Wing. In my opinion, the A-Wing is one of the best looking pre-paints in the X-Wing line. The colours are great, the model is beautiful, everything is good “out of the box” so all the A-Wing needs is a little bit of TLC to make it really stand out.

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Canadian Nationals: Sinister 6’s Arvels Reckoning

I know I know, Nationals happened like, a  year ago but I finally found some time to make a write up. Also I think my tale of Arvel at Nationals is a pretty intense and interesting tale. So to give a brief history of my gaming life, I started playing X-wing competitively at the beginning on 2014. My first tournament was St. Catherine’s store championship at Phoenix Rising. Going 3 -1 there and having such a great experience in the competitive scene I ended up going to every tournament and regional I could attend. Since I was doing decent in all of them I was really looking forward to Nationals. But I had no clue what I wanted to run. So I went to the drawing board and looked at what I thought would be different than the meta, would work within the meta and put a smile on all my opponents faces when they saw my list.

*My Apologies if this post takes a year to read.*

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A-wings, and my experience with those little space kayaks of doom

Hey folks! My names Joe, and i must confess I’m a Rebel, and an A-Wing fanatic.

My love affair with this awesome little ship started when i first began playing. It was a dark time, full of mystery and X-Wing  was just getting its legs under it. Continue reading A-wings, and my experience with those little space kayaks of doom