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TIE/sf – Where does it fit in?

Hey all, Drew “Wilee” Edgar here!

I tend to push the idea that every Imperial ship has a role to play, and that when a ship doesn’t fill a specific role clearly then there’s usually some sign of imbalance.  The TIE Advanced, before it had the X1 title, was one such example. Everything it brought to the table something else could do better.

While the First Order ships are minor deviants to this theory, they still do fulfill a given combat role and are spiritual equivalents.  TIE/fo is just a beefier TIE fighter with upgradability and still is the spammy bully or disposable ace, and the upcoming Upsilon-class shuttle will be a Lambda on steroids.  But what is the TIE/sf? Continue reading TIE/sf – Where does it fit in?


Imperial Assault Regional Championship 2016

Imperial Assault is a game I got into more-or-less on a whim. I keep an active online “Wishlist” for my family (who are not gamers) and my wife picked up the core set for me for Christmas when it first came out. Not even two years later, Imperial Assault now completely occupies my “main game” slot.

Like all expandable games, Imperial Assault has gone through its initial period with limited options but now the game is really starting to hit its stride in terms of diverse options for tournament squads. The local scene for Imperial Assault is small but dedicated and we had nine people show up at Black Knight Games (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) this past Saturday for the second regional championship event of 2016 in the greater Toronto area. Here is a quick summary of who attended and the themes of their lists: Continue reading Imperial Assault Regional Championship 2016


Double Decimators Does it Again!

Some of you may have already read NeverBetTheFett’s Article which is by my friend NeverBetTheFett.  If you haven’t, make sure you read it as well.

Not sure when he started calling me “The Professor” but I guess it stems from my creative list building. I try not to run Meta Lists as I find them boring.  Meta Lists are those that have won multiple tournaments or placed well at multiple tournaments.  I like to run different lists that in some cases are a lot more fun to run. I have been wanting to run a double decimator list for a while now but had so much fun running other lists I never got around to it until recently. Continue reading Double Decimators Does it Again!


Thanksgiving Tournament Report

So today, I partook in a small X-Wing tournament at Black Knight Games, which was my first tournament in a few months. Due to the casual 100 point games on Tuesday being almost entirely replaced by the Hamilton group’s version of the x-wing co-op campaign, I had very little practice with any of the wave 7 ships. As fun as the campaign is (I recommend it), I knew that I’d either have to cook something up on the spot, or fall back on stuff I was familiar with.

When I find a list I really like, I tend to keep it in mind, specifically for situations like this. The ones that most quickly came to mind were a  Krassis list that I had always loved, but hadn’t pulled out in a few waves, a solid Jan list with Biggs and two generics, and a brots list featuring autoblaster and accuracy corrector to guarantee two hits that can’t be evaded and didn’t need modifiers.

Decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions…

Continue reading Thanksgiving Tournament Report


Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma

Hey all, long time Imperial Loyalist and Interceptor jockey Drew “Darklight” Edgar here.  I’ve been coming up with non-standard lists for fun and noticed a few interesting points about the Empire’s list building dynamic and decided to share them here with you guys. Continue reading Imperial Doctrine – List Building Dilemma


2015 Winnipeg X-Wing Regional Report

I recently had a chat with Steve Smith, the new Winnipeg Regional Champion in X-Wing. He answered some questions about what the scene is like out in Winnipeg and then was nice enough to write up a battle report. Let’s get to it!

Continue reading 2015 Winnipeg X-Wing Regional Report


Unorthodox Soontir


Ever since he was added into the game in wave 2, Soontir Fel has been one of the most popular pilots, possibly the most popular pilot in the Empire, and its not very difficult to see why that is.

That red stripe could be using the blood of his victims. He has enough of them
That red stripe could be from the blood of his victims. He has enough of them

He’s the faction’s only PS 9 that isn’t in a TIE Advanced, flies a ship that takes full advantage of his high PS, and can be built within a variable range of point totals, especially since Imperial Aces really expanded the options he had with the Royal Guard TIE upgrade.

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Darkhorse’s Strange Love, Or how I stopped being afraid and learned to love the bomber.

After winning the Winnipeg Regional tournament with a Tie Bomber list I received a lot of questions about how I pulled that off. I was also asked about why I ran bombers in the first place, so I thought I’d write about it.

Possibly my most fun moment with running a TIE bomber squad was signing into the Regional. As I handed over my list a few people looked at it and chuckled.  At least one person said “maybe nobody explained the game to him”.

Continue reading Darkhorse’s Strange Love, Or how I stopped being afraid and learned to love the bomber.