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The Good, the Bad, and the UG-ly


The Imperial Assault Canadian Nationals was the largest turnout for an Imperial Assault event in Canada ever. Thanks in part to the “Michigan Meta Busters” from the Oxford and Lake Orion area. I will mention later about their contribution to one of the best Imperial Assault tournaments I’ve been privileged to play in. We also had players from Manitoba, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, as well as many from Ontario, Canada.

Ok, before I put out my battle reports. Here is my summary of the tournament.

The Ug-ly

Many brought Ugnaught lists or variations on IG-88 Mercenary lists.
This is not surprising as these lists have been successful recently at
many major tournaments. Being that a lot of players come from all over North America (and the world I’m sure) for tournaments like these, I understand why you would want to come with what gives you the best chance to place the highest and take home the cool swag. However, I do feel the Ugnaught swarm is broken and needs an errata. There are many suggestions on the forum and I’m not going to discuss them in this article as it’s really meant to be more of a battle report. I also feel that players can field whatever they want as long as it is legal. 

The Bad

When I say bad, I mean “bad” as in badass! The “Michigan Meta Busters” brought non-meta lists and performed very well. Here’s the difference I notice with meta busters and meta players. I have way better discussions with meta busters than meta breakers. This makes sense as meta busters tend to have more love for the all-around game, trying cool shit, inventing new lists, and not wanting to be like everyone else. They feel more fulfilled. Case in point, the final was won by an Ug list player who narrowly defeated a “Michigan Meta Buster”. I think people were more excited for the guy who lost with a cool list than the guy who won by bringing essentially a can of spam. He ate his can of spam and had to pretend to enjoy it on the outside, but my guess is it tasted like shit.

The Good

The tournament was well run by the very seasoned Imperial Assault enthusiast Chris Engler. Not only did he keep things running smoothly and on time, he was patient with tile set-ups and most notably decided to distribute the top eight prizes to all attendees! So instead of getting five HK assassin cards of which you’ll never use more than two, he gave one to everyone in attendance and bonus ones to the top eight players. Chris is all about making the game more enjoyable and about building the community and it always shows. I’ve met other tournament organizers like this including Allen in Warren, Michigan. Not surprisingly it was at one of the home stores of the “Michigan Meta Busters”.  Continue reading The Good, the Bad, and the UG-ly


Selling my Soul between US and Canadian Nationals

Before I recap my day and explain how and why I ran Ugnaughts, I want to thank 401 Games for running some great tournaments and taking care of the players all weekend. We did not have a lunch break for X-Wing so they coordinated ordering pizza and the Imperial Assault lead was actually bringing water to the players in the later matches. I also want to thank all my new Canadian friends for being so welcoming to those who traveled from far away. The last thing I will do before I get started is apologize for the names I forgot or if I spell them wrong, I am not a tournament note taker and hardly even check my phone the day of a tournament.

I do not consider myself a meta player, I usually try to figure out a list to beat whatever is currently considered the top meta list and run the counter. However, I have been lucky enough in life that I get to travel to some of the big tournaments and if I am going to spend time away from loved ones and spend money to get somewhere the competitor in me demands I run something with at least a decent chance of winning. I also travel for work and it just happens I split my time between two areas with lots of great players so I am constantly practicing against the top players in the world and they deserve great credit for any of my success. Continue reading Selling my Soul between US and Canadian Nationals


Prepare for Ground Assault – Imperial Assault Worlds Battle Report


I had my heart set on a Blaise-Trooper list as it was all the rage. However, as most know, I don’t like to play meta. I found it very boring. I’m more of a run and gun player. Taylor Hanson suggested I try this scum list he had been toying with. Continue reading Prepare for Ground Assault – Imperial Assault Worlds Battle Report


Imperial Assault Regional Championship 2016

Imperial Assault is a game I got into more-or-less on a whim. I keep an active online “Wishlist” for my family (who are not gamers) and my wife picked up the core set for me for Christmas when it first came out. Not even two years later, Imperial Assault now completely occupies my “main game” slot.

Like all expandable games, Imperial Assault has gone through its initial period with limited options but now the game is really starting to hit its stride in terms of diverse options for tournament squads. The local scene for Imperial Assault is small but dedicated and we had nine people show up at Black Knight Games (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) this past Saturday for the second regional championship event of 2016 in the greater Toronto area. Here is a quick summary of who attended and the themes of their lists: Continue reading Imperial Assault Regional Championship 2016


Artoo & Threepio Make Their Debut @ Kaiju Games

Kaiju Games in Etobicoke held an Imperial Assault tournament today so I came down from the mountain into the outskirts of the Big Smoke to see how I’d fare. While X-Wing has been my main game since it came out in 2012 I have to say that Imperial Assault is garnering more of my interest these days, despite the embarrassment of riches we have with new X-Wing ships. Imperial Assault is still in its relative infancy but we’re just starting to get to the point where the amount of options available are facilitating variety in the lists that people are fielding. Continue reading Artoo & Threepio Make Their Debut @ Kaiju Games