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Ptl Season 8 Final Battle Report

            The PTL (prototype Toronto league) is a casually competitive league that emphasizes creativity because no named pilot may be used twice in a season. It offers a unique experience to try out different off Meta ideas against challenging opponents. The community is one of the best and the diversity of the lists flown help to keep matches fresh and interesting while reinforcing important skills like adapting strategy on the fly and positioning.

            While designing my list for the finals, I knew my opponent Kelvin was an Imperial ace flier and had been consistently in the top cut of the league. Sometimes it’s best to play the person across from you, so I designed a balanced list based around killing aces. Being an ace flier myself, I had used most of my favorites pilots to reach the finals. After some theory crafting with a good friend, Nick Roland, I decided to use all 100 points in a variation of a list he flew with success into the top 16 at Toronto regionals. I felt confident in my ability to block high pilot skill aces so I proceeded with the idea. Continue reading Ptl Season 8 Final Battle Report


PTL Open: Quarterfinal Match

At the end of April, Toronto hosted the PTL Open, a 2-day fan-run X-Wing convention that featured a special format main event and many casual side events.  For the main event, players were required to build 3 separate lists and at the start of each match, secretly choose which of the 3 lists they would play that round.  You can find all of the Swiss round matches at our youtube channel ‘vttvlive’, but we’ve begun to upload the playoff matches!  This format has encouraged some very offbeat lists and while the skill level of players at this event is high, the matches you’ll see are those you wouldn’t normally expect from a ‘regular’ x-wing competition.


PTL Open: Furball Side Event

So recently there was an X-Wing convention in Toronto called the PTL Open.  It was attended by 80+ players and it featured a 2-day main event tournament as well as many side events, including the Furball free-for-all alternate dogfight format.  It was such a fun time, we recorded the match and this may be the first such recorded game on the internet! The main event will be going up soon as well but we thought we would start with something fun!


Prototype Toronto League Open


The Prototype Toronto League is throwing an X-wing party!

Join us for our first ever PTL Open, held on April 22-23 at the Legion (Branch 22) in Toronto near Woodbine and Danforth. Sponsored by Face to Face Games Toronto.

Special thanks to VTTV.Live who will be webcasting the event live all weekend.

This weekend long X-Wing convention features a unique 6 round main event, and fun friendly side events, a math trade, and plenty of cool prizes for everyone!

Continue reading Prototype Toronto League Open